Dong Yong and the seven fairies in the ancient love story

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Throughout the ages, love has been a popular topic among the people, and literary works praising love have emerged in endlessly. But most of them are love tragedies, and few of them end in comedies. Today, the Xiaobian of China story network will bring you a love story about Dong Yong and the seven fairies. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

The fairy tale of “Tian Xian Pei” is well known throughout the ages. The seven immortals and Dong Yongcheng are the symbols of faithful love in the fairy tale.

It is said that at the age of 12, Dong Yong worked as a child laborer in Fu village. Dong Yong has a beautiful face, looks like a jade, is talented, honest and honest. Fu Yuanwai has a daughter named fujinhua, one year younger than Dong Yong. She is smart, naughty, shrewd and generous. Her eyebrows and eyes move disorderly, and she is also very attractive.

At the beginning, fujinhua had been looking for opportunities to tease and bully Dongyong. Dongyong dared not bow his head under the eaves of a rich family, so he did not quarrel with fujinhua. Over time, fujinhua gradually developed feelings for Dong Yong. Six years later, the 18-year-old dongyongchang has become a beautiful young man loved by everyone. He is honest, honest, polite and diligent. Whoever sees him will praise him.


Fu Jinhua, a 17-year-old girl, is also homesick for spring, full of love and enthusiasm. He thought that Dong Yong was handsome and obedient, and he had a strong personality. If he married a rich son, he would certainly be angry. It would be better to pay with Dong Yong. Dong Yong is so poor that he can’t afford to marry a daughter-in-law. No one will talk to him. If I mention it, he will be very happy.

Who would have guessed that Dong Yong sold her body to bury her father? The seven fairies were deeply in love under the big locust tree. They married Dong Yong and now live at fujinhua’s house. Fujinhua was so angry that he tried to break them up. He deliberately messed up the silk so that the seven fairies could not weave silk. He wanted to force the seven fairies away. He also created an opportunity to approach Dong Yong and show his mind.

Zhang Qijie is said to be an unknown stranger, leaving her with endless trouble. She said that if Dong Yong chased her away and married herself, her father would accompany her with a lot of gold and silver treasures, telling Dong Yong not to be poor all his life. Fujinhua kept pestering Dong and never let go. However, Dong Yong said to fujinhua categorically, “Sister Zhang is a poor man. I am also a poor man. I have made an engagement and will not change.” Dong Yong kept a respectful distance from Fu Jinhua, and Fu Jinhua fell into the void.

After Sister Zhang was forced back to the heavenly palace, Dong Yong was left alone in the cold kiln for a long time, crying all day. When fujinhua heard the news, he thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so he went to the cold kiln to find Dong Yong without telling his parents. He said that Dong Yong would never marry if he wasn’t Dong Yong. He didn’t think Dong Yong was poor, nor did he think Dong Yong would marry twice. He was obsessed with Dong Yong and never left.


However, Dong Yongxin remained unmoved, remained faithful to Sister Zhang’s love, and secretly asked his neighbors to take a message to Fu Yuanwai. Fu Yuanwai forcibly took his daughter away, and Fu Jinhua’s two entanglements were empty. After Zhang Qijie was captured in heaven, she was put in a prison by the Jade Emperor to reflect. Zhang Qijie kept crying all day long and missed Dong Yong day and night. Later, she gave birth to a boy. The Jade Emperor was furious and threatened to kill the boy.

Sister Zhang is in agony and vows to live or die with her child. The queen mother loved her daughter so much that she tried to hide it from the Jade Emperor. While saying that the child was dead, she secretly sent God down to earth to put the child under the big locust tree for Dong Yong to adopt. After receiving the child, Dong Yong missed seven elder sister even more. He put all his affection for seven elder sister into raising children. He was both a father and a mother. During the day, he held jiao’er in his arms, begged for milk from hundreds of families, scratched excrement and urine at night, and dried when it was warm and wet. His life was very miserable.

When fujinhua heard the news, she was infatuated with it. She fell out with her parents and ran to Dong Yong’s house regardless of everything. She said she was willing to raise the child with Dong Yong. She knelt down on the ground crying and swore to heaven: “I am willing to be a stepmother and promise to treat the child like my own.” Dongyong was moved, but when he looked at his son’s face, he thought of Sister Zhang, who was still suffering in the prison. He said that he must not be sorry for Sister Zhang. He spoke kindly to fujinhua, treated her with true feelings, treated her with brother and sister affection, and stuck to her brother and sister status, which made Jinhua feel very helpless. When her son grew older, fujinhua could not see any hope, so he had to go away with hatred and sadness.

Fu Jinhua’s three entanglements are empty again. The queen mother thought she was sincere for her own daughter, Sister Zhang, so she used her position and honor as bait to attract many young and handsome immortals to propose to Sister Zhang, but Sister Zhang only loved Dong Yong and turned a blind eye to them. When Sister Zhang heard the fact that Dong Yong was faithful to her love in the prison, she decided to sacrifice herself for love. From then on, she would not eat or drink, would not speak, and just wanted to die quickly.

The queen mother was terrified. She avoided the Jade Emperor and secretly ran to the prison to say to her seventh daughter, “my mother has done everything for her daughter. You just don’t realize it. It’s not right for you to leave the free immortals. You don’t enjoy the blessings of the heavenly palace. You don’t want to marry the handsome immortals. You have to go down to earth with the poor Dong Yong and jump into the poor pit. You say the last word to my mother. Which way are you going?”

Sister Zhang said firmly, “I would rather die than let me go down to earth to live with Dong Yong.” The Queen Mother’s love for her own daughter came naturally. She couldn’t help crying and saying, “my dear daughter, you are the youngest, and my mother loves you the most. You must not die. I will find a way to make you achieve your wish.” The queen mother tried to persuade herself. She thought that her seventh daughter and Dong Yongbang could not fight each other and had another child. The rice was cooked. It was better to follow him than to die.

So he blew the wind at the Jade Emperor’s bedside, saying that he was out of sight and out of mind. It was not a matter to keep her locked up without this girl. Many people in heaven often talked about it, and it would have an impact on the Jade Emperor’s reputation for a long time. The Jade Emperor thought it was the same reason. He also heard that some immortals often laughed at his goddaughter’s incompetence and lax family education behind his back. It’s time to end this matter. So she tacitly allowed the queen mother to deprive Sister Zhang of her immortal status, demote her to mortal status, and lay a foundation for human suffering. Finally, she finished the matter and found a step for herself.


Sister Zhang’s tenacious struggle finally won the victory of returning to the world. The couple met again after a long separation and wept with joy. The three members of the family hugged each other for a long time. Fortunately, the whole family was reunited. From then on, they lived a happy life of love and marriage. Dong Yong and Sister Zhang Qijie thought of the source after drinking water. In order to thank the matchmaker big locust tree, they introduced a small locust tree from the big locust tree to Xiao Dong. For thousands of years, it has grown into an ancient locust tree. It has withered and flourished. It still exists today. It has experienced vicissitudes of life and is full of vitality for visitors to watch.

The caretaker of Dong Yong’s tomb planted a small locust tree under this ancient locust tree in front of Dong Yong’s tomb. This locust tree has grown a natural LIANLI branch, which makes people marvel at it. It vividly confirms the loyal love between Dong Yong and the seven fairies, who are “like mandarin ducks in the water and willing to be LIANLI branches on the ground”.

In the hall where Dong Yong was worshipped, there was a statue of Dong Yong sitting side by side with the seven fairies. Future generations praised their faithful love. There is an old saying that “Dong Yong worships twice before the statue, and he will never be separated from his old age”. Many lovers who are in love with each other and couples who love each other will make a special trip to pay homage to Dong Yong and the seven fairies, hoping to get the same loyal love and happy marriage as them. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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