Dongge has taken the initiative, and the salary of senior executives has been reduced to supplement the welfare of grass-roots employees!

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Author: Kafka is busy Source: outsider’s horizon (ID: hooyar_380097485)

Is the value of the company really created by those executives?

Do those executives make so much contribution to the average salary of several times, dozens of times, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times?

Boss Ma, who studied in China and returned to the United States, returned to Silicon Valley, drove away more than 90% of the original Twitter employees, and maintained the normal operation of the enterprise. What does this mean?

My friend, the world has changed, or there is no need for so many management talents, so many people are not there to dictate, and all kinds of bleeping.

Over the years, the word we have heard most is “Inner Volume”, and another word that is getting hotter and hotter is “Spiritual Internal Friction”.

Anyone who really has experience in the society and understands the operation rules of the so-called big enterprises and big institutions should know that sometimes it does not need so many people to maintain normal operation. In fact, most of the people in the organization consume each other in various ways. If it is simply fishing, everything is OK.

The management always wanted to prove that they were working because they got a higher salary, so they created a lot of messy tasks that did not need to exist at all.

For work, if you are doing something that is confirmed to be meaningful and effective, many people will not have the feeling that they are physically and mentally at the same time. But if you know that you are forced to do a lot of meaningless and boring things, just for the sake of the leader’s face, it is easy for people to have various frustrations in their work, think that their work is tired and meaningless, and easily fall into spiritual internal friction, Have doubts about life.

Do you think internal friction only exists in the enterprise?

How beautiful!

Do you still remember how the foreign enterprises decided the salary management system when they first came to China decades ago? Why is it that the blood reward system is gradually getting closer?

Among them, the so-called Chinese employees who have turned into respectable people by leaps and bounds, who are obviously paid too much more than the average salary, are very worried. They have to find ways to squeeze grass-roots employees and partners to the death, so that they can show their own value?

So it gradually became a habit of seeing ghosts. All kinds of people knelt and licked, and all kinds of people were harsh to their own compatriots.

Looking back at our Internet giants, are the Internet enterprises ten or twenty years ago as terrible as the current one? Ask how Netease was called a pig factory? How does Zhang Chaoyang of Sohu do business?

Many years ago, Ma Yun was still talking about his original intention to “let the world have no business difficult to do”. Later, who used Taobao to make the world’s business so difficult? I thought that Ma Yun didn’t want to be a horse skin steak at the beginning, which made a lot of small businesses miserable in many activities.

At the beginning, I believed that Dongge really regarded the bottom as his brother. With his past experience and FLAG, people really didn’t want to make achievements by withholding the bottom employees. Later, why did even JD play the so-called management tricks to make life more difficult for the brothers at the bottom?

The platforms could have been simpler and become simple intermediary service providers to curb their own desires. The goal is to serve the society well, not to become a big leech on the social body.

To be honest, I think the main reason why the world has become so difficult is that there are multiple intermediaries and layers of packaging.

In developed countries, the higher the proportion of service industry in GDP, the worse the comprehensive service experience.

For example, in order to enable accountants to live a decent life, the United States has made the tax system extremely complex. It not only makes many people who should pay taxes easily evade taxes, but also makes many bottom people bear higher taxes for no reason. The difficulty of tax inspection has increased, but the water handed in has become more and more difficult to make ends meet. Finally, besides accountants becoming Brahmans, who else has profited from it?

From countries to enterprises, the more intermediate levels there are, the more difficult things will be to do and the more difficult life will be for the bottom.

It’s easy to say that if the intermediary just wants to take money, it just costs more, but people don’t want to be described as dead meat. So they try every means to make simple things complicated and complicated things confused. By adding various invalid jobs, they become indispensable. After a lot of trouble, they can’t live in peace everywhere and make all kinds of troubles, Then they became indispensable contributors to deal with the trouble.

Many management students will put on a big hat when they turn around and call this a big enterprise disease. They all know that there is a disease, but no one seems to want to cure it, and few people are willing to cure it.

Once the so-called interest chain is formed, it is difficult to do. What can we do?

I roast about JD many times. As a perennial online shopper, I saw that JD’s interface was becoming more and more complex, and its services were becoming more and more complex. I simply wanted to do everything. I also didn’t understand the practice of completely misplaced.

But nobody doesn’t want to be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of brothers. Who cares about these brothers? There are various redundant intermediate levels. Everyone wants to show their ability and be important in the system, so the bottom brothers began to be treated severely.

In the Internet world, the game has become a jungle game. There are too many middle level players. Everyone wants to prove that it is natural for them to get several times, dozens of times, or hundreds of times the salary of the bottom level. So they output various volumes. At the end of the roll, everyone suffers terribly. Eventually, the knife will fall on the brothers. For a while, I saw many brothers roast on the Internet that they were forced to become outsourcing.

So why do we prefer to shop in JD rather than pay more? Is it for those middle and senior executives with high salaries? In fact, it is the front-line employees who give consumers the most intuitive feeling. They are JD buddies.

The value of the enterprise is jointly created by the group, but it is always the front-line employees who show the value.

Having a large middle level is not necessarily a good thing. Capital always likes to use some labor as bait to create a group of workers to achieve its goals.

Those who bear the greatest pressure in the real front line are suffering from hardship, various welfare cuts, and finally the bottom people hurt each other. Who has time to think about the reasons?

The best thing is to play a game of salary binding stock price. You think that the boss at the top is just a senior worker of capital. The welfare benefits saved at the bottom are nutrients of the capital market.

A good corporate ecology is to protect the bottom employees who are really working, and a good social ecology is to protect the front-line workers.

Dongge sent an open letter, announcing that the middle and senior executives above the deputy director level of the company will reduce their salaries by 10-20%. The saved funds will provide the employees of Deppon with five insurances and one fund, and the company will set up interest free loans for grassroots employees to purchase houses.

Now the pressure is given to a group of birds. Let’s see how they perform next.

When it comes to the performance of Dongge, I’m afraid it never occurred to me that just by reducing the salaries of middle and senior executives, we can’t make up for the holes in the five insurances and one fund for the bottom employees. Next, or the short-term corporate financial report will be ugly again, and the stock price will also fall.

Of course, this is also a great attempt. We can see whether this wave of welfare increases for the bottom will improve the competitiveness of enterprises. If Dongge succeeds, it will be a loud slap in the face to the so-called capital led compensation structure in China today.

It is impossible to become a great enterprise by squeezing the bottom and pleasing the capital.

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