Don’t blame China. The United States made the “summit of the Americas” look bad!

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After 28 years, the “summit of the Americas” returned to the United States. Compared with the first “summit of the Americas” held in Miami, Florida in december1994, Biden’s appeal has been far less than Clinton’s.


This time, the United States hosted the Ninth “summit of the Americas” in Los Angeles, California, from June 6 to 10.

However, the focus of the global media is not the theme of the summit, but the boycotts of the presidents of some countries. The counting of heads has not been finished yet.

In those days, Clinton had boundless fame and echoed everything. He did not allow Cuba to attend the conference, and no one in more than 30 countries dared to say anything.

Biden, however, refused to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, which caused boycotts by many heads of state. The preparatory process of the summit went through ups and downs and almost miscarried. Biden, Antony Blinken and others had to come forward to communicate with leaders of many countries.


On May 18, Biden’s wife jiltiff went on an expedition and spent six days running from Panama to Costa Rica to deepen relations with Latin American countries.

In order to offset the “adverse effects” of Mexican President pelos’ boycott of the summit, the United States also removed several controversial issues to ensure that the summit could be held.

Biden also announced that he would provide $300million in aid to Latin American countries and $300million from more than 30 countries, which is more shabby than the $150million for the “US ASEAN” summit. However, countries that do not come still insist on not coming.

At present, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, Uruguay (reportedly confirmed) and Guatemala are the countries where the president refuses to attend the meeting and sends ministerial officials instead.

Backyard countries dare to boycott the “unity conference” held by the United States. Some American media even call it “the tombstone of American regional influence!”

However, while complaining about the “diplomatic nightmare” of the United States, the western media always blamed the cause on China, saying that “China is stepping into the threshold of the Americas, setting traps, and formulating its own rules to undermine the rules of Latin America.”

Over the years, the United States has been throwing the pot to China.

In april2019, pampeo publicly shouted in Chile: “China and Russia are false friends of South America. You should know that the United States is supporting you“

This can only show that it has reached the point of being at a loss, and Biden is unable to return to heaven. This is not how far Biden is from Clinton, but that the United States is declining.

The humiliation of the “summit of the Americas” is just another witness to the decline of the United States.

From the whole situation in the Western Hemisphere, turning left has become a trend. If the United States wants to reverse this situation, it must draw a lot of financial, material and human resources to run its backyard.

But if the United States does so, it will not have enough strength to confront China and Russia.

Biden wants to do “business without capital”, shout “democracy and freedom” in the backyard, feed Latin American NGOs, and look for zeliansky like figures… Then he subverts all left-wing regimes and lets the puppet regimes fight China.

Spanish language media such as Mexican, Argentine and Colombian newspapers have also seen the intentions of the United States. The Mexican Herald published a report entitled “2022 summit of the Americas: Biden will propose to build a common front against China” on June 7.

This is one of the real reasons why many Latin American countries are unwilling to actively participate in this “summit of the Americas”.

Biden wanted to show his face at the summit, but he showed his ass. However, the United States asked for all this. China did not encourage any Latin American countries to boycott the United States, but the United States itself first broke the principles of the summit.

As long as the United States considers those who are “undemocratic”, they cannot participate in the Western Hemisphere family meeting. So, is this the summit of the Americas or the “summit of the United States”?

Latin America and the United States

Latin America is called Latin America because they all belong to the Latin language family, while the United States and Canada are English (Canada also has French).

Almost all of their religions are Catholic, while the United States and Canada are mainly Protestant.

On December 2, 1823, U.S. President John Monroe delivered a state of the Union address to Congress, formally put forward Monroe Doctrine, and made clear the position that “the United States does not intervene in European issues, and Europe should not intervene in the American issues”.

At the same time, the United States has drawn a political line with Europe. The United States opposes monarchy and only has a republican system.

Monroe Doctrine was politically progressive at that time, but the real intention of the United States was to rule the Western Hemisphere alone and pick up the fruits of the Spanish Empire.

Three years later, Britain organized a “Panama conference” to win over American countries and suppress American influence.

The United States and Britain fought for decades. In 1889, the United States, which had made great progress in industry, established the “organization of American States”, which was then called the “bureau of Commerce of American countries” (Pan American Alliance)

The headquarters of the “commerce bureaus of the Americas” are located in Washington, D.C., and 20 countries initially participated in regular meetings.

In those days, these elites in the United States had a strategic vision. Although their military strength was not as good as that of Britain, what could Britain say about establishing a trade organization?

The US industrial production capacity has an overwhelming advantage in the Americas. Therefore, the US has successfully controlled the organization of American States through trade and economic means.

The United Kingdom will never allow Canada to join the organization of American States, while the United States has left a chair for Canada to sit in. Canada did not join the organization of American States until 1990.

Therefore, the United States, which feels that it is invincible in the world, held the first summit of the Americas in 1994 (each member state holds it in turn, sometimes every four years, sometimes every three years).

In the past, apart from Cuba, the United States was able to show a little tolerance.


At the summit held in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009, Venezuela was invited, and the United States did not strongly oppose it. There was also a dramatic scene. President Chavez took the initiative to give Obama books.

This book is Latin America: cut blood vessels written by the left-wing Uruguayan writer eduardogallano. The book deeply accuses the United States of plundering and enslaving Latin American countries for more than 100 years, sucking up the blood of the people here, just like cutting blood vessels.

Before giving away the book, the Amazon bestsellers of this book ranked around 50000. After giving away the book, it soared to the top 5.

The conservative media in the United States scolded Obama. Why did they take over the book? The president of the United States was successfully used by Chavez.

In 2015, at the summit held in Panama, all the leaders of the 35 countries in the Western Hemisphere came here, because Cuba came, but this was the only time.

When trump comes up, the United States will not pretend. Before the 2018 Peru summit, Cuba and Bolivia criticized the shameless behavior of the United States because of the guaido issue. Trump was so angry that he canceled his trip three days before his departure and let vice president burns lead the team to attend. This is the first time that a US president has missed the summit of the Americas.

Since Biden came to the summit, he has no sincerity to improve relations with American countries. He just regards the summit as a political tool and takes a group photo to canvass votes for the mid-term elections.

Can Biden form an “Anti China front”? Let alone the “Anti China front”, whether the summit can issue a “joint statement” is a question, because Biden wants to stuff the Anti China and anti Russia contraband into it.

Why did Latin America challenge the United States? In the past, they were afraid that the United States would impose tariffs, close the market, withdraw investment, and press the IMF for debt

At present, China is the largest trading partner of Latin American countries (except Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay). The trade development between China and Latin America is rising year by year.

Take Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, as an example. In 2000, the trade volume between China and Brazil was only $2.9 billion, reaching about $140billion in 2021. Moreover, Brazil has a surplus of about $40billion (exports of grain and industrial raw materials). China accounted for 32% of Brazil’s exports, while the United States dropped to 10% (replaced by China in 2010).

What is America doing? If you open your mouth, you have to tear off the label of “democracy” in other countries.

What is more disgusting is that on the opening day of the summit, Antony Blinken also called “consumables” and NGO leaders from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and other countries to the summit site for a meeting.


These “consumables” are very offensive in some countries led by the left or the center left. They are all time bombs in society.

Antony Blinken invited “consumables” to a meeting. What do Latin American leaders think?

To avoid further resistance, Antony Blinken did not bring guaido into the room.

In response to the question about guaido, Biden’s Latin American adviser Gonzales said that the white house still recognized him as the “interim president” of Venezuela, but declined to say whether guaido was invited.


The United States has supported guaido for at least five years, but this guy just can’t stand the wall. If Antony Blinken brings him to the summit, more Latin American leaders will leave.

In fact, everyone has had enough of guaido. In recent years, Latin American countries have split up several times because of the issue of whether to recognize this “street president”. This is not who really likes guaido, but some countries are afraid of us retaliation (sanctions), some countries are obedient to the United States, and some countries are not afraid of the United States.

From the United States’ efforts to support these “consumables”, we can know what “democracy” is in the mouth of the United States? And China has been doing solid things in Latin America.

China’s advantages in Latin America: trade, investment and infrastructure.

The main remaining advantages of the United States: military, intelligence, finance and public opinion.

What will happen in 10 years? The United States certainly knows the consequences of this trend. Moreover, China has a moral advantage — it opposes colonialism, and the sovereignty of the Falklands belongs to Argentina. Dare the United States?

After the blood vessels of Latin America were cut by the United States, generations of people were plundered and enslaved by the United States, and the United States forced them to follow the “road” set by the United States.

When Latin America finds the American Road impassable, it will naturally seek a bright road.

This is the outcome that America fears most.

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