Don’t cut open the certificate powder, but sell US debt!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

If Americans want to raise interest rates, they can do so. They can do so at will. Raising interest rates is not a big deal.

We all know that the interest rate hike is aimed at the return of the US dollar and the reduction of inflation.

It is freedom for Americans to raise interest rates. It is also freedom for us to sell US debt. There is no reason in the world that only Americans are allowed to raise interest rates and we are not allowed to sell US debt.

Russia has won the economic war. Its foreign exchange reserves are not many dollars, and it has no US debt. It is said that now that the US stock market has fallen into one piece, Russia’s stock market has improved. Not only the stock market has improved, but also the exchange rate has been very good.

Mr. Biden wants to raise interest rates and let the US dollar flow back. The US dollar appreciates in the market. If we sell a little US debt, it is equivalent to that he has not raised interest rates.

I once said that there are five major contradictions in the United States that cannot be resolved.

Politically, the Democratic Party is in civil strife, the five major factions are fighting with each other, and the Republican Party is united. It is closely around trump. The result of the parliamentary transition is not conducive to the Democratic Party. At the same time, the supreme law is conservative and has a political tendency.

Economically, the inflation is serious, the prices of oil and daily necessities are soaring, the stock market is at risk of turbulence, the economic situation at the bottom of the United States is deteriorating, and the middle class is declining.

In society, social contradictions have become prominent, lone wolf attacks have occurred frequently, and the number of organized civilian armed forces has increased.

Geographically, the East Ukraine war is beneficial to Russia, Thailand in Southeast Asia is cheaper to me, and the geography of the South Pacific is prized by me.

In terms of development, long covid, the sequelae of the new crown, has become increasingly prominent. The number of sequelae, symptoms and unexplained hepatitis have gradually occurred. The recovery of social productivity is in doubt. Workers have sequelae, labor efficiency has decreased, and social stamina is insufficient.

The five pressure cookers have reached the critical value of pressure and want to output contradictions.

Now the enemy can’t move. Russia is completely de dollarized. If it wants to get out of the dilemma, it has to fight against its allies, raise interest rates on the dollar, and sacrifice its lackeys such as Japan to try to solve an economic contradiction.

How can we let them solve this contradiction?

Did we blow up the American Embassy? Or did we deploy missiles in Cuba?

Are we inciting Los Angeles to independence? Or did we deploy warships in Hawaii?

We all remember that if Biden wants to get out of the dilemma, he has to bleed and show sincerity.

No bleeding. Come here all day to play caesarean section certificate powder, offer flowers, and play Xianglin sister-in-law. Is it boring.

When they say that the girl is not dead, someone jumps out and asks the party concerned to send a video. Once the party concerned sends a video, someone will immediately jump out and say they don’t believe it.

The routine is the same. No matter what the truth is, first create explosive points, spread and forward them on a large scale, and get the heat up. In the last ten years, China has been more stable than any other period in history. Therefore, the threshold for attention is very low. A little bit of trouble is a big deal.

After the official response, no one will make a statement. In a few days, the public will forget the official explanation of the situation, and “doubters” will jump out and express their disbelief. They will start to spread rumors, splice videos, leave messages, and score screenshots. What a joy.

The next step is to find out what “big x demands” are.

If we come out to refute rumors at this time, they will take us away and enter a cycle of constantly refuting rumors and constantly coming out with new rumors. There are obvious external forces in this process. Many rumors come from the Internet.

If we are taken away, there will be a kind of argument in the public opinion field. Rumors are the truth. Rumors that have been repeatedly refuted will be regarded as the truth. Finally, the public trust will collapse.

I don’t think we should use these methods of star chasers or rice circles. They are endless and hot. They create topics one after another, trample on the legal system, expose the privacy of the parties, and use the parties as their tools to eat human blood steamed buns. The aim is to try to create a situation that our government says is “not credible” and that there is “no truth” in our country.

The Democratic Party of the United States, or the so-called liberals among the angles, is used to arrogance.

They will not listen to them if they reason with them. Therefore, they will not reason with them at all. All Britons caught on the Dongwu battlefield will be sentenced to death.

The captured Americans are even more likely to be sentenced to death. There is no discussion on this matter. Anyway, we can’t listen to the speeches. We still have to give orders and organize public opinion attacks. We are too lazy to fight back and take care of it.

When we were hurt, we didn’t think about the impact on us. We sold us bonds. Why should we consider the impact on you?

Don’t mention that selling US debt will make the situation irreversible. We don’t care about witnessing history.

Since there is no need to talk about it, if you don’t give face back, you should bear the consequences.

We sold us debt directly.

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