Don’t tease me with the TV play “miracle doctor” adult. The Tang Dynasty miracle doctor has gone through the modern era

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Recently, another small network drama has been launched. Don’t tease me. Just the preview of this drama has been hotly debated by many netizens, and many netizens said they would go after this drama. The play tells a love story between a Tang Dynasty miracle doctor and the heroine after crossing the modern era. What exactly happened? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Don’t tease me, doctor

Don’t tease me, doctor. It has been broadcasted on Tencent. There are 34 episodes in the play. It is a modern fantasy sweet pet play starring Chen Yixin, Zhu Minxin, Xu Hao and Yang Yuxin. Tang Qizi, the heroine played by Chen Yixin, is a modern woman. Tang Qizi was born in a medical family, but her medical skills do not seem to be so brilliant. Tang Qinjian, the hero played by Zhu Minxin, is a miracle doctor of the Tang Dynasty.

Tang Qinjian was trapped in a painting. Unexpectedly, she was rescued from makeup by Tang Qizi thousands of years later. The ancestral bracelet that Tang Qizi wore since childhood is connected with the jade pendant on Tang Qinjian. Therefore, the two people were trapped within one meter. Therefore, Tang Qinjian and Tang Qizi had to start a sweet living together. As a miracle doctor in the Tang Dynasty, Tang Qinjian naturally did not understand the current society, and everything was novel to him.

The Tang Dynasty’s miracle doctor has passed through to modern times

Therefore, the biggest problem Tang Qinjian faces is to try to adapt to the present life. In the process of contact between the two people, Tang Qinjian also taught Tang Qizi a lot of Chinese medicine knowledge. With the help of Tang Qinjian, Tang Qizi also became an excellent Chinese medicine doctor. An incredible love has also sprouted between the two people. Of course, the ending is that the two people are happy together. Friends who like to see through Yue Opera and sweet pet opera, don’t miss this wonderful doctor. Don’t tease me.

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