Don’t YY, the oil price can’t fall anywhere!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

In recent days, the connection between OPEC secretary general, Nigerian Mohamed sanussi baljindo, and the collapse of oil prices has been brushed everywhere.

Of course, there are conspiracies. The United States emperor now engages in various conspiracies all over the world all day long.

But the reason why a conspiracy is a conspiracy is often because it can’t be put in the sun. If you kill a outgoing OPEC secretary general, can you really affect the pattern of crude oil around the world?

Besides, I’m really annoyed at this cargo’s arbitrary manipulation of the price of crude oil around the world. Why don’t you kill him earlier? Until now, the crude oil is like this. Isn’t it too late to kill it again?

If the CIA really wants to change the international oil price bureau through assassination, it is better to kill the crown prince of Saudi Arabia than to kill Balkin. Think about it, who will take the lead in smashing the oil price to death in 2020?

Isn’t it still the crown prince who likes sawing people alive?

Throughout the Middle East, the crown prince decides whether to increase production or not and how much. A Nigerian, who is separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, wants to control the oil production in the main production areas, which is a little too arrogant.

As long as any commodity can be sold, the seller certainly hopes that the higher the price, the better.

In fact, since 2016, OPEC has been working hard to control production capacity. After that, even if OPEC + is packaged together to control production capacity, oil prices remain low for a long time.

Why? Because the United States is frantically expanding its production capacity.

In 2019, the crude oil output of the United States was 17.87 million barrels / day, ranking first in the world. In order to expand production capacity, the shale oil industry in the United States issued trillion dollar bonds. Why was crude oil bonds once called junk bonds in the capital market?

Because the average cost of shale oil in the United States is $40 / barrel, and the oil price has been low for a long time, can the solvency of oil enterprises be good?

The yellow line above is the cost line of Meiyou drawn by me.

You might as well have a look. Who knocked down the price of crude oil and kept it low for a long time? It’s president Chuan.

Since the resignation of President Chuan, the price of crude oil has soared like a monkey.

In June 2022, the crude oil output of the United States was 12.1 million barrels / day.

The crude oil production capacity of the United States has fallen by nearly one third. Is this what OPEC can do? Even with Putin, can he influence the oil tycoons in the United States?

In November 2020, when Biden came to power, I said that the good day of new energy was coming and the bull market of bulk commodities was coming.

The reason is very simple. The slogan of the Democratic Party has always been a low-carbon new energy.

Unfortunately, electric vehicle technology has made a qualitative leap at that time. Europe + the Democratic Party hopes to use environmental protection as a weapon to suppress developing countries, and it is best to collect carbon emission taxes.

After Biden came to power, he immediately used environmental protection as a weapon to force back investment in crude oil.

Some time ago, the United States was scolding the oil price for being too high. Then Biden’s first thing was to scold the black hearted oil company, and then threatened to raise taxes on the oil company?

Is this a normal way to lower oil prices?

In short, thanks to Biden’s efforts, opec+’s plan to reduce production since 2016 in order to push up oil prices finally succeeded.

The crude oil production of the United States has been reduced by one third. Although the reduction in demand is far lower than the reduction in production capacity, the oil price is naturally higher.

The bosses of oil companies are not fools. In the future, new energy will certainly replace some traditional energy. Now expanding production capacity and increasing investment are not calculated by referring to the existing crude oil price. Everyone has expanded production, invested, formed debt, future demand has declined, oil prices have fallen, and the government has also increased taxes. Excuse me, you are the boss of oil companies. Would you be so stupid to put all your possessions on it in order to be cannon fodder for Biden?

Of course you’re not that big bastard.

The United States is also a country with strong local self-government forces. The oil producing state is mostly the territory of the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party can’t stretch out its claws.

Besides, when the party struggle is so fierce, you expect the Republicans to sacrifice their own interests and help you press the CPI. Isn’t that crazy?

Although Biden is a sleepy person and a bit of a precursor of Alzheimer’s disease, the Democratic Party always has a large number of scheming aides.

From the beginning, we didn’t plan to return the U.S. crude oil production capacity to the high level in 2019. We all know ourselves.

But inflation must also be controlled. What should we do?

We have to put pressure on the Middle East.

OPEC countries are all counting on oil prices for food. Expanding production capacity requires a lot of fixed assets. After expanding production capacity, oil prices have fallen, and some countries may start to lose money.

Americans and Europeans unswervingly intend to continue to develop new energy, and now nuclear energy in Europe plans to restart. In this case, whoever blindly builds up production capacity is a pure fool.

In the past, the internal affairs of the United States were relatively stable. Whoever came into power, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, could maintain a certain degree of policy continuity. But trump broke this tradition. Biden came to power and overturned the policies of his predecessor, completely copying trump. It happened that Biden had no public opinion foundation in China. Fools can see that Biden was not likely to win the mid-term election at all.

In other words, a powerless U.S. president, unable to control the domestic profiteers’ bid to raise prices, is now going to the Middle East to make accusations and force OPEC to sell at a loss.

Excuse me, why are the big guys in the Middle East used to him? Besides, maybe this wave of joint efforts to raise oil prices is fundamentally supported by the domestic oil barons in the United States.

When trump stepped down, his good son-in-law couldn’t find a gold owner for fund raising, and only the generous Saudi Crown Prince doubled his money.

With chuanbaoen’s bitterness, this is clearly the cash contract between us.

Now Chuan Bao is the same as Kaiguang. If a politician is praised and supported by him, he can immediately counter attack and win the election. With this kind of backstage, why should the Middle East bosses give Biden face?

Besides, this face still needs to be given by cutting meat and blood loss.

In fact, with the development of the global future energy pattern, the wisest choice for Middle Eastern leaders is to hurry, sell the oil price more expensive, and make multiple investments while the global asset price is low, so as not to lose money after the future new energy completely pushes the crude oil out of the mainstream market.

So you see, Saudi Arabia is very smart to invest in a large oil refinery in Panjin City, Liaoning Province, China.

This factory can process 300000 barrels of crude oil, and Saudi Aramco provides 210000 barrels of crude oil per day, accounting for 70%.

The 210000 ton crude oil is provided by shareholders, which can bypass the petrodollar settlement, and the United States has no way to object.

This kind of big interest binding, can a Nigerian mediate it?

When Chuanbao was elected as the chief of the United States, there was a prophecy that Trump would be the last president of the United States.

Although he boasted all day long that he was a patriot, which patriot would split the United States for his own sake?

When George W. Bush became president of the United States with suspicious votes, Kerry of the Democratic Party chose to be patient in order to maintain the electoral system.

President Chuan, on the contrary, launched a rebellion like movement. Although it failed in the end, it has fundamentally shaken the American electoral system that has been maintained for 200 years.

At the end of the Empire, it was always a stage for papermakers to perform. President Chuan would never listen to this sentence.

President Yoshikawa continues to jump against Biden in the political arena and supports all kinds of people to fight against Biden. It is not too difficult for oil companies in the United States to unite and maintain oil prices at a high level.

The Democratic Party can raise the prices of health care and education to death. Why not let the poor oil workers have a good life?

If nothing happens, the oil price will not fall before the change of office in 2024. As for whether it will soar to a new high, it’s hard to say, it depends on how long the Federal Reserve’s money printing ability can endure.

The Secretary General of OPEC who died suddenly may be a smoke bomb. An insignificant figure died. He packed it through various conspiracy theories. If the oil price could not fall, he would throw the pot to the dead. Anyway, it was not Biden’s fault.

A famous economist in China said that the rise in oil prices has nothing to do with 89% of people. Anyway, ordinary people take buses. So you see, with the help of Zhuanjia, I’m very calm.

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