Dou Xiao’s love history revealed that all his girlfriends are not simple

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Dou Xiao gained a lot of people’s attention and love for his cooperation with Chen Turin in the TV drama Liangchen Haojing zhigeometry some time ago. But in the end, because of his girlfriend, he offended a lot of fans. Even so, Dou Xiao still firmly defends his girlfriend hechaolian. Dou Xiao’s love history is revealed. All his girlfriends are not simple, and their backgrounds are very strong. Xiao Bian will introduce them today.

Secret of Dou Xiao’s love history

Dou Xiao’s current girlfriend hechaolian and Dou Xiao are the representatives of celebrity couples in the entertainment industry. They often upload a lot of photos and videos. Dou Xiao’s workload has been drastically reduced, and more time has been spent with his girlfriend hechaolian. The two even took part in variety shows together without hesitation. But anyone who pays attention to the entertainment industry must know that Dou Xiao and hechaolian are a couple.

As the daughter of the gambling king, hechaolian has always been praised as the most beautiful daughter of the gambling king. Hechaolian is also a person who loves sports. Her personality is very docile. Such a girlfriend can satisfy the fantasy of all men. Before he ChaoLian, Dou Xiao had an affair with Ouyang Nana. As the second generation of stars, Ouyang Nana’s father and aunt are both tycoons in Taiwan’s entertainment industry. Ouyang Nana is also excellent, so there are many suitors around her. However, Dou Xiao and Ouyang Nana did not admit the scandal, but wanted to be known as good friends.

Dou Xiao’s girlfriends are not simple

Before Ouyang Nana, Dou Xiao had a girlfriend named chengxiaoyue. It is reported that the two met when they were studying abroad, and then developed into lovers. Chengxiaoyue’s parents are senior executives of an internationally renowned group and are absolutely baifumi. Chengxiaoyue also dated actor Chen Kai later, and the two also participated in love synthesis together. All of Dou Xiao’s girlfriends are Bai Fumi, because Dou Xiao is good enough.

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