Down payment for wheat and scallion!

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More than twothousand years ago, Hanfeizi from Henan recorded a story about selling goods around him.

A businessman wanted to earn money from the people of Zheng, so he hired craftsmen to build a beautiful box and sold it in Henan under the banner of selling beads.

Zheng people loved the box so much that they returned the beads, but bought the box at an amazing price.

More than twothousand years later, there was a businessman musk whose ancestral home was Holland, who also demonstrated a high level of carrying goods.

The world’s richest man announced on twitter that Tesla can be purchased with bitcoin and dog coin.

After two years of tossing and turning, the customers who booked with bitcoin finally returned the money, but the digital currency broke the sky repeatedly under the aura of the richest man, once creating a market value of nearly $3trillion.

Many people really don’t know whether they are buying beads or buns.

Recently, a group of smart Henan businessmen, under the banner of loving and helping farmers, purchased all kinds of agricultural products far above the market value.

For example, the national protection price of wheat is 1.15 yuan per kilogram, and they purchase it at 2 yuan per kilogram. The wholesale price of scallions is 1.5 yuan per kilogram, and they purchase it at 5 yuan per kilogram.



It seems to be trying to help farmers whose agricultural products are unsalable, but this is just a gimmick. What developers are thinking about is to let farmers help digest those unsalable houses.

According to the developers, these farmers, who are extremely sensitive to the price of agricultural products, were immediately attracted and transported 860000 kg of green onions to the sales office within 16 days…


Who said that the house could not be sold after being squeezed and uncompleted?

As long as our thinking does not decline, there will always be more ways than difficulties.

With the wheat and scallions can offset the down payment, I can probably think of the subsequent script.

More and more developers will raise the house price under the banner of helping farmers, and then ask old farmers to make a mortgage in the mode of “zero down payment”, mortgage the houses they hit to the bank, and run away with the bank’s money.

However, the old farmers who do not have to pay the down payment to “pick up the house for nothing” don’t care about this, singing “where to send cows and sheep…”, Take a variety of agricultural and sideline products to the sales office to sign contracts.

With the help of the identity of an old farmer, the developer transfers the risk of real estate to the bank and the bank’s depositors. Once the bank runs due to non-performing loans in the future, the developer will repeat the old technique and adopt a set of “although it is far away, it will be clear”.

As for those things bought from the old farmers, some seats in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange in the future may be occupied by developers of various agricultural and sideline products.

A large number of real estate developers who hold wheat and green onions in stock may not be able to smash a Lehman moment for agricultural and sideline products of the Zheng stock exchange without talking about Wu De’s smashing and shipping.

After all, developers just want to get rid of their houses as soon as possible. Those wheat who make gimmicks are dispensable.

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