Dragon Boat Festival Chatting about Sino US Relations!

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Author: Kafka is very busy Source: Outlander’s Perspective (ID: hooyar_380097485)

In addition to all kinds of fancy shows and folk activities, American ships are the most discussed among friends on Dragon Boat Festival.

First, on June 14th, the USS Reagan entered the South China Sea and remained cruising

Is Antony Blinken coming or playing this game? From the perspective of Chinese people, this is too shameful. Who is this trying to scare? But the American side is now on the hawkish side. On June 16, the first threatening article was issued, which explicitly told us to listen to Antony Blinken. In fact, it probably confirmed the tone to Blinken first, not to be “weak”.

Of course, as the old global hegemon, the US Emperor will definitely not just use his mouth to calculate. On the one hand, there is also the military side, and aircraft carriers will also be arranged.

However, this Borgen account suffered a big loss. Our 6K bombing forced it to make a sharp 90 degree turn and flee, and many people have recently received this text message.


Then on June 21, the US Coast Guard gunship “Stratton” sailed across the Taiwan Strait and made public hype. Of course, the US military system is actually relatively complex, with each person having their own territory, which has long been militarized. The Reagan aircraft carrier and the Coast Guard belong to two separate systems, and they are usually considered neither bird nor bird. There is a high probability that they will come over to show off when they see friendly forces eating out, even if they don’t believe in evil.

As a result, he was still driven away.

Antony Blinken went to Saudi Arabia before coming to China. The photo released shows that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia did not even put up a national flag for him, which can be said to show a very obvious form of contempt. Naturally, it is impossible to respond to Antony Blinken’s request that Saudi Arabia make peace with Israel and deal with Iran together.

But even so, many pro American groups still place high hopes on Antony Blinken’s visit to China, which can only be said to be silly and naive.

The only demand of the United States is to maintain its hegemony, and whoever poses a threat to its hegemony will be dealt with by it.

So this threat lies in the subjective perception of the United States, and it has nothing to do with whether you have taken the initiative to challenge it.

In the 1980s, when Japan’s economy was booming, even with American soldiers monitoring her family for a long time, it was not enough. She was still seen as a threat to the United States. How can we deal with this threat? Completely crippled your economy.

Now China is the world’s second largest economy, and just because of our size and economic status, it has naturally become the number one threat to the United States. It is impossible for you to hide your strength and develop. If you want to reassure the United States, there is only one way to go, like Japan, where the economy is crippled and the US military is stationed, and perhaps you will have to deal with a big deal to rest assured.

Of course, we will never allow this to happen, so we are working very hard both economically and militarily to make up for our shortcomings, not to threaten American hegemony, but just to protect ourselves.

If we want financial security, we must internationalize RMB to avoid being completely cut off by the American dollar tide. In the eyes of the United States, you have challenged my financial hegemony.

We want to make 1.4 billion people’s lives better, and of course, we need to upgrade our industries and do more profitable business. Therefore, we proposed the 2025 plan, but in the eyes of the United States, this is a challenge to its technological hegemony. Therefore, since Trump took office, we have increased sanctions on Chinese technology enterprises.

In order to protect our Homeland security, we must develop new and cutting-edge defense military technology. With the support of the industrial base, our weapons and equipment have caught up with and even surpassed the United States in many aspects over the years, which of course has triggered the purchase interest of many users around the world. For us, this is to increase income and avoid idle productivity, but for the United States, this is a threat to its military hegemony in all aspects.

I remember that I wrote an article “Talking about Bill Gates’ visit to China” a few days ago, which caused many friends who read Red Neck’s various promotional essays to gush that Bill Gates is so evil. In fact, if you read more about other statements inside Red Neck, we might be more evil than old Bill, especially close partners of Deep state

I’m not quite sure about anything else. China has always emphasized the justice of external warfare the most. Although it may not be like the harmless little white rabbit depicted in comics, even during times of war, we still attach great importance to humanitarian spirit, because 5000 years of history have taught us that once we fall into unjust disputes, regardless of temporary victory or defeat, we will ultimately suffer great losses.

So no matter how the Red necks write their essays, I still can’t believe what they say. This is not in line with common sense, and even many bizarre legends about Bill Gates have become unbelievable.

Of course, all kinds of strange statements and rumors are purposeful and have reasons. At first, Red Neck did not associate the Deep state with us. Now, these statements are slowly rising. In the final analysis, our rise is a threat to the United States. So first, we wrote various essays to hate evil factors in death. Then what will they do later, Those are the chosen sons of “justice” to deal with bad people, even if the means are excessive, it is all for the sake of “justice”.

Just like when they set foot in America and occupied the territory of Native Americans, they were described as like savages and could not be considered human, so any killing was correct.

Of course, later on, when there were only a few hundred thousand left, I pretended to set up a protected area for you, and then Hollywood would shoot movies like “Dancing with Wolves” and “Strange Destiny in the Wind” to showcase the conscience of Americans.

A while ago, Americans made a movie called “Shang Qi” and became a Chinese American superhero in the eyes of Americans. The first element was being ugly, obscene, and ruthless enough to kill their father and seek refuge.

So sometimes, it’s not that we are too sensitive and suspicious, and we don’t believe in the friendship of friendly people. It’s really that the friendly terms we offer cannot be accepted.

At this time, we have to thank the People’s Liberation Army for its powerful deterrence.

If the Native Americans in those days could have fought better than them, believe it or not, the colonizers would have already engaged in ethnic integration with the Native Americans, respecting their traditions in various ways, and even if there were disputes, they would have remained within the scope of restraint.

Unfortunately, Native Americans did not have modern weapons to equip them, so they became targets of hunting, which had nothing to do with whether they were friendly or not.

Why are the Americans shouting threats and running over to negotiate now, instead of creating a country to fight proxy wars like they did against Russia?

It’s not because the Americans are stupid, but because there’s no one around as stupid as Ukraine, with the Americans backing up behind them. It’s okay to make some small moves occasionally. You really let the kids get killed. Sorry, no one will help the Americans stand out for you.

Recently, he went to woo the third brother. The third brother has become the fifth largest economy in the world by such a bad trick. He can cheat people by being slick. The Phone fraud of the third brother’s family is aimed at ordinary people in English speaking countries. They are familiar with deception. As long as you make money, you let people shout “blow up the sun”, he will pretend to be serious and talk about details with you. When the money arrives, wait to see the results. He can live to kill the Kaizi who paid in advance.

All of this, our fundamental security, comes from the strong military strength of the country. Whether it’s a scammer or a villain, if you dare to speak up, there is no absolute fairness and justice between countries. If you can’t fight with your fists, you must restrain your actions.

Think about more than 100 years ago, even a small and dilapidated country like Portugal dared to flaunt its might on the Chinese territory and take away Macau.

Looking forward to the mercy of our friends every day, let’s first think about it. Are you willing to return to the living standards of the poor in India who cannot even eat enough? Are you willing to become the cannon fodder of imperialism and be displaced like Ukrainians? Don’t worry, India also has super wealthy individuals, but what background do they have? You can’t even get out in an environment like China, let alone that?

Now, we are still in the international order established by the United States, with the United States causing various negative effects. Of course, life will be more difficult, with capital flight, reduced job opportunities, and declining export data

This is a very normal result. The Americans have already used all possible means to deal with us. The reason why we can still live in a relatively peaceful and prosperous environment now may be that many people’s economic situation is not as good as before, but you should know that in a world of great struggle, it is not inevitable to avoid it. Avoidance is inevitable, and ordinary people naturally have to bear the pressure that belongs to ordinary people.

The ones I can’t stand the most are those who are already vested interests, eating their mouths full of oil and even running out to point fingers, as if they are the envoys of justice. The fruits of today, the causes of yesterday, and many of the things you complain about are actually their own responsibility.

As ordinary Chinese people, our personal fate is inseparable from the fate of our country, and we cannot or do not want to run, so be rational.