Du Meizhu exposed that Wang Sicong and Shen Jie lived together, and roast said that Shen Jie had done peripheral work

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Du Meizhu became famous overnight because of Wu Yifan before the accident, and Wu Yifan had a close relationship with Wang Sicong before the accident, which can be regarded as a good friend. Unexpectedly, they are all in the same circle, and Du Meizhu also knows Wang Sicong. Du Meizhu revealed that Wang Sicong and Shen Jie lived together and complained with her friend roast that she had once been a peripheral girl. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Du Meizhu exposes that Wang Sicong and Shen Jie live together

Wang Sicong and Shen Jie have been dating for a long time compared with Wang Sicong’s previous girlfriend. Mainly because of the epidemic, the two people were sealed together before. Wang Sicong and Shen Jie have been photographed many times, and their relationship seems to be very stable. As a result, I didn’t expect that recently, some netizens broke the news about the chat records of Hedu Meizhu, including a lot of content related to Wang Sicong and Shen Jie.

Du Meizhu and his friends complained that Wang Sicong and Shen Jie had already cohabited, and roast complained that Wang Sicong’s home was a flowing brothel, and all the women in the house lived and cohabited, and even roast’s girlfriend congshen was a 700 yuan woman, and he implied that congshen was a peripheral woman, etc. Du Meizhu also revealed with friends that Wang Sicong had rejected her. As for what Wang Sicong rejected Du Meizhu, the chat screenshot did not show. Netizens speculated that all Meizhu’s pursuit of Wang Sicong was rejected?

Du Meizhu roast Shen Jie once worked as a peripheral

The fact that so many chat records have been released this time, it is estimated that Du Meizhu broke up with his friends, so he was betrayed by his friends. Many netizens read all Meizhu and chat records, and roast said that she was no different from Wang Sicong’s online celebrity girlfriends. There is even a suspected congshen trumpet sending a document roast “ Female competition and seductive men are really the stupidest ”, It is suspected that all Meizhu fought back in female competition and male seduction. Netizens have said that although Du Meizhu has revealed Wu Yifan’s black material, it does not mean that Du Meizhu is a good girl.

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