Duhaitao lost 20 kg but was roast about his baldness by netizens

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Duhaitao hasn’t seen him for a long time since the happy camp was stopped broadcasting. Apart from the public wedding with shenmengchen some time ago, everyone doesn’t know what he is busy with. But recently, through various photos, we learned that duhaitao had secretly lost weight behind everyone’s back. Duhaitao lost 20 kg, but netizens focused on him. Many netizens complained that roast was bald. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Duhaitao lost 20 kg

When shenmengchen and duhaitao participated in a variety show in their early years, duhaitao disclosed his idea of losing weight. But shenmengchen persuades duhaitao that he is fat and cute. If duhaitao really loses weight, he won’t even be cute, but only ugly. But after the netizens saw duhaitao’s recent photos, they all praised that what shenmengchen had said was really right. Du Haitao, who has become thinner, is really only ugly.

Many people think that a fat person will become handsome and beautiful after losing weight. Every fat person is a potential stock. But this sentence won’t work here at duhaitao, because netizens think duhaitao is thin and exudes aunt’s temperament. Many netizens also think that he is now hitting his face and giving birth to Li. And many people think duhaitao is bald now.

Duhaitao is roast bald

Duhaitao has been losing weight crazily recently. In 40 days of training, duhaitao has lost 20 kg. Weight loss is a good thing, but many people lose weight because of diet control, resulting in insufficient carbon and water intake and hair loss. Netizens saw duhaitao’s photos after losing weight, and found that his hairline moved back seriously, and his appearance did not improve because of his thin. I wonder if duhaitao will “ Cry faint ” In the past, after all, he made a lot of sweat to lose weight.

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