Duhaitao made a point to celebrate shenmengchen’s birthday. Duhaitao lost weight and was thin

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Duhaitao has hardly appeared in public since he and shenmengchen got married in public. Although duhaitao didn’t have a job during this period, he didn’t get idle. Instead, he made full use of it to do a big thing, which is to lose weight. Duhaitao made a point to celebrate shenmengchen’s birthday. He also took a group photo of the two people. In the group photo, duhaitao lost weight and was very thin. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Duhaitao attends shenmengchen’s birthday

Shenmengchen recently celebrated her 33rd birthday, which is also her first birthday since shenmengchen married duhaitao. Duhaitao, who has been upgraded from a boyfriend to a husband, also sent his best wishes to his wife shenmengchen in the early morning. Duhaitao’s essay “ With the warm picture frame and the quiet light in the setting sun, life is full of longing. Open our window ”.

Duhaitao also showed two group photos with shenmengchen. The group photo was taken at the free dusk. The background is very romantic, and the posture of duhaitao and shenmengchen is also super beautiful. Duhaitao in the video wears a motorcycle suit and a helmet. Although he didn’t show his face, duhaitao’s figure has completely changed, and he has lost a lot of weight. His group photo with shenmengchen looks as romantic and beautiful as the plot of an idol drama.

Duhaitao has successfully lost weight and is thin

Some time ago, some netizens uploaded the photos taken by duhaitao when they met him in the restaurant. At that time, duhaitao was so thin that many people dared not recognize him. Duhaitao worked so hard to lose weight that many netizens also speculated that it was probably to prepare for his wedding with shenmengchen. After all, this is the only time to get married. It seems that duhaitao still hopes to be a handsome groom. I also wish duhaitao and shenmengchen a happy life.

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