Durga: one of the main goddesses in Hinduism, worshipped for the goddess of demon subduing

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Durga is a warrior goddess and one of the main goddesses in the Hindu spectrum. Her main achievement is the elimination of durgamo, Sunda, Nison and other ferocious Luosha. In India, she is worshipped as the goddess of demon subduing. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Introduction to Durga

She killed a demon in the shape of a buffalo that terrified the gods. Durga first cut off the buffalo’s head, and then cut off the devil’s head when the devil wanted to escape, completely defeating the devil. Durga goddess is one of the consort images of Shiva. Shiva lives in Mount kalashi (that is, gangrenboqin sacred mountain in Ali, Tibet, China). His horse is bull Nandi, and his goddess is snow mountain goddess Parvati, also known as UMA (bright and beautiful).


Shiva’s spouse originated from the Indian Aboriginal Mother God. Like Shiva, she also has the dual character of reproduction and destruction, presenting a gentle and terrifying appearance. Parvati or UMA is a charming wife. Another image of Shiva’s spouse, Durga (difficult mother), is a beautiful and murderous goddess of revenge, who once killed the buffalo monster Sisa on behalf of the gods. There is also an image of Kali (black goddess), with a ferocious face and a passion for blood sacrifice, which is a horrible God of death. Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is a lovely elephant headed God, and Skanda, the other son, is a terrible God of war.

It is one of the various images of Shiva’s wife snow mountain goddess in Hindu mythology, and one of the main gods worshipped by sexism. Durga’s real name, “hard to get close mother” comes from the “hard to get close” of Luosha she destroyed. It is said that Brahma, Vishnu and other small gods spray flames to give birth to Nanjin mother, aiming to destroy the ox demon Moses sassura. Her main achievement was the elimination of ferocious rosha such as durgamo, Sunda and Nison. In India, she is worshipped as the goddess of demon subduing. In most paintings and sculptures, Nanjin’s mother’s skin is yellow, and her mount is a tiger or lion, with 8, 10 or 18 arms, holding various weapons given by the gods, including a spear or a poisonous snake. Nanjin mother’s day, held every September and October, is the most solemn festival in southeast India. The believers sank the special inaccessible mother statue into the water after 9 days of worship, and held large-scale demonstrations and celebrations. In addition, Nanjin mother (the goddess of Tu Jia) was absorbed as a Dharma protector by later Lamaism.

Durga is also known as “Nanjin mother” (Chinese translation) and “Tuga” (transliteration).

Siva’s spouse

As Hinduism continues to merge regional and folk religions, gods and traditions, there are a variety of God spouses, God flesh incarnations and small gods with their own beliefs and believers, including: the kind elephant head God, the son of Shiva and his wife Snow Mountain God daughter, has an elephant head; Hanuman, the monkey god who symbolizes loyalty and strength; Suoshivadi, goddess of wisdom and knowledge; Dark sky; Vishnu’s wife, auspicious goddess, and goddess of wealth and secular achievements; There are also the primordial goddesses Kali (also known as Shi mu) or Durga (also known as Nan Jin Mu), which are the image of Shiva’s spouse or its female equivalent with a more gloomy appearance. Sometimes they are called the goddess of death and disease, but like Shiva, people, especially women, also pray for her help.


Goddess Kumari

The Nepalese royal family takes the goddess Kumari as the patron saint. She is a goddess similar to Hindu Nanjin mother (Durga). In Sanskrit, Nepali and other Indian languages, Kumari means “virgin”, which is also the name of Durga as a young girl. It is said that the last king of Nepal’s Mara Dynasty (about the 12th to 17th centuries) [jayaprakash Malla] often played dice games with the goddess tarezhu. The goddess warned that other mortals should not see her, but one day the Queen walked into the palace from the king. The goddess went away in anger and ordered that she would no longer appear to protect the king and the country. After the king’s plea, the goddess let go and said that she would be attached to the girl of the niwar Sakya nationality.

Since then, every king will look for qualified girls and respect them as the goddess of Kumari. As the goddess incarnates as a red python, if a woman dreams of a red python, it will also be considered that she will conceive Kumari. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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