During the Three Kingdoms period, Guan Yu regarded the enemy’s wife as booty, and it was normal for him to ask for his wife

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms comic strip

Not long ago, some experts found that Confucius was a beautiful man, which was seriously questioned. At that time, some netizens asked: is it important that Confucius is a beautiful man? Coincidentally, some experts have found that Guan Yu is not a bad woman. The author can’t help asking: is it important for Guan Yu to be “lecherous”?

For thousands of years, Guan Yu has been sung as a great hero and true hero who is excellent in martial arts, loyal and honest, and not close to women. However, at a recent Guan Gong international seminar, Mr. Yin Yungong, director and researcher of the Institute of Journalism and communication of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, presented Guan Yu, who was quite different from the image in the romance, in his paper “Guan Yu in the official history and Guan Gong in the romance”.

“Romance of the Three Kingdoms” mentioned that Cao Cao had given Guan Yu ten beauties, and he was not moved at all. But according to Mr. Yin’s research, Guan Yu not only likes beautiful women, but also once competed with Cao Cao for beautiful women. The annals of the Three Kingdoms records such a historical fact: Cao Cao and Liu Bei led the army to besiege Lv Bu in xiapi. Lv Bu sent Qin Yilu out of the city to ask for help from Hanoi’s governor Zhang Yang. Guan Yu heard that Qin Yilu’s very outstanding wife was still in xiapi City, so he repeatedly asked Cao Cao, “wife has no children, go to the city, and beg for Yilu’s wife.” Cao Cao agreed to his request. After the siege of the city, Cao Cao summoned Du. It was indeed a national beauty and a natural fragrance, “it was self acceptance”. Guan Yu hated Cao Cao for this matter. In this regard, Mr. Yin believes that it is nonsense for people to praise Guan Yu for being a bad woman for a long time.

This achievement is somewhat funny. To put it bluntly, the so-called lust is nothing more than liking the opposite sex. People are not plants. As long as their physical and mental development is normal, every man will like women, and every woman will also like men. If this is lecherous, it is all lecherous. Even if Guan Yu’s behavior is normal, do you still use cumbersome research? It was normal to possess the wife of a defeated general. From the “Three Kingdoms” and “Water Margin”, we can learn that in that era, we could enjoy the spoils of war in this way. Is it worth boasting about the ordinary things in ancient times as an amazing discovery?

To restore Guan Yu’s lustful nature is also a mistake of treating novels as history. According to research, the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms has three wonders, namely Zhugeliang’s “wisdom”, Cao Cao’s “treachery” and Guan Yu’s “righteousness”. The plot of the novel is based on this positioning to select historical facts and process them. This is a literary image, a creation based on historical facts. Because it is a historical novel, not a history in the strict sense, some people have always questioned its image, and even Guo Moruo has to overturn the case for Cao Cao. In fact, this is to measure literature on the scale of history, which naturally leads to jokes.

Such a study of Guan Yu’s lust is a kind of behavior that caters to the secular world. The vulgarization and secularization of society need the disinfection of experts, not pandering. The responsibility of experts is to guide the society and give timely guidance to the society, especially to correct and correct some secular phenomena. If you follow the secular to pursue, it will be against the positioning of experts.

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