“ Earth God ” Your real identity is actually the son of Gonggong?

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Many friends don’t know that the true identity of the “land God” is the son of Gonggong. Why doesn’t Gonggong touch Zhoushan angrily? The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed interpretation, and then read on~

According to legend, Zhuanxu was the grandson of the Yellow Emperor. He was named Gaoyang and lived in the fifth son Emperor (now near Puyang, Henan). He is smart, resourceful and has high prestige among the people. The territory under his rule is also much larger. North to the present Hebei area, South to the south of Nanling Mountain, West to the present Gansu area, and east to some islands in the East China Sea are all the cities under his rule. Ancient history books describe that wherever they went, they were warmly received by tribal people.

But Zhuanxu also did unreasonable things. There is such a law that he made: it stipulates that when a woman meets a man on the road, she must avoid it; If you do not do so, you will be dragged to the crossroads and beaten. Although this law is a legend, it shows that in Zhuanxu’s period, due to the changes in the mode of production, men became the dominant force in the clan, women’s status had been lower than that of men, the patriarchal clan society had replaced the matriarchal clan society, and men’s authority in society had been established.

At the same time as Zhuanxu, there was a tribal leader named Gonggong. It is said that he was a snake with two heads and red hair. His mount was two dragons.


It is said that the Gonggong surname, Jiang, is a descendant of the Yan Emperor. His tribe is now in the north of Henan. He attached great importance to farming, especially to water conservancy, and invented the method of building embankments to store water. At that time, mankind was mainly engaged in agricultural production, and the use of water was crucial. Gonggong was another person who made contributions to the development of agricultural production after Shennong.

Gonggong has a son named Houtu, who is also proficient in agriculture. In order to develop agricultural production and do a good job in water conservancy, they investigated the land conditions of the tribe together and found that in some places the terrain was too high and it was difficult to water the fields; Some places are too low to be flooded. For these reasons, it is very unfavorable to agricultural production. Therefore, Gonggong worked out a plan to transport the soil from the high part of the land to the low part of the land. He believed that digging the low-lying land to the high part of the land could expand the cultivated area, flatten the high part, facilitate water conservancy irrigation, and greatly benefit the development of agricultural production.

The Ministry of Zhuanxu did not approve of Gonggong’s practice. Zhuanxu believed that the supreme authority in the tribe was himself. The whole tribe should only obey his orders. Gonggong could not make his own decisions. He opposed Gonggong’s implementation of his plan on the ground that it would make heaven angry. As a result, a very fierce struggle took place between Zhuanxu and Gonggong. On the surface, it was a dispute over the control of soil and water, but in fact it was a struggle for the leadership of the tribe.

Compared with these two men, Gong Gong is stronger in strength; As far as wit is concerned, he is inferior to Zhuanxu. Zhuanxu used ghosts and gods to incite the tribal people not to believe Gonggong. At that time, people lacked knowledge of nature and believed in ghosts and gods. Many people were fooled by Zhuanxu, who believed that Gonggong’s land leveling would really offend ghosts and gods and lead to disasters. Therefore, Zhuanxu won the support of the majority of the people.

Gonggong can not get the understanding and support of the public, but he firmly believes that his plan is correct and is resolutely unwilling to compromise. For the benefit of the people all over the world, he was determined to sacrifice himself and his life for his cause. He came to Buzhou mountain (today’s Kunlun Mountain) and wanted to knock down the peak of Buzhou mountain to show his strong determination.


Gonggong drove a flying dragon into the air and crashed into Buzhou mountain. In the fog time, there was a huge noise. I saw that Buzhou mountain was suddenly hit by Gonggong, and immediately broke at the waist, and the whole mountain collapsed. Great changes have taken place between heaven and earth. In the sky, the sun, moon and stars have changed their positions; On the earth, mountains and rivers move and rivers change. It turned out that this Buzhou mountain was the pillar between heaven and earth. The Tianzhu was broken, which broke the rope tied to the earth. The earth collapsed to the southeast.

The sky fell to the northwest. Because the sky falls to the northwest, the sun, moon and stars rise from the East and fall to the west every day; Because the earth collapses to the southeast, all the rivers and streams rush eastward into the sea to the East.

Gonggong’s heroic act was respected by people. After his death, people regarded him as a water master (the God of water conservancy), and his son Houtu was also regarded as a Social God (the God of land). Later, people swore that " The earth is above the sky;, It was about him, which shows that people respect them. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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