East Asia polarization, geopolitical crisis!

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Author: ye Lihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Shinzo Abe’s death has left us less time.

Justice and justice are always based on the range of naval guns. The French immediately reacted to the Libyan incident, and the Congress was indignant, demanding the organization of an expeditionary force. The aircraft carrier fleet was quickly established and drove to North Africa before the Americans came to intervene.

Gaddafi’s way to another world has been opened. West Africa and North Africa are the geographical sphere of influence of France, which has been confirmed again and become an iron fact.

Internal strife is internal strife, low efficiency is low efficiency, strike is strike, white left is white left, that is the French internal, once external, internal strife is gone, Congress is united, low efficiency is gone, and the fleet is assembled.

No one went on strike because of advancing to Libya, and no one was left behind because of fighting against Libya. The French are two skins inside and outside.

Alstom was sold to Americans because Americans desperately tried to intervene in France. The pillars of France are not only ALSTOM, but also the automotive industry represented by PSA, the photoelectric industry represented by Schneider, the commercial aircraft industry represented by Airbus, and the industrial equipment manufacturing industry represented by Marceau.

The British have engaged in deindustrialization, and the Americans have engaged in it, but we must not have any idea that Britain and the United States are the whole west, nor should we have any idea that the west is deindustrialization. We should be sober to see that France is not a second-class country. France still maintains a strong industrial capacity and maintains its determination to attack the backyard at any time.

There is a saying called “upper three permanent members, lower two permanent members”, and some people call it “upper two permanent members, lower three permanent members”. Such an idea, of course, is easy to understand. Since 1840, the Chinese people have been bullied and humiliated by others for a long time, and they can’t wait to stand in the forest of nations in the world.

However, there is a difference between the subjective “we have stood in the forest of nations in the world” and the objective “we really stand in the forest of nations in the world”.

France has a whole industrial chain, and we also have it. We can draw with France on this point.

France has its own geographical projection range. In this regard, we are a little worse than France.

France is even more determined to clean up its backyard regardless. In this regard, the U.S. imperialists must lament their inferiority.

The Wuchang can be the Wuchang, and each of them has its own dependence. If it has to be fixed, it can’t be fixed. Britain interferes in world public opinion and is the overlord of the right of world public opinion. The US dollar and the US military are the unreasonable reliance of the United States. Russia has a huge nuclear arsenal and the ruble built on natural gas. Who is up and who is down?

On the contrary, our industry is upgrading in the direction of Schneider and Airbus in France. Our media should fight out. In the face of rumors from the British, our military projection coverage is still difficult to match that of the US military, and our currency is not as strong as the ruble.

The geographical pattern of Northeast Asia has triggered a chain shock because of Abe’s death. Japan will run on the road of turning right and Anti China. South Korea is alone, and Yin Xiyue is on the right, which is easy to become the pawn of Americans.

Antony Blinken contracted Afghanistan and Kurdistan, leaving only one fulcrum for Israel in the Middle East. Of course, there are factors that affect the labor force in the new crown, as well as factors that make it difficult for the United States to make great efforts. Under the party struggle, we can only shrink our strength and do our best to me.

On the one hand, the French are trapped by the White left at home and have to check and balance Russia. On the other hand, they also have the idea of leading Europe to be independent. Now Blinken just has the idea of absorbing Europe and the United States to survive the crisis, and can help; Geographically, I am far away from West Africa and Europe. There is no geopolitical conflict and it is difficult to plan for it.

Putin in Russia is being encircled and suppressed by Biden’s Democratic Party. Biden’s plan is to encircle and suppress Putin in the mid-term election. It is a sheep beating the drum. Russia’s economy can basically be recycled. There is no shortage of energy, food, and heavy industry that makes weapons. How can we encircle and suppress?

Biden just used the name of anti Russia to cut off Trump’s wings. Anti Russia is false, anti national “Republicans” are true, anti Putin is false, and anti trump is true.

The fighting of the Russian army will not be affected, nor will the Russian economy. Russia is still sharing the pressure for me and sending it to the geopolitical alliance in Central Asia.

Biden was busy with the mid-term election, and the pressure was only from Antony Blinken’s team. Their pressure was mainly geographical, less secret war, and less economic.

Now, the pressure of Antony Blinken is all on our side. To deal with the pressure, we should avoid attacking in all directions. Antony Blinken put pressure on Northeast Asia. We don’t need to deal with it in person. Northeast Asia is under pressure, and there is North Korea.

We try our best to go south and play a Southeast Asian card. Attack, attack what they don’t defend, Southeast Asia springboard, close to controllable Malacca and cut off the food routes of Japan and South Korea, can be far from the South Pacific as an outpost, deterring Australia.

The strategy is established, and the only change is the climate and microclimate in Japan, which adds a small force to the polarization of Northeast Asia and accelerates the process of history.

What can we complain about? Life has always been like this. Time waits for no man, and I never wait for him.

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