“ Eight Immortals ” How did this immortal Title come from& ldquo; Eight Immortals ” Where did it come from?

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The so-called “Eight Immortals” are Li Tieguai, Zhong Liquan, LAN Caihe, Zhang Guolao, hexiangu, lvdongbin, hanxiangzi and Cao Guojiu. Do you know how the title of “Eight Immortals” came from? Where did the “Eight Immortals” first come from? Today, the China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Although it has been thousands of years since the Qin emperor and the Han Dynasty sought immortality and medicine, the eight immortals come down in one continuous line with the immortal concepts and myths and legends that originated in the pre-Qin period, especially the Taoist culture that has gradually formed and evolved since the end of the Han Dynasty. The earliest eight immortals appeared in the Han Dynasty. They were the eight writers known as the “Eight Immortals in Huainan” and were called “Bagong” at that time. “Primary school Ganzhu” records: “Huainan Bagong: Zuo Wu, Li Shang, Su Fei, Tian you, Mao PI, Lei quilt, Jinchang and Wu quilt.” It can be seen that the Eight Immortals in Huainan are only eight literati, not immortals. But later, because of the legend that the king of Huainan became an immortal, the eight immortals attached to his sect became immortals, called “Eight Immortals”.


In the Shu Ji written by Qiao Xiu in the Jin Dynasty, it is recorded that “the eight immortals of Shu” are in the following order: “the first one to become a duke and hide in Hongchuan, which is now Qingcheng Mountain; the second one, Li Er, was born in Shu; the third Dong Zhongshu, who is also a hermit in Qingcheng Mountain; the fourth Taoist mausoleum, which is now Heming temple; the Fifth Village juping, which is in Chengdu; the sixth Li Babu, whose Longmen cave is in Chengdu; the seventh fan Changsheng, who is in Qingcheng Mountain; and the eighth Er Zhu, who is in Yazhou.” The above-mentioned “Eight Immortals” have nothing to do with the eight immortals now handed down.

The deeds of the eight immortals were mostly scattered in the books of the Tang and Song Dynasties, but there was no such a group as the “Eight Immortals” at that time. In addition to the aforementioned Taoist figures Zhong Liquan, LV Dongbin, Cao Guojiu and Li Tieguai, the “Eight Immortals” prototype also needs to see the identities of the other four figures, including Zhang Guolao. Tracing the individual origin of the “Eight Immortals”, the earliest existing record about Zhang Guolao is the old story of the ciliu family written by lideyu of the Tang Dynasty, which records Zhang Guo’s meeting with Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty. It was written about the eighth year of Dahe of emperor Wenzong of the Tang Dynasty. It was in the Zaju created by the Yuan people that the eight immortals were truly collected. These dramas are all called eight immortals, but their names are different.


Mazhiyuan’s drama the water fairy at the end of the fourth episode of LV Dongbin’s three drunken Yueyang Tower, in the tone of LV Dongbin, The eight immortals were introduced in turn: “the first one is Han Zhongli, who is now in charge of a group of immortals; this one is tie Guai Li, whose hair is combed in disorder; this one is Lan Caihe, who removes Yunyang wood; this one is Zhang Guolao, who rides a donkey on Zhaozhou bridge; this one is Xu Shenweng, who carries a gourd on his back; this one is Hanxiang’s son, Han Yu’s nephew; this one is uncle Cao, a family member of the Song Dynasty; then I am lvchunyang, who loves to play simple and stupid drums.” The eight immortals mentioned above are all male. There is no hexiangu among the eight immortals, but there is xushenweng. The “Eight Immortals in the upper cave” was selected after the publication of wuyuantai’s romance novel Journey to the East in the Ming Dynasty. Wuyuantai arranged the order of the Eight Immortals: 1. Tie Guai Li, 2. Han Zhongli, 3. Jian Caihe, 4. Zhang Guolao, 5. Hexiangu, 6. LV Dongbin, 7. Han Xiangzi, 8. Uncle Cao. The composition and ranking order of the eight immortals have been completely consistent with the eight immortals now handed down, indicating that most people have accepted Wu’s statement. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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