Eight questions about the beating incident in Tangshan barbecue shop!

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The reason why the case of beating people in Tangshan barbecue shop continues to receive the attention of the general public is not only because the suspect in the case were bloody, brutal and inhuman when they committed violence, but also because they dared to beat people so brazenly in full view of the public, without any fear of the dignity of the law and the anger of the public.

After the incident was exposed, many people reported that they had suffered similar experiences in Tangshan. A cake shop owner reported in his real name that an underworld gang composed of people released from prison had been extorting them for a long time, violently smashing their cake shop, and intimidating them to “hit you every time I see you.” A Tangshan woman reported that a gang in Lubei District of Tangshan had beaten and abused her, threatened and intimidated her, closed a black house and a dog cage, forced her to kneel down, and made a “white note”.

Obviously, the beating incident in Tangshan barbecue shop is not an isolated case in Tangshan. I believe there are many similar cases that have not been exposed for various reasons. This can not help but make people worried about the social security in Tangshan. If they encounter these thugs, will they also be beaten so savagely?

A friend of mine said in a message to me: “the scene of the Tangshan violence on June 10 was terrifying, angry, and indignant – how could such a tragic and inhuman violence occur in broad daylight, when the country is building a civilized, prosperous and powerful new China?”

What makes people more worried is that after someone reported it in his real name, another staff member of xiangfengdao police station in Lubei District of Tangshan city called her and asked her to delete the real name report video on the Internet. In addition, some informants deleted all the information he reported in his real name on the Internet, obviously because they were threatened, which also shows that the violence is not simple. Under such a strong public opinion in the country, Some people are still using their power behind the scenes to threaten the informer and are still trying to prevent the investigation of the case.

I believe the upper echelons also feel the concerns of the general public. Under the supervision of the Ministry of public security, Hebei Provincial Public Security Department transferred the investigation of this case from Tangshan city to Guangyang branch of Langfang Public Security Bureau, transferred the case in Lubei District of Tangshan city to luanzhou Public Security Bureau for investigation and handling, and transferred another case in Lubei District of Tangshan city to Fengnan District Public Security Bureau for investigation and handling, all of which took an unusual way of investigation and handling in different places. At present, all 9 suspect involved in the barbecue shop incident have been arrested, and all 6 suspect in the other two real name reports have also been arrested.

On June 12, Tangshan City launched the special action of “thunder storm” for half a month to rectify social security. The rectification contents include: fighting, making trouble, intentional injury, insulting women and other illegal and criminal acts; Illegal and criminal acts such as extortion, bullying the market, forcibly soliciting projects, and forced trading; Gathering people for gambling, organizing shelter for prostitution, drug abuse and trafficking, theft, robbery, fraud, cyber crime and other illegal and criminal acts; It is a violation of discipline and law that covers up and connives at illegal crimes and neglects duty and responsibility.

Now this incident is increasingly pointing to a violent gang with underworld nature, and many suspect have criminal records. From the perspective of history and reality, there must be an umbrella behind all underworld gangs, as well as the soil for their existence and madness. Like my friend, many people will also ask why there are still such ferocious underworld forces in Tangshan after the three-year special campaign to eradicate the underworld and evil that began in 2018? And so arrogant and rampant? Why are there still people openly molesting, insulting and severely beating women in full view of the public in today’s China? Why do pornographic gambling, drugs and underworld gangs, which were banned long ago in the Mao Zedong era, appear in today’s society and continue despite repeated prohibitions? What is the logic behind the emergence and existence of the underworld?

First, China is a socialist country. The greatest characteristics of a socialist country are serving the people, common prosperity, and public ownership. These three characteristics determine that China will never allow the existence of underworld. This is also the reason why we have been cracking down on pornography, gambling, drugs, and underworld in recent years. However, even so, pornography, gambling, drugs and underworld activities are still resurgent in some places at a certain time, because some cadres in some places have forgotten the original intention of the Communist Party and the fundamental nature of socialism in a state of rampant social thoughts, causing these social cancer to rise from time to time and continue to poison society.

Second, in the long-term development process, China has formed various interest groups. Some industries and industries have long been the living soil of the underworld, such as clubs, KTVs, bars, underground casinos, mining, earthwork, demolition, fraud, violent collection, etc. because these industries have the characteristics of huge profits and violence, they often become the parasitic soil of underworld gangs. Some of our departments and enterprises sometimes cooperate with these underworld gangs, Demolition, debt collection and so on, which makes these underworld gangs have a social and economic foundation for their existence.

Third, almost all underworld gangs have one or more umbrellas behind them. These protective umbrellas often form a community of interests with these underworld gangs, or are bribed, corrupted, or actively cooperate to form a community of interests. Most of these protective umbrellas exist in public security and judicial departments or key government departments, so that these underworld gangs can obtain protection when they need it, such as providing information, mitigating criminal responsibility, safeguarding the interests of underworld gangs, threatening or even persecuting victims, etc.

Fourth, new changes are emerging in the underworld gangs, that is, the transformation from black to white to gray. It is no longer a direct violent crime, but a crime committed in the name of legitimate company management, such as participating in demolition and debt collection in the name of the company. Some government departments will provide protection for these so-called private enterprises in the name of protecting the private economy. Some leading figures of underworld gangs run for cadres of grass-roots organizations, such as village directors, and use their power to commit underworld crimes, which makes our identification of underworld gangs vague and difficult to determine.

Fifth, why can the underworld gang crimes in Tangshan exist for a long time and become so arrogant and rampant? There is no doubt that it is related to the umbrella behind it, and the protection of some officials in the government and the judiciary. It is almost impossible to eradicate the underworld completely without destroying the umbrella behind it and eradicating the soil where the underworld exists. Therefore, the essence of Tangshan underworld gang crime is the problem of the back umbrella. Only by thoroughly eradicating the back umbrella can we completely eradicate the underworld. To eradicate the umbrella, we must eradicate the interest chain between the umbrella and the underworld and break the interest community formed between them.

Sixthly, can the “Thunderstorm” action of social rectification in Tangshan for half a month solve the fundamental problem? Can the underworld in Tangshan be completely eradicated? I don’t think so. Did the three-year nationwide special action to eradicate the underworld in Tangshan touch the underworld? The many gang violence cases with underworld nature exposed in Tangshan this time tell us that the “thunder storm” action in Tangshan can only solve the symptoms but not the root causes. It can not solve our internal problems and our ideological problems at all.

Seventh, the root of eradicating the underworld is still to solve the ideological problem. Now think about why the underworld can be banned in the Mao Zedong era, but can be revived in the new era? I think it is still necessary to solve the problem of understanding the nature of socialism, the purity of the Communist Party, the economic foundation of the underworld, and the community of interests between government officials and the underworld. If these problems are not solved, the wind will blow for half a month, and then there will be no follow-up, and everything will remain the same.

Eighth, in addition to solving the ideological problems of organs at all levels, there is another problem that needs to be paid attention to, that is, the construction of rural grass-roots organizations. In some places, rural grass-roots organizations are controlled by capital, and in some places, grass-roots organizations are controlled by underworld. Strengthening the construction of grass-roots party organizations and building them into a strong fortress of our party among the grass-roots people is the basis for our party’s policy, line The key to implementing policies among the masses is that without a strong grass-roots party organization, or if the grass-roots party organization is controlled and controlled by bad people, our party’s purpose, policies and line cannot be implemented.

We must deeply reflect on the beating incident at Tangshan barbecue shop. It seems simple to look at the surface of the incident, but it is not an isolated incident, but reflects some common problems in China, including judicial issues and ideological issues. Without solving this problem, China’s socialist nature will not be reflected, and the purpose of common prosperity proposed by our party will be difficult to achieve. Therefore, this incident can draw inferences from one instance, The core and key is to find the problem, find out the cause and dig out the poisonous root.

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