Embarrassed! American ships were caught trespassing on Xisha!

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Source: official account: Xiake island wechat id:xiake_ island

The United States’ Aleppo class missile destroyer Benford can be said to be an “old face”.

The old ship, which was launched in 1994, came to China for a “friendly visit” in 2016, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious at that time. I don’t know if it was a collision with a Japanese tanker in 2017 or where it was injured. Benford often intruded into the waters of the South China Sea or the Taiwan Strait.

When an uninvited guest comes, China naturally sends out ships and planes to say hello until it “sends a gift out of the country”.

However, this trip on July 13 is a little interesting.


On July 13, the US Navy Missile Destroyer Benford illegally intruded into China’s Xisha territorial sea. Source: Southern theater Weibo


On this day, “Benford” broke into the territorial sea of Xisha, China. According to the Chinese Ministry of defense, Benford’s trip seemed to be well mannered, and the weapons and fire control systems on the ship were “zeroed” to show invincibility.

The general impression of the U.S. warships to the international community is that they like to rush, and they also love to show off their strength and bully people. This time, “Benford” has forcibly invaded China’s territorial waters, but it doesn’t appear to be provocative. What’s the idea?

Recently, the military and political circles of the two countries have talked about differences in management and control. Just after the meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries, the US Defense Minister and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff were inviting the PLA to talk about crisis management and control. It seems that the United States does not want to fight with China, and it is taboo to brush its guns and get angry.

Some people will ask: since you don’t want to have armed conflict with China, are you sick because you keep causing trouble around China?

In fact, the biggest plan of the United States is to use the rhetoric of “free navigation” to provoke China’s territorial waters, so as to raise a flag to attract followers and appease allies. What if it’s not an ally of the United States? Then find a way to make them allies of the United States!

“Raise the flag of recruitment, and don’t worry about the people who eat food”, that’s what it means.

The U.S. military is not aware of the risk of aggressive intrusions by ships and aircraft? Of course, they are clear-cut. So this time, “Benford” made the weapons and fire control system “zero”, and made it clear that “I don’t want to fight”. In case of conflict, the pot is China’s back.

As a result, the United States has constantly challenged China’s bottom line and even forcibly invaded China’s territorial waters. They bet that China will not really conflict. Once here and there, if there is no conflict after several times of entering China’s territorial waters, the United States can take advantage of the situation to instigate China’s surrounding countries to follow together – you see, your strength is still close to China. Do you want the U.S. military to make you an umbrella? Do you think my warship is big enough? Are there enough planes?

It has not only rubbed the red line to show its muscles, but also damaged the relationship between China and countries around the South China Sea, which is exactly the sinister intention of “Benford”.


Chinese navy soldiers closely monitored the Benford and kept everything under control. Source: Southern theater Weibo


What is the most painful thing for the United States to contain China? Is it the Indo Pacific strategy that hasn’t been pushed forward for three years, or is the “Indo Pacific economic framework” less thunderous?

These are all slow efforts. The embarrassing thing is that few Asia Pacific countries cater to the United States and have their own calculations. The United States wants to end it in person, but its foothold in the Asia Pacific is not enough. Although the US military has built many Asia Pacific bases, they are not effective. Or like Japan’s Okinawa base, it is too far from the South China Sea and has a long voyage; Or, for example, Clark base in the Philippines is inconvenient to use. After the withdrawal of the United States in the early 1990s, we can only use the “visit” method to walk around; The dock at Changi naval base in Singapore is only enough for the aircraft carrier strike group to rest.

The U.S. military has been looking forward to a country that can “open its mind” to welcome its entry like Japan, but it has finally failed to fulfill its wish. Most of the existing U.S. military bases around the South China Sea are chicken ribs, and China has three major airports in the South China Sea, which makes the United States very anxious.

How should China cope with the small trick of “free navigation” of the United States? When people talk about “crisis management and control”, they want to occupy the moral commanding height. If you refuse, the hat of “undermining regional security and stability” will be deducted every minute; If you really want to talk to Americans, wouldn’t you first admit the so-called “free navigation”? I’m afraid the United States will have more scruples in the future.

China is not dumb and will never be vague about safeguarding its territory and sovereignty. The Chinese Ministry of defense did a good job this time. It not only took the initiative to expose the intrusion of “Benford”, but also posted a site disposal map. From the perspective of maritime rights protection, inspection and evidence collection, this is a picture with the truth. At the same time, it is also an act that the U.S. Army dare to break into and dare not admit, and tell them clearly——

Don’t bang, everything is in China’s hands!

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