Emperor Shi Tian: the God of thunder and lightning and the God of war in Hinduism. It is one of the eight heavenly dragons in Buddhism

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Emperor Shi Tian is the God of Buddhism. Emperor Shi Tian, whose full name is shitihuan Indra, and Sakya means “NENG”; Tihuan means heaven; Indra means emperor; Together, the emperor of heaven, the emperor of heaven. Indra for short, originally the God of thunder and war in Hinduism, is responsible for thunder and war. Later, it was absorbed by Buddhism as one of the main gods of Dharma protection. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


The position of emperor Shi Tian in Buddhism

The position of emperor Shi Tian in Buddhism, together with Brahma Tian, is the main god of Dharma protection in Buddhism. He is the second heavenly king in Buddhism’s “twenty heavens”, which is one of the twelve heavens. The town protects the East and lives in the sky on the top of Xumi mountain. Its city is called Shanjian city. There are ten emperor bodyguards on the left and right. He once led the gods to build an important Pavilion and lecture hall for the Buddha and Arhats with an ox head Zhan sandalwood tree, and offered beds, bedding and various diets to feed the Buddha and his disciples. Emperor Shi Tian often meets with the gods in Shanjian City, Xumishan, his residence, to discuss good and evil in the world.

According to the world described by Buddhism, in the center of the world where we live, there is a Xumi mountain. Emperor Shi Tian lives in Shanjian city on the top of Xumi mountain and commands the rest of the heavens. There are eight days around Xumi mountain, plus the emperor’s release day in the center, which is a total of thirty-three days, which is the benefit day in the six days of desire.

According to Buddhism, anyone who does good deeds and accumulates virtue can be reincarnated into the emperor and release heaven. Emperor Shi Tian lived for a hundred years on earth and lived for a thousand years, which was 36.5 million years on earth. It is said that Sakyamuni Buddha was reincarnated more than 30 times before he became a Taoist.

The main responsibilities of emperor Shi Tian

As a Dharma protector, Emperor Shitian’s main responsibility is to protect the Buddha, Buddha and monks. For example, when the Buddha was practicing under a tree, the devil attacked and disturbed his meditation, and the emperor Buddha blew the conch to protect the Buddha; When the Buddha nirvana, the emperor releases heaven again and recites ode; He also protected the Buddha’s relics. Buddhist stories about the emperor and the Buddha often appear in Buddhist art works, in which the emperor and the Buddha often hold a treasure cap and accompany the Buddha around the Buddha.

On the third day of Ramadan every half month, Emperor Shitian ordered the king of the fourth heaven, the prince, and the waiter to explore the good, evil, and good of all the people in the world. If you hear that there are many evil beings in the world, who are unfilial to their parents, disrespectful to their teachers, do not practice fasting, and do not give poverty, you will be worried about the impairment of all the heaven and the gain of all the Asuras. If you hear that you are filial to your parents, respectful to your teachers, diligent in fasting, and poor in giving alms, everyone will be happy that all the heavenly beings will gain and Asura will lose. And if the person who cultivates virtue and makes progress without delay, he will be ordered to increase his life and benefit. On the contrary, he will no longer be protected or his life will be taken.


Once, Emperor Shi Tian’s five declines appeared, but he had magical powers. It was the animal body that knew that he was reincarnated into a donkey, so he was extremely afraid. Just as the Buddha was speaking, he ran to ask for help. He bowed down when he saw the Buddha, and at the end of his life, he threw himself into the donkey’s belly. On the same day, the owner of the female donkey invited guests for a dinner. For some reason, the donkey rushed into the kitchen and made a mess. The owner was angry and scolded it, causing the donkey to miscarry. After dying four times, the emperor released heaven and returned to heaven. His life increased greatly and he continued to release heaven for the emperor.

The origin of emperor Shi Tian

After the death of kayah Buddha, a woman was kind enough to build a pagoda for him, so she collected money everywhere and called 32 people to help. Over time, they finally completed the construction of the pagoda in their lifetime. Later, she rose to heaven at the end of her life and became the emperor who ruled the heaven on earth, and the other 32 became the 32 days under her.

According to the zanijaya tianzapin, the previous life of emperor Shi was a Brahman named MOGA. He cultivated good fortune with 32 close friends. After his death, he was born in Kariya. He took MOGA as God, that is, Emperor Shi or emperor Shi Tian, and the other 32 people as auxiliary ministers, that is, the other 32 days. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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