Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty regretted missing the beauty, and Wang Zhaojun angrily killed the greedy painter

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Peasant lady

Selected into the Han Palace, Mingfei village, Xingshan County, Hubei Province, surrounded by water on three sides, the water is shining; Surrounded by mountains on one side, the mountains are as green as Dai. This is the hometown of Wang Zhaojun. Wang Zhaojun absorbs the aura of mountains and rivers, and his appearance is beautiful and charming. In 36 BC, Wang Zhaojun was selected into the palace of the Yuan emperor of the Han Dynasty to serve as the imperial court of yeting.

The 17-year-old Wang Zhaojun is naturally beautiful, smart and intelligent. He is good at everything, such as music, chess, calligraphy and painting. He is really “a moth eyebrow that can’t be found in the world, and can make flowers ashamed in the forest”. However, Wang Zhaojun was not favored by emperor yuan of Han Dynasty.

It turned out that emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty selected beautiful women from all over the country to enter the palace every year. Over the years, the number has been nearly 20000. Flowers are becoming charming, how can we be lucky to the most beautiful beauty? Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty asked people to make images of the palace maids waiting for the imperial edict, hang the beauty picture around at any time, and make detailed comments in his spare time. If there were photography and video equipment at that time, Wang Zhaojun’s fate might be a different situation. Unfortunately, the beauties at that time were all painted by painters. The painter who took up this beautiful job was named Mao Yanshou. Mao painters, relying on drawing tools, have a full view of the beauty of the world.


He doesn’t have the courage to move women, but he dares to touch those women’s wallets.

Western Han Dynasty


There is a strict compilation system. On the basis of the previous ten levels of the harem, the Yuan emperor expanded it to fifteen levels. Different levels, different treatment. Zhaoyi was a prime minister and a prince; Jieyu is superior to Shangqing, and the nobility is superior to the marquis. The treatment of the last level is also much higher than that of palace maids. Palace maids have no grade and have not entered the establishment. Therefore, in order to improve their treatment, many palace maids try their best to squeeze into the establishment. And the best way is to get the favor of the emperor! Therefore, the palace maids from rich families all use various channels to bribe the Mao painters, even those who have no backstage and are more flexible will also try to curry favor with the Mao painters. Wang Zhaojun first entered the court and didn’t understand these rules. Later, he learned the secrets, but he disdained to do that. On the one hand, she is honest and flattering, and she disdains to use it; On the other hand, she is confident that she will be favored by the emperor if she draws an image and submits it to the emperor based on her figure and appearance.

On the day of the portrait, Wang Zhaojun put on a light makeup, with an end-to-end bun on his head, a jade hairpin inserted obliquely on it, wearing a moon white deep clothes around the lapel, a light green false belt tied his waist into a grip, and a pair of Jasper bracelets on his wrist. Mao Yanshou, a painter who has seen many beauties, is really amazed at Wang Zhaojun’s beauty. He was convinced that none of the beauties enjoyed by the emperor could match Wang Zhaojun. Before starting to write, Mao Yanshou boasted to Wang Zhaojun, “there are all kinds of people in the world, and I can’t draw without my pen! Vivid portraits, lifelike, the pen is ready, and others can figure people out.” Wang Zhaojun understood what he meant, but he didn’t answer him.

When writing, Mao Yanshou once gushed a trace of sympathy in his heart, hoping that Wang Zhaojun would put down his airs, show some respect to him, and express something to him, so that his vanity could be slightly satisfied, so that he would not write without conscience. So, he said roundly, “palace man, there is a little on your face. If you are a little generous, I will give you a little in the right place!” Wang Zhaojun said calmly, “I can’t have a little, you have the right to give a little.” Mao Yanshou became angry with shame, so he pointed the point of the painting on the autumn water to the face under the autumn water. He secretly regretted, “what a pity! What a pity!” When emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty saw the tearful mole on the portrait of Wang Zhaojun, he thought she was an unlucky woman, so he threw the portrait aside. Wang Zhaojun lost a great opportunity. After that, more than three years later, she was still a palace maid waiting for imperial edicts. In the first year of Jingning of the Yuan emperor of the Han Dynasty (33 BC), the southern Hun Hu Han Xie Shan came to make a pilgrimage to the emperor of the Han Dynasty. Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty held a banquet in honor of the “distinguished guest” who came from afar. During the dinner, Hu Hanxie Chanyu made a request to “be the son-in-law of China”. Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty wanted to send a real princess, but who would like to go? So he secretly ordered the empress to wait for the imperial concubine: “if anyone is willing to marry the Huns, the court will treat them as princesses.”

The palace maids in the harem were unwilling to leave their native land to marry the Huns. Because the story of Princess Xijun spread in the palace. During the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, in order to contact Wusun to jointly fight against the Huns, the court married Princess Xijun, the daughter of Liu Jian, king of Jiangdu, to kunmo, king of Wusun. Kumo was old at that time and lived alone at night. Xijun sadly married far away, and faced the old man, coupled with language barrier, all day long sad crying. She wrote the song of the Yellow Crane, a lament to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty: “my family married me to the side of the sky, entrusted the foreign Wusun king far away, with the vault as the room, the felt as the wall, the meat as the food, the cheese as the pulp, the home is always homesick, the heart is hurt, and I am willing to return to my hometown for the yellow crane.” Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty wrote to persuade her to put state affairs first. Later, when kunmo died, Princess Xijun asked to return to the Han Dynasty, and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty ordered her to marry the successive king according to the Customs at that time.

Wang Zhaojun certainly knows about Princess Xijun, but she knows more about the sadness of ordinary palace maids. In the harem, the empress and concubine are high and rich, while the palace maids are cheap and thin, like ants and paper. He has been in the palace for some years, but he still hasn’t stepped out of Yongxiang because he refused the painter’s request for bribes. He is still a palace maid. Beside the book candle silver platform, under the moonlight of Gong Huai, her heart could not be calm for a long time. Yongxiang is not far from the emperor’s bedroom. Every day the jade chariot passes by, the silk strings sound, and every night there is no end to singing and dancing. She deeply realized what is close at hand! What is that unbearable situation! It was a helpless, broken hearted, sad and resentful situation. News of palace people going crazy and committing suicide kept coming from Yongxiang.

“Marrying the Huns far away can guarantee the Han Dynasty and the Huns to live and work in peace and contentment.” Wang Zhaojun’s heart beat faster when he thought of the scenes of chaos in the border and separation of his wife and children. “It’s not worth my knowledge and reason, and I don’t abandon my natural beauty. I want to marry the Huns far away for the benefit of the people.”

When Hu Han Xie Shan Yu appeared at the engagement ceremony holding Wang Zhaojun’s slender hand, the eyes of emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty suddenly lit up. A beauty, with two dark eyebrows, frowning slightly, showing a trace of resentment; With beautiful hair and misty temples, it shows thousands of styles. Her appearance “brightened the Han Palace”, and emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty immediately turned blue. He kept asking himself, “why is there such a gorgeous woman in the harem? Why haven’t I been lucky?” He braced himself up and presided over the ceremony.

After returning to the inner palace, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty immediately asked someone to find the portrait of Wang Zhaojun from the portrait of the palace maid and look at it carefully. Although it looks a bit like Zhao Jun, it’s not as cute as Zhao Jun himself, and there are no moles on the pink cheeks. It’s completely out of nothing! In a fit of pique, emperor yuan of Han Dynasty beheaded Mao Yanshou.

There is a poem as evidence: I have heard that the king of Han Dynasty killed the painter. Why should the painter decide Yan?

How many girls in the palace are like flowers. If you don’t marry Shan Yu, you don’t know.

Before going to Xiongnu, Wang Zhaojun asked to go home to visit his relatives. Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty was full of love and compassion for this unfortunate beauty, and specially granted her request. Wang Yi’s feat of asking for a marriage by himself spread rapidly in his hometown. Hearing that she came back from the provincial visit, people greeted Zhaojun home in Jiaan, Xiangxi. Wang Zhaojun stood on the boat decorated with brocade, with tears in his eyes, saluting the villagers all the way. Parents see Zhaojun, sad and happy. Seeing each other is farewell. Parents’ hearts are like knives! Her daughter went out to establish friendship between the two countries, which made her parents feel great relief.

When Wang Zhaojun returned to his hometown, he said goodbye to his relatives and searched for his childhood footprints all over the mountains. Seeing the green mountains and beautiful waters of his hometown and listening to the familiar local accent, Wang Zhaojun was reluctant to part.

On the day Wang Zhaojun left his hometown, the villagers sent him one journey after another. On board the dragon boat in the river, Wang Zhaojun picked up his beloved Pipa and played a sad and moving parting song. The peach blossoms blooming on the bank seemed to be her bosom friend. In the song, peach blossoms floated down one after another, some fell on the dragon boat, and some floated onto her. Wang Zhaojun couldn’t help crying when he saw his hometown and relatives getting farther away, saw the flying petals, and thought of his life. Tears fell on the peach petals and drifted into the river. Those peach petals stained with Zhaojun’s tears have become colorful fish, following the dragon boat. A boatman casually touched a small fish and presented it to Zhaojun, who affectionately gave them a beautiful name – Peach Blossom fish.

From then on, whenever the peach blossom is in full bloom, the peach blossom fish swims around in the clear water of Xiangxi River, as if they are welcoming the return of Zhaojun with the people of their hometown.

Big man and beautiful woman

According to the order, entering Hu and stepping out of the hall door, Zhao Jun stopped and looked back slowly, frowning slightly, with a sad expression on his face. At this glance, everyone was shocked by the sad beauty above the hall. This grievance was against the Yuan emperor, which made the Yuan emperor even more worried and regretted that he had missed the beauty of the country.

Wang Zhaojun said goodbye to the emperor facing Weiyang palace. With a strange feeling, he glanced at the familiar and unfamiliar Chang’an palace for the last time, and went on his horse with a Pipa in his arms. When the guard of honor of the guard passed Chang’an Avenue, thousands of people competed to see the style of Princess Zhaojun. Seeing such a beautiful woman leave the prosperous Chang’an City and go to the desolate Hu land to accompany an old Hun Shan Yu, people all sigh. Autumn wind bursts, flags hunt. Along the way, horses neigh and geese sing, tearing her heart and liver; The autumn wind and yellow leaves stirred her sadness. She is in a difficult mood. On the horse’s back, she plucked the strings, played a tragic farewell song, and sang a “plaintive poem”: autumn trees are luxuriant, their leaves are yellow, birds are on the mountain, and they are gathered in Basang.

Raising hairy feathers, describing the birth of light, both the clouds, the upper reaches of the room.

Leaving the palace is absolutely open, the body destroys and hides, the mind is not heavy, and there is no confrontation.

Although I have been appointed, my heart wanders and panics. I am alone in Iraq, and my contacts become regular.

The elegant swallow is far away from the Western Qiang, with high mountains and rivers.

Father Xi, mother Xi, into resistance and long, alas! Sorrow and sorrow.

The sound of Pipa is heartbreaking. The wild geese flying south heard the melancholy sound of the Pipa and saw the beauties on the horse. One by one, they forgot to swing their wings, so they all fell to the ground. Since then, Zhaojun has the reputation of “falling wild goose”.

Out of Yanmen pass, Xiongnu cavalry, felt cart and Hu Ji came to meet Wang Zhaojun on horseback, which became a beautiful scenery in the thousands of miles of desert. In the early summer of the second year, Wang Zhaojun arrived at the Royal Court of the Huns in Mobei. He saw cattle and sheep everywhere, boundless grass, and exotic customs, which not only delighted Wang Zhaojun, but also worried Wang Zhaojun. In the evening, tents were decorated with lanterns and decorations, full of joy. The arrival of Zhaojun was warmly welcomed by the local people, and Wang Zhaojun felt a sense of going home again from his heart. After arriving at the king’s court, Hu Hanxie Chanyu immediately named her “Ning Hu Kan surname”, which means that the Huns had a Han woman named “kan surname” (King’s wife), and the border began to be peaceful.

In the first year of the founding of emperor Cheng of the Han Dynasty (32 BC), Wang Zhaojun gave birth to a son for Hu Hanxie Shan Yu, named Yidu Zhiya master, and was granted the right day to chase the king. A year later, the elderly Hu Hanxie Shan died. Wang Zhaojun was 24 years old.

Diao Tao Mogao, the eldest son of the Da Kan family, inherited the throne of Shan Yu. According to the customs of the Huns, Wang Zhaojun became Diao Tao Mogao’s wife. Young Shan Yu loves Wang Zhaojun in every way, and the love between husband and wife is sweet. Zhaojun successively gave birth to two daughters, the first named Yun and the second named Dang. Later, they married Xiongnu nobles respectively.

In the first year of Hongjia of emperor Cheng of Han Dynasty (20 BC), the beautiful woman finished her life at the age of 35. “The moon of the Han Dynasty is still coming out of the East China Sea, and there is no future for the Ming imperial concubine to marry in the West.” What Wang Zhaojun left behind is always a figure! “A thousand years of Pipa for Hu language, clear resentment song.” Wang Zhaojun left people with sorrow!

“Han en is shallow and Hu is deep. Life is happy in knowing each other.” Wang Zhaojun also brings comfort to people!

Wang Zhaojun went away, leaving a sad and beautiful story.

(Note: Wang Zhaojun is in


It was also known as the “Ming imperial concubine” in the Western Jin Dynasty. In order to avoid Sima Zhao’s taboo, it was renamed “Zhaojun” as “Ming Jun”, and later it gradually became known as the “Ming imperial concubine”.)

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