Enter Europe! Von delaine dotes on Zelensky so much because “emotion” is lost?

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Ukraine has finally taken a small step in its “dream of entering Europe” for more than ten years. On June 17, European Commission President von delaine announced in Brussels that the European Commission formally proposed to grant Ukraine and Moldova EU candidate status.


In order to express his firm support for Ukraine’s entry into Europe, von delaine also specially selected clothes with the color of the Ukrainian flag to attend the press conference.

Next, the issue of candidature will be discussed at the EU 27 summit next week, with each member having a veto.

Even if they are unanimously approved under some pressure, they are only candidates. There is still a long way to go before they become full members of the EU. It is as difficult as learning from the West.

In the case of Ukraine, it may well have gone to the west before becoming a member of the European Union.

Von drayn is like ZELINSKY’s godmother. She dotes on him and loves him. However, Ukraine’s entry into Europe is related to extremely complex political issues.

Von delaine will retire in 2024 (with a term of office of five years). What will ZELINSKY, a motherless child, do then?

Therefore, the EU’s proposal is just a “pie in the cake”, exposing their irresponsible face of escapism.

Zelensky immediately tweeted his welcome, saying that this was the first step on the road for Ukraine to obtain EU membership. He looked forward to the positive results of the EU summit next week.

Zelensky must show satisfaction, let the Ukrainians see the “results” of his efforts, and let everyone follow him to “quench their thirst with hope”.

Although this matter has been fully reported in the western media, it plays up the unity atmosphere between the EU and Ukraine. But von delaine’s proposal will deepen the EU’s internal rift and external dissatisfaction.


Previously, on June 9, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister svenfanisina accused three EU countries of being unfriendly to Ukraine. The Netherlands, Denmark, and possibly Hungary.

Dutch Prime Minister mark Lute said on May 24 that EU leaders’ support for Ukraine to join the EU family is based on emotion rather than rules and laws, which is unfair to Balkan countries. Therefore, the Netherlands opposes Ukraine becoming a candidate for the EU.

France and Germany have also said that Ukraine will join the EU for more than ten years, or even decades.


However, after his visit to Kiev, makron changed his words in an interview with bfmtv television yesterday: “Ukraine could not have been a candidate, but we should give it this status because there is war.”

He means “Ukraine is fighting in Europe”, so the EU should give Ukraine the green light. France is still the rotating president of the EU until the end of the month. It seems that macron is trying to use his influence to persuade opposition countries to let Ukraine obtain the candidate status.

However, this will only make the internal contradictions in the EU more serious, because the rules and laws have been changed by human will, and everyone can learn from them in the future.

Outside the EU, the problem is equally serious. The EU currently has five candidates: Turkey, Serbia, Albania, northern Macedonia and Montenegro.

It has been 23 years since Turkey became a full-time employee. Now the EU will add two new competitors. Does the EU think Turkey is a fuel-efficient lamp?

Serbia is stuck on the road to becoming a full member because it will never recognize Kosovo’s independence (the conditions for entering Europe).

Albania is similar to Turkey because it is a country dominated by Islam.

Northern Macedonia and Montenegro have difficulty in solving economic problems.

From the long wait for these five candidates, we can see how meaningful it is for Ukraine and Moldova to become candidates? Georgia has submitted its application, but it is not even qualified to be discussed next week.

The repeated tossing and turning of Ukraine’s entry into Europe will only make the EU more scattered and weaker. It seems that von drayn is not serving the EU, although she is one of the leaders.

The brexit of Britain has brought a serious challenge to the unity of the EU, because rich countries do not want to bear the responsibility of paying subsidies forever.

Relatively poor countries are eager to get and increase subsidies, which is the main reason why some countries have always wanted to join the EU.

Why is there an EU?

The EU was founded to promote economic development, achieve European integration, strengthen its voice in all aspects, and hold together with the outside world (the United States, China, Russia).

The problem is that after several rounds of eastward expansion of the European Union, many member states have come up with the idea of “eating large households”. Apart from other subsidies, Germany alone has to spend more than 2billion euros a year on agricultural subsidies, which former German Chancellor Schroeder said was unacceptable more than a decade ago.

There are also environmental protection subsidies, infrastructure construction subsidies, border security subsidies, and anti crime subsidies… All of which are the reasons for “eating big families”.

With the increase of new members, Greece, Spain and Portugal, the old European Union, are unhappy. They are all fishing in the same pot. The more bowls, the less their original subsidy share will be.

In that case, we can only let the rich people pour more rice into the pot. However, it is absurd that because of the “democratic principle”, the rights of the rich and the poor are equal. The vote of Germany has the same effect as that of Lithuania.

The Englishman could not bear it. It was not worth it. He ran away from home.

Germany can bear it because it wants to improve its leadership (matching its economic status) through European integration, and strengthen the stability of the euro to counter the pressure of the US dollar.

France is increasingly focusing on “values” and has played a leading role in welcoming refugees from northern Africa and the Middle East. France is a shoddy country that keeps covering up its problems.

The direction of the EU has deviated from the principle of economic development. The fact that the EU China trade agreement has not been approved by the European Parliament is the best proof.


The European Parliament is such a group of goods. Is natural gas more important than values? Is oil more important than “freedom”? Members of Parliament get about 13000 euros a month, but they do something every day.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the amount of medical supplies China supplied to the EU was the price of conscience. Are these guys grateful? Not only does it not, but it is also hostile to China on issues involving Hong Kong and Xinjiang. What is more funny is that the European Union, which is incomparably united, also tore its face and robbed materials at that time.

It’s good that we know this in our hearts, but it’s only a matter of time before the EU will fall apart.

The predecessor of the European Union is the European Economic Community, also known as the “European common market”, which was established in 1957.

Further ahead, the European Coal and steel community was established in 1951 and renamed the European Union in 1993.

Further on, in january1923, French and Belgian troops invaded the Ruhr Industrial Zone, the heart of German industry, on the grounds that Germany did not pay the war reparations on time.

Due to the fierce resistance of the German working class, France proposed to establish a “France Germany coal and steel syndicate” (French: Le syndicate, large enterprise alliance) with the German government, which was aborted due to the prevention of the United States and Britain.

After World War II, France and Germany realized the “coal and steel joint venture” by peaceful means and developed into the European Union all the way.

The EU itself is not anti American, but objectively affects NATO’s ruling power. After the emergence of the euro and the euro zone, the United States believes that this is a potential challenge to the hegemony of the US dollar. Therefore, weakening the stability of the euro will inevitably become the political goal of the United States.

The United States was the main driver in the formation, development and outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, and many EU member states were also NATO members.

NATO successfully kidnapped EU countries, and the German Russian “Beixi 2” natural gas project has been interrupted. When Merkel was in office, she always stressed that it was an economic project and had nothing to do with politics. However, some members of the new German cabinet are obviously the echo of the United States and are not allowed to use “Beixi 2”.

Because of the Ukrainian crisis, EU countries have been facing inflation, energy shortage, business closures, rising unemployment and other problems for more than 100 days, which has dealt a heavy blow to the EU’s economic development prospects, which is harmful to the stability of the euro.

However, the United States not only supports agents within EU countries, but also EU leaders such as von delaine are also service providers of American interests. Several of her family members are American nationals. These five years are her time of service.

Is it really because “emotion” has lost the rules that von drayn loves Zelensky so much? and be not so.

More than a decade ago, Ukraine was still of high value to the EU: energy channel, Russian isolation zone, military science and technology talents, cheap food source… What value is there now?

Von delaine wants to keep Ukraine in the EU as a political and economic burden. Politically, it makes Europe and Russia confront for a long time; Try to drag down the EU economically.


It is suggested to wash five parts, go up the mountain to collect firewood, go to work by bike… This is how to fight against Russia.

The farce and chaos that have taken place in Europe today are in response to the following sentence: born in misery, die in happiness!

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