Eric was dismissed by brother Phi 2 and was exposed to be related to Chen Xiaochun

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Many mainland audiences met Eric through Princess Huaiyu and Wu Lan Chuang Qingguan. In everyone’s mind, he was an actor. But in fact, Eric first made his debut in Taiwan as a singer, and then changed his profession to be an actor. Eric was dismissed by brother Phi 2, and insiders revealed that it was related to Chen Xiaochun. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Eric was dismissed by brother Phi 2

The news of the recording of the second season of the brother who cut through difficulties came out very early, and Eric was also rumored to participate in the second season of the brother. Eric was also found in Changsha on the eve of the recording of phi 2. However, after the program began to be recorded, we did not find Eric’s figure. Many Eric’s fans feel very sorry. After all, Eric has not developed well in the entertainment industry in recent years. If he participates in pHi 2, it is definitely a very good opportunity for Eric to become famous.

Recently, some netizens who claimed to be insiders broke the news that Eric was temporarily dismissed by brother Phi 2, and was related to Chen Xiaochun. Because Chen Xiaochun still participated in pHi 2 this time, when he learned that Eric also participated in the program, he made it clear that he and the program team were not willing to be on the same stage with Eric. Eric had contacts with Ying caier in his early years, so the relationship between Chen Xiaochun and Eric was a little awkward. In order to retain the popular Chen Xiaochun, the program group of phi 2 chose to give up Eric.

Why did Eric not participate in pHi 2

The insider even revealed that Eric had come to Changsha to be quarantined. As a result, the program team stood him up and told him not to be quarantined. If it is really like what the informant said, Eric is really quite bent. However, the editor feels that the credibility of this news is still very low, because the stars must have signed the combination in advance when they come to the program, and the phi 2 program group is unlikely to default. There is also the news that Eric participated in pHi 2 long ago. Chen Xiaochun could not have known that there was Eric just before filming finally started, forcing the program team to dismiss Eric.

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