Europe and America have “dug a hole” in China for 20 years! Just now, they were kicked in!

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Author: Rong ping source: official account: Rong Ping (ID: rongping898) has been authorized to reprint

Who is the future hope of human civilization?

Europe “fell”?

On August 22, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, known as the “city of environmental protection”, once again became the focus of the world

——However, in contrast to the host of the 2009 World Climate Conference, which claimed that it would become the world’s first zero carbon emission city in 2025 and was honored as the “city of environmental protection”, Copenhagen in 2022 has become a disgrace to the whole of Denmark and even the whole western society!

On the same day, Sophie anosen, mayor of Copenhagen, publicly announced:

Copenhagen has temporarily abandoned the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025.

What does that mean?

From the perspective of public opinion, the title of “city of environmental protection”, which has been praised as a glory by global public opinion, has become a hat openly “stolen” in front of the world from that moment on!

At this moment, such a “heavy as a mountain” stolen hat is so clearly fastened on the head of Copenhagen, Denmark, and the whole Europe, America and the West

Yes, today in 2022, in the “environmental protection decisive battle” concerning the future of human civilization, the entire Western world has been completely defeated

——In July this year, affected by the interruption of the supply of “Russian natural gas” caused by the Russian Ukrainian war, the German government, once known as the pioneer of European environmental protection, quietly made major adjustments to its energy strategy and climate goals.

In the latest package of energy policy revision bills submitted, although Germany claims that its macro goal of achieving “carbon neutrality” by 2045 remains unchanged, it is ironic that its previous medium-term goal of “achieving 100% renewable energy power supply by 2035” has been deleted!

In Germany, I am voting with my feet.

On August 29, 2022, in the spring tide of “restarting coal power”, German energy operator unibo officially restarted the Hayden coal power plant located in petershagen area in western Germany!

Of course, Germany is not the only country making the same choice.

After the “Russian sale of natural gas” was cut off slightly due to sanctions, driven by the reality of winter energy storage, Austria, France, the Netherlands and other European countries also announced plans to increase coal-fired power generation one after another

As for environmental protection?

Unfortunately, all the signs today show that there may not be real environmental protection in Europe

——Let’s not worry about those “European powers” who have bitterly complained at the world environmental protection conference and shouted the end of the world. Just because of the reduction of the supply of natural gas in Russia, the European wind power, hydropower and solar energy, which have cost billions of dollars for more than a decade and are known as environmental protection demonstration, have become a bunch of decorations!

Copenhagen, the “city of environmental protection” alone. Why should Copenhagen “temporarily abandon carbon neutrality in 2025”?

The reason is only because it originally planned to build a large factory in 2025 to “filter out all the carbon dioxide emitted during incineration”, and it was unable to apply for the “carbon capture and storage fund” until 2022 because the technology did not meet the standard!

In other words, in the past 13 years, all the hopes of Copenhagen to achieve “carbon neutrality” have been placed on an environmental protection project that does not meet the technical standards, only exists in the concept, or even exists to deceive “compensation”


Frankly speaking, the style of Europe today can’t help but remind me of academician Ding Zhongli’s bitterness.

I still remember that in 2009, academician Ding Zhongli, a Chinese geologist, attended the Copenhagen climate summit on behalf of China and received an interview with Chai Jing on energy conservation and emission reduction after returning home.

In the interview, facing Chai Jing, who gradually deviated from the host’s identity and incarnated as a “professional” intellectual, who frequently began to heckle from a Western standpoint, academician Ding Zhongli issued a wonderful rhetorical question that can be called a historical moment.

That year, at the Copenhagen climate summit, when it came to the division of carbon emission rights related to the future of the world, the G8 plan supported by the West proposed that 27 developed countries in Europe and the United States would obtain 44% of carbon emission rights with a population of 1.1 billion. The population of 5.5 billion developing countries, including China, could only allocate the remaining 56% of carbon emission rights.

Undoubtedly, even from the point of view of that time, the so-called G8 proposal was unacceptable to China, which was about to become the “world’s largest industrial country.”

——Why can a person from a developed country in Europe and the United States enjoy several times China’s carbon emission rights? Why are we all human beings, and the Chinese can only allocate a few tens of the carbon emissions of Europeans? Why can developed countries in Europe and the United States indulge in extravagance and waste, or even resell “carbon emissions” at home, while we Chinese have to economize on food and clothing, and then kneel down with real gold and silver to beg them to “sell” us a pile of air?

what is it?

At that time, anyone with a slightly sober mind understood that the so-called G8 plan was an extremely unequal treaty that would kill China’s future development! He can make every Chinese lose the most fundamental right to be a “person” in the future!

However, it is obvious that not every “Chinese” is sober, or there are a few people who need to focus on “international”

——So we can see that in the following ten years, the so-called “environmental protection standards” of the West have become the golden rule in many fields of China!

Even in some small circles, they seem to be “foreigners”. As long as they move their mouths, “Chinese” must break their legs

Is that ridiculous? Reality is not ridiculous at all!

Everything is business!

In 2010, when Obama, then president of the United States, was interviewed by the Australian media, he openly advocated on TV:

If more than 1 billion Chinese residents live the same lifestyle as Australia and Americans, we will all be in a very tragic situation.

The message of Obama’s remarks is very clear:

1. The Chinese cannot pursue a better life with improved materials like the western developed countries;

2. China will be the biggest competitor for the United States and even the entire western developed countries to maintain the existing survival space;

Of course, the core of the game of differences between China and the West surrounding Obama’s remarks is also quite simple and unique:

Chinese, aren’t you?

There is no doubt that all “non white people”, including the Chinese, should not be regarded as “people” in the thinking consciousness built by the basic consciousness of the western countries in the past hundreds of years, which is full of colonial arrogance and racial oppression hegemony!

Of course, after entering the 21st century, when the plundering dividends of the colonial era are gradually exhausted, and when the social fragmentation standing under the awakening of racial self-consciousness has become the “incurable disease” of these old imperialist countries, the Western barbaric survival law of “white supremacy” and “genocide” has prevailed for hundreds of years, In the “political correctness” under the consideration of realistic interests of prolonging life, it seems to have become history

However, this kind of sin and blood that has long been integrated into the blood of every white body has really become the past of “never to return”?

Academician Ding Zhongli has seen through everything!

This is the truth that all Chinese people and even the people of the “third world” must understand:

In Europe and the United States, in fact, there is no real environmental protection in the whole western developed countries!

So, what do they have?

The members of the team, who worked in the US military under the guise of science popularization, everywhere cooperated with western public opinion to slander and slander the “paper clip” of the late well-known leading Party in China, telling us the answer


What is WWF?

WWF, the full name in Chinese is “World Wide Fund for nature”! In its public profile, WWF claimed to be “one of the world’s most prestigious and independent non-governmental environmental protection organizations (NGOs)”.

Listen, do you feel particularly tall? Reputation, independence, non-government, environmental protection!

This kind of introduction, as soon as you listen to it, feels like the gathering place of idealists, and as soon as you listen to it, it feels like a particularly noble and great cause!

But what is the truth?

According to public channel data, WWF’s current main revenue model comes from issuing FSC environmental protection certification to major enterprises around the world.

So, what is FSC certification?

To put it simply, FSC certification means that an entity enterprise pays a certification fund to WWF. After the FSC authorized certification body evaluates and monitors the enterprise on the spot, the FSC subordinate to WWF will issue a certification certificate to the enterprise!

Thus, the market circle appeared:

FSC certified material trade manufacturer

Non FSC certified material trade manufacturer

Then, it is the limitation between circles:

In terms of import and export, countries that recognize FSC certification will implement environmental protection inspection exemption for any commodity with FSC certification.

In terms of business cooperation, manufacturers / traders with FSC certification will automatically be regarded as suppliers of high-quality raw materials / commodities, and they can directly obtain the highest environmental protection qualification for all bidding and cooperation;

It can be seen that FSC environmental protection certification is quite authoritative.

However, it is rather paradoxical that China does not recognize this almost universal certification.

In this regard, Lu Wenming, director of the International Cooperation Department of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, once explained the reason:

1. The FSC refuses to recognize China’s forest certification;

2. FSC forces Chinese enterprises to pay a huge amount of certification fees by various means such as environmental protection pressure;

What’s the meaning of this?

At least in China’s view, FSC is a monopolistic overseas protection fee collection company!

In view of this, China chose to join the PEFC environmental protection certification system that recognizes the Chinese system in 2007!

In addition, Lu Wenming also warned that when China fully implements the PEFC environmental protection certification system, FSC environmental protection certification will become illegal!

Obviously, FSC is well aware of China’s attitude, so in order to highlight its certification status and its “parent company” WWF’s outstanding contribution to global environmental protection, some necessary public relations for China have been put on the agenda

——Through the organized qiafan video, China’s heinous crime of global forest destruction was first madly exaggerated, and then under the construction of a huge sense of guilt, it accepted the great significance of FSC certified goods to environmental protection.

Guilt? Are you ashamed?

Then Chinese consumers, go and buy the “redemption voucher” of FSC certified goods as soon as possible!

Then Chinese enterprises should pay one huge “protection fee” after another as soon as possible!

However, who gave WWF the courage to coerce the world into collecting “protection fees”?

You may as well log in to the English official website of WWF, and then find the “finance” option.

Then find the latest financial audit report of WWF, and then directly pull down the audit report and turn to the “source of funds” section. WWF’s biggest supporter appears on the paper:



It seems that I suddenly understand why when the forest fires in Australia illuminate the southern hemisphere, WWF only sees a wisp of smoke from the Brazilian tropical rain forest!

It seems that I suddenly understand why when the British and American “nobles” went to Africa to hunt, WWF specifically issued a document calling for “moderate hunting is conducive to protecting nature”, and when the same thing happened to the “poor” in developing countries, all suspects were shot!

With the support of the United States, WWF has no scruples

——In 2019, a buzzfeed news article based on more than 100 interviews, thousands of pages of official documents, and more than a year of on-the-spot investigation showed that WWF was suspected of hiring military organizations, and in the “nature reserves” of Nepal, Cameroon and other countries, it was suspected of many bloody deeds of mistreating, sexually assaulting, and even murdering local villagers!

So, what is WWF?

What is FSC?

What is environmental protection in the west?

What are the so-called “non-governmental organizations” under the control of the west?

If your mouth is full of doctrine, your heart is full of business! What is non-government, what is independence, what is for the future of mankind, and the harmony of nature!

As for “environmental ideals”?

Can the white Europeans and Americans who can think of 27 developed countries in Europe and the United States with a population of 1.1 billion, accounting for 44% of the global carbon emission rights, and then vainly attempt to impose development restrictions on the population of 5.5 billion developing countries, including China, from the perspective of “environmental protection”, fantasize that when the plundering dividends of the colonial era are gradually exhausted, they will continue to plunder the third world from the field of “carbon emissions trading”?

When China, the “world’s largest energy consumer”, with its consumption accounting for 26.1% of the world’s total energy consumption, supports 80% of the world’s industrial manufactured goods production task, Americans, whose population only accounts for 5% of the world’s total population, do not undertake any world-wide “industrial consumer goods” production task, but consume 23% of the world’s total energy consumption, are also accompanied by a group of similarly extravagant young brothers, clamoring for “environmental protection” “Energy revolution”?

Want a revolution?

I think it’s not the Europeans and Americans who want to “reform” the first knife!

At the end of the article, the author has something to say

In the past two days, the “hill fire” disaster in Chongqing has touched the heartstrings of countless Chinese.

Of course, there are many foreign netizens who are also “affected” or more accurately “shocked” by China:

If high-tech equipment can not enter the scene in the face of disasters, then we should use unity and faith to step forward.

China has the best mass mobilization in the world. In the war of resistance against Japan, the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, and the fight against the epidemic… I am always amazed at the unyielding fighting spirit of the Chinese people. “

Think of the Australian bushfires that have been burning for more than 200 days. Only in China can we work together to put out the fires

In China, fire officers and men, the police and the army all use the word “people”. History is written by the people

Compared with the California wildfires

Of course, for these “compliments” from abroad, just as some “critics” who hold opposite views on this argument said:

Different cultural backgrounds breed different value choices. China and the West have different choices in the face of “mountain fire”, which can not be used as a yardstick to measure the quality of the two social systems.

However, the “difference” of choice is objective after all

——This is very different from the “following nature” that the West calmly followed when watching countless natural disasters such as “bushfires”, “floods” and “epidemic” harm the human race. Since ancient times, when facing natural challenges, the Chinese people have more followed the Chinese value of “man can conquer nature”!

Of course, on the “environmental protection road” derived from the deterioration of human living environment, such behavioral differences between China and the West caused by the “inheritance of values” still exist.

In a sense, western environmental protection ideas are more “subtractive”, as the gospel of Matthew in the New Testament says:

If you have anything, double it to make it superfluous; No, I want to take the rest of him

This theory, when applied to the key “resource allocation” of environmental protection, can be described as:

The developed countries should give them more luxury; What the poor in developing countries lack, they should also take what they have!

Cruel? Unfortunately, this is the truth of western “environmental protection”.

What about China? Actions speak louder than words.

When Europe and the United States bully and sanction the whole world for “oil energy”, the Chinese are quietly and orderly laying out the new energy sector and vigorously promoting the commercial research of controllable nuclear fusion;

When the European and American countries denounce the “third world” as a cesspit country and a garbage population, and then monopolize the global grain trade to intervene in other countries’ domestic affairs, the Chinese are exploring a way to never starve for human civilization in the world-shaking creation of carbon dioxide into starch, carbon dioxide into protein, and carbon dioxide into fat;

At the end of the article, let’s go back to the first question:

Who is the future hope of human civilization?

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