Europe does not want to be “carbon neutral”?

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Original: Shen Peng source: official account: Mr. hirahara has been authorized to reprint

As we all know, from Germany to Denmark, Europe’s “carbon neutral” play can no longer be sung.

This is very interesting. They initiated the Paris Agreement, and they took the lead in signing the Copenhagen agreement. Now it’s like farting. Now, we are the only ones who are really engaged in “carbon neutrality”.

At this time, you have to admire our academician Ding. He not only has the wisdom of a scientist, but also has the vision of a politician. He saw through some people many years ago. So, you know, a true scientist is not one who follows the crowd, but one who has his own firm will and strategic vision and is responsible for his country and people.

For the “carbon neutralization” issue, let me take the “three body” novel as an analogy. In fact, Liu Cixin, a science fiction novelist, has long predicted the “environmental protection”.

Before the trisomians attacked the earth, they conducted a detailed investigation on the earth. They found that although the civilization of the earth was backward, there was a “technological explosion”. The development achievements in a short period of 100 years were far higher than those in the previous few thousand years. This speed was faster than that of the trisomians, and there was a “late advantage”.

Then the danger will come. When the expeditionary force of the trisomic fleet arrives on the earth, it may not be the happy “colonization and development” that is waiting for the trisomic people, but the suppression of the “barbarians” of the earth who are highly developed in science and technology.

They also believe that the resources of the universe are limited and can only provide food and drink for a limited number of people, develop science and technology and industry, and enjoy modern civilization. The leader of the trisomy said with worry: “it is a terrible disaster for the universe to let 6 billion people on earth live a trisomy life.”.

The trisomy people have come up with a conspiracy to spare no effort to bribe various environmental protection NGOs on the earth, so that they can preach that “science and technology are anti-human”, “industry is poisoning the earth”, “every time people on the earth eat meat, Centaurus will emit a wisp of smoke”, “the industrial development of the earth destroys the beauty of the original ecology of the solar system”, “the universe needs pastoral songs” “No thermal power, no nuclear power, earth people should learn to generate electricity with love”… Attracted a large number of white left virgin on the earth to follow.

Pan Han, the environmental protection leader of ETO, believes that the scientific and technological revolution is a disease of human society. The explosive development of technology is equivalent to the rapid proliferation of cancer cells. The final result is to deplete the nutrients of the organism, destroy the organs, and lead to the death of its host. He advocated abolishing “crude” technologies, such as fossil energy and nuclear power, and retaining “moderate” technologies, such as solar energy and small hydropower. Large cities will be gradually disbanded, and the population will be evenly distributed in small self-sufficient villages and towns. A “new agricultural society” will be established on the basis of “moderate technology”.

What is his real purpose? It is to destroy the earth’s industry and technology, stop the development of human civilization, and wait for the invasion and colonial rule of his masters and sons.

In order to block the development of science and technology and industry of the earth, the three body people formulated the “three-step” strategy.

1. Using political means to interfere with interstellar free trade, concocting the “three body earth Wanason agreement”, Zhizi locked up the earth’s science and technology, bought the earth’s traitors, running dogs, and traitors to assassinate scientists, destroy the industrial system, and create panic.

2. Cultivate ETO organizations to create environmental rumors, protest against the development of human industry, create various “environmental idols”, lobby everywhere, influence the earth’s policies, and hope that the earth civilization can practice sword and abandon its martial arts.

3. Advocate the “cosmic carbon emission crisis”, sign treaties with the earth and other backward third world civilizations to limit the share of carbon emissions, regardless of history, not to mention per capita, and specifically limit the industrial development of late civilizations.

Although many people have been fooled and lame, saying that the scientific theory of the advanced civilization of the three body people can not be wrong, “carbon neutralization” is the universal consensus and universal value. We should connect with the universe and do not go against the trend….. But there are still many sober people in the human race, who acutely ask: “are people on earth human?” “Should earth people live?” “Environmental protection is no problem, emission reduction is no problem, but do you think they can reduce emissions?”

For the coming decisive battle, the sober people in mankind should start the layout ahead of time. It is no problem to talk about the share of carbon emissions, but we should talk about “historical per capita carbon emissions”; Energy saving and emission reduction are no problem. We are just looking for new energy and new technologies to achieve overtaking at a curve. We not only reduce emissions, but also get rid of the path dependence on the old world system and develop our own core technology. China’s photovoltaic industry and new energy automobile industry have reached the world’s top level.

China’s renewable energy installed capacity has exceeded the 1 billion kilowatt mark, accounting for more than 40% of the country’s total installed power generation capacity. Among them, the installed capacity of hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic power generation and biomass power generation has ranked first in the world for 17, 12, 7 and 4 consecutive years respectively. They regard carbon neutrality as a means to sanction developing countries, but we have developed “carbon neutrality” into an industry.

However, we can do it, but they can’t. they sit on the golden mountain exploited and plundered by their ancestors and suck blood. They are too comfortable and lazy to get down. They won’t change their ways. Innovation was originally just a slogan, and institutional advantages and ethnic advantages are even more illusory nonsense…. at that time, the west thought that carbon emission was the standard of completely locking up developing countries, but it didn’t expect that China developed photovoltaic and new energy. Now the rules are not conducive to them, So they will start to abandon the “rules”.

In fact, Europe today is not the center of the world’s industry. It is no longer the most advanced productive force. In the past few years, they have done a lot of solar and wind power generation, but they have no use at all. The main energy source is the natural gas delivered by Russia… When there is nothing to do, they talk about environmental protection every day. Now, as soon as the energy crisis appears, some people call the Swedish environmental protection girl a Russian spy.

The United States is a major contributor to global carbon emissions, because they use resources, energy and products for pleasure and consumption. They drive large displacement cars, waste food extravagantly, and don’t turn off the air conditioning all year round. Americans consume the most energy and resources in the world, and emit the most exhaust gas and garbage in the world. Is there any sanction against the United States?

Those who deceive others should deceive themselves first, and deceive others to practice the sword manual to ward off evil. First, they should cut themselves. Therefore, when they need to fake the truth, they are suddenly afraid of pain and death.

This is a broken plot, which shows us the true features of robbers and liars.

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