Europe is facing a catastrophic collapse!

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Author: market owner source: rice basket investment (ID: mikuangtouzi)

The author said: the risks in Europe have become unbearable, not only for Europe, but also for the whole world.


Europe has ushered in a catastrophic collapse!

Whether it is “disaster” or “crash” in the title, there is no need to put quotation marks.

This is a standard statement!

The European Union is facing a natural gas crisis in which there is no alternative source at all, as well as the coming harsh winter with no alternative. This is already a near disaster for Europe.

The whole world is now watching how the EU was completely fooled to death by the United States and completely reduced to blood food on the plates of the United States and Russia.

However, at present, whether it is the coming winter or the two tentacles of natural gas and oil, which are crazy to eat the flesh and blood of Europe, are not the most important and urgent issues.

Last week, the last engine in Europe, “German chariot” and “French cruise ship” both burst their cylinders!

The electricity prices of Germany and France next year will completely exceed the 1000 euro mark, and the industrial gear has broken from the bottom!

Nyrstar, one of the world’s largest zinc smelting enterprises, has shut down its new smelter in budel, the Netherlands since September due to the collapse of energy and power supply, and all production lines have fully entered maintenance production (operation with the lowest power consumption for the purpose of not scrapping the smelting furnace).

The global aluminum giant Norsk Hydro further announced that after September, the company had to shut down all its aluminum smelters in Slovakia (all production lines were scrapped).

The lehr steel plant in Bavaria, which is located in Germany, directly announced an indefinite shutdown

As soon as the news came out, the price of metal futures contracts on the London exchange has soared out of the sky in line with the current uncontrollable inflation level


At the end of August, with the dust settled in the energy negotiations, the agreed delivery price of Germany was compared with the benchmark price of Europe, rising again by 7%, from 90 euro / MWh last year to 1050 euro / MWh, with a cumulative increase of 1166.7% in the year;

The agreed delivery price in France is even more crazy, with a single day increase of more than 25%, soaring from 90 / MWh last year to 1130 euro / MWh, and a cumulative increase of 1255.6% in the year.

In the past year, Germany, as the main GDP contributor of the EU, accounted for 26.86% of the EU’s total GDP; France ranked second with us $2.93 trillion, accounting for 18.66% of the EU’s total GDP.

The two countries together account for 45.34% of the total GDP of the EU.

Now that Germany and France are both crouching, it will not only inflict severe economic damage on Europe, but also create a very terrible chain reaction politically.

At a time when Europe’s energy supply is facing a complete collapse and Germany and France are in dire need of food, European countries have also demonstrated to the world with practical actions what Western leaders have said, “never been so united!” The profound meaning of.

Norway’s energy minister said publicly about the power crisis facing Europe:

Because the water level in Norway’s reservoirs is very low, the government is considering proposing a new regulation to restrict Norway’s export of electricity to other Member States to ensure the safety of domestic supply.

In this regard, Jr, the chief official of the Finnish power grid, made a strong statement:

Norway is the first country in Europe to do so. It is a representative of “very dangerous” and “extreme nationalism” and is extremely selfish and short-sighted.

Before that, in the face of the imminent natural gas crisis, Finland also publicly expressed its unwillingness to share natural gas with other countries.

This is really… Unprecedented “unity”!

Norway and Finland have proven the significance of “solidarity” with practical actions, and this behavior must be highly contagious.

If Finland can “cut off gas and enrich itself”, why can’t Norway “cut off power and protect itself”?

If Norway and Finland can do this, why can’t others?

In fact, it is a foregone conclusion that Europe is facing a catastrophic collapse at the economic level, and it has also shown an extremely high tendency to split politically.

At present, driven by interests and survival pressure, Europe has entered a standard prisoner game state. If you don’t want to be betrayed by others, you must be the first to betray others!

In fact, the principal officials in Europe know this very well, just like what Jr, the chief official of the Finnish power grid, said when he scolded Norway and stuck to the natural gas.

Norway, as the largest oil and gas producer in Europe, has made a lot of money in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The power cut this time is obviously to split the market. No one in Europe will win in the end!


The Finns are right. In the six months since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Europe, as a staunch ally of the United States, has actually become the biggest loser.

The conflict provoked by the United States is aimed at alleviating its own pressure through proxy war.

To put it bluntly, attacking Russia is false, and finding a target to suck blood is true.

From this point of view, in fact, there is no difference whether it is Russia’s blood or the EU’s blood, as long as someone lets it.

Obviously, Europe has become the world’s “blood bank”.

Germany and France’s failure is not so much a loophole in energy security as a huge failure in political choices.

It is not so much the final result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as the inevitable evolution of mindless blind obedience to the United States.

In July this year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) listed Germany as the worst performing country in the G7 group.

In other words, “the best country in Europe = the worst crane tail, little vegetable, slug among the American valets…”

I don’t know what kind of state Germany and the German people, as the big brother of the EU, feel when they see that they are publicly rejected by the United States as “the tail of a slave Crane”.

To tell the truth!

I’m not a fussy person, but I can’t stand such a thing that you beat him to death and hurt him all over. He not only doesn’t appreciate it but also humiliates you in return!

But German officials are very patient!

At the same time as the German chariots were crouching, ZF not only announced that it would re levy natural gas tax on the public, but also restricted energy use in public places.

During this period, Prime Minister Scholz also visited Magdeburg and “get out of office!” BGM, delivered a public speech:

All this is Putin’s fault, because Putin is arrogant and unwilling to accept our sanctions! So Putin is the culprit!

I am limited in my ability and do not know what to say about Scholz’s ghost logic, but I still have some shallow views on European problems:

After the economic recession, political turmoil and inflation, Europe has actually become a huge and dangerous powder keg!

But what is more dangerous than this is the frightening stupidity and selfishness shown by European politicians.

Brewing a bomb is not the most terrible thing for the world. The most terrible thing is that the detonator of this bomb is in the hands of a group of bear children.

Once this group of bear children play off, no country in the world can escape the impact of this “explosion”.

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