European and American faces are becoming more and more ugly!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

Russia is attacking cities and territories in Ukraine. After winning maliubol and Yasu steel plants, it is now close to winning Donbas. Russia also announced the objectives of the third phase of operations, capturing Nikolayev, Odessa and Kharkov.

On the other hand, macron said on June 4 that “Russia should not be humiliated”. Europe and the United States have privately discussed a ceasefire (not Ukraine); In terms of aid, Europe is obviously not as active as before, and the United States is not jumping as high as before.

In contrast, the face of the west is becoming more and more ugly, which is reflected in three points:

1. We lost the trade war with China earlier, and what we lost was the largest trade war in history;

2. Now the military confrontation with Russia has not become a success.

Although it has not directly fought with Russia, the west, as the boss and direct supporter of Ukraine, is winning one wave after another. I am afraid the face of the west is not good-looking.

3. Sanctions against Russia. The Russian side didn’t do much, but the United States and the West had a hard time

In order to sanction Russia, the United States and the West have even thrown out swift, a “nuclear weapon” means, which was originally intended to drag Russia to death and defeat Russia, making the Russian people miserable and even directly bringing down the Putin government. The result is that the ruble is soaring all the way, Russia’s energy income has increased significantly, and its foreign exchange earnings have increased significantly. Russia’s latest GDP data is not ugly. Russia is fine.

Instead, it is the West. The Ukrainian battlefield has become a bottomless pit filled with dissatisfaction between the United States and the West. European and American guns can only be heard when they are thrown in; The European economic order has been impacted, and people complain about energy shortage; Inflation pressure, infant milk powder pressure, epidemic pressure, mid-term election pressure… Europe and the United States have a lot of troubles.


? video screenshot of western countries

Why did this happen? There are three reasons:

1. The United States and the West have less control over the world

One thing the United States really wants to do is to order the world to jointly isolate Russia. Even in the early stage, there was no lack of threats. Whoever bought Russian oil would be punished.

However, except for the west, few people in the world openly oppose Russia and basically remain neutral, which shows that the west, especially the United States, has lost its control over the world.

When only the West opposes and other countries do not follow at any time, it is difficult to isolate and defeat Russia.

2. Russia’s own conditions

Russia has its own food and energy, both of which are enough to survive. In addition, with its back to the global manufacturing center, it can obtain all kinds of daily necessities, and it is even more fearless of Western sanctions.

Here I have to mention a wise decision of Russia to withdraw in time and only fight Wudong.

Before the war between Russia and Ukraine, the author suggested only fighting in eastern Ukraine, because if Russia attacked central and even western Ukraine, it would certainly cause fear in Western Europe. They would not be allowed to break through the Russian European separation zone, and would help Ukraine at any cost. Compared with the safety of survival, other things were secondary.

Russia withdrew from Kiev and other directions in a timely manner. Now only fighting in eastern Ukraine has sent a clear signal to Western Europe that Russia has no intention of breaking through the Russian European separation zone and threatening Western Europe. Under this signal, when Europe is in constant trouble, they will also think about the necessity of continuing to fill the bottomless hole of Ukraine with a lot of real gold and silver.

3. The third world will not allow Russia to fall

The way to make Russia unable to continue the war between Russia and Ukraine is very simple. First, opec+ will increase production in a large amount and turn global energy into cabbage price, which will greatly reduce Russia’s income; Second, China and India will no longer buy Russian energy. With these two, Russia’s economic artery has been cut off, and it simply can’t survive a few days in the face of a costly modern war.

The problem is that Russia, as an important force to balance the west, will not sit idly by and watch Russia fall. When the United States has no checks and balances, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan are all examples.

Opec+ refuses to increase production. In addition to steadily enjoying the benefits brought by high oil prices, I am afraid it is also indirectly supporting Russia; India is crazy about buying Russian oil. In addition to earning the price difference, it should also consider that “Russia must support”.

Besides, as mentioned above, the vast third world except the West has maintained neutrality, and no one openly stands on the opposite side of Russia.

Once more than 6billion people (1billion in the West) and more than 100 countries, the majority of the world, do not oppose Russia, it is impossible to achieve the goal by relying on a small number of western countries. The west only accounts for a minority of the world. They just act as if they are the world in terms of public opinion.

Earlier, the author mentioned a point that the war between Russia and Ukraine is not only between Russia and Ukraine, but also between Russia and the United States and the West. It is a struggle between the third world and established forces. Now it seems that the United States and the West are losing ground. To exaggerate, they are losing more and more ugly.

Now, a new problem facing the United States and the west is that it is up to you, the United States and NATO, to build a fire and start a war. However, it is up to you to stop the Russian army’s pace of victory on the battlefield. Russia is not Iraq, let alone Afghanistan!

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