European special forces did not expect that they would encounter such an end in the United States

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This article is reproduced from bullpiano (ID: bullpiano) by Niu tanqin

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Tomorrow and accidents, you never know which comes first. For the three European special forces, it was also unexpected that their trip to the United States would come to such a tragic end.

That’s really tragic.

The thing is basically like this: three Dutch special forces who went to the United States to participate in military training went to the nearby big city Indianapolis to play. However, in the early morning of August 27, they were shot at at the door of the hotel and rushed to the hospital for rescue. As a result, one special force soldier was finally stable, but the other two were still in critical condition.

Please note that this is a Dutch soldier and a special soldier, but he fell at gunpoint in the center of a large American city.

Let’s have a look.

First, who did it?

I don’t know

According to the media, the three Dutch special forces did not carry any guns at that time. It seems that they had some quarrels with the local people before. Therefore, it is not ruled out that the other side could not stop pestering, so they followed them to the hotel where they stayed, and finally there was a shooting at the door.

We don’t know why they are entangled.

However, according to the analysis on the Internet, we can’t rule out that the Dutch are very confident. We are special forces. After professional training, are we afraid of being provoked by you street thugs? If you want to fight, come on. Who knows, the other side took a gun, took out the gun after a word of disagreement, and then banged several times, and the Dutchman fell in a pool of blood.

European special forces have no chance to show their high-strength skills in the center of the United States.

Afterwards, a spokesman for the Indiana National Guard said in a statement: “at this difficult time, we are with the soldiers and their families.”

The statement of the Dutch Ministry of defense revealed that one of the three injured special forces soldiers had lost consciousness.

This is really a tragedy. The Dutch family members must be extremely sad. When they left, they were alive and well; Who knows, now he is lying in the ICU of the United States for rescue.

Because it is a foreign-related incident involving the military, according to the reports of the US media, the matter has been reported to the US State Department and the White House. It is certain that Biden has also known about it.

Biden hasn’t made any comments yet, but I think it’s embarrassing.

I remember that just two months after taking office, in the face of a series of shooting cases and deaths in China, Biden said with emotion: gun violence has become an epidemic in this country, which makes the United States very embarrassed internationally.

Biden is very embarrassed. The United States is in such a mess, and now it has killed the European special forces. How can the United States guide the world?

Second, what is the reaction of the Americans?

Shocked? condemn?

No, no, no, you’re wrong.

After looking at American social media, the first reaction of many Americans is: This is normal.

Americans have seen great winds and waves. Seeing a local American, he said:

In Indianapolis, there are many shooting cases every day. This is not a quiet Midwestern city where I grew up. The city center is still safe, and now it is not at all

what do you mean?

You Dutch special forces do not understand the national conditions of the United States. They still wander around the city center in the middle of the night and dare to quarrel with the local people. The result is tragic.

Moreover, this is normal not only in Annapolis, but also in New York, Chicago, Houston and many cities in the United States.

CNN reported at least two shooting cases at the same time as this shooting case: one occurred in Houston, three people were killed and two were injured; Another occurred in New York. One person died and four people were injured

Why is that?

The answer is very simple. Americans have too many guns. 300 million Americans have nearly 400 million guns, killing 40000 people every year.

What about guns? Even if it is allowed to carry guns like the Netherlands and other countries, but is it strictly allowed?

Americans can’t.

I remember that in May this year, a serious shooting occurred in a primary school in Texas, the United States, and more than 20 primary school students were killed. At that time, Biden said in an almost imploring tone:

What shocked me was that I found that such mass shooting rarely happened in other parts of the world.

Why? There are also people with mental health problems in those countries. There are also domestic disputes in those countries. There are many lost people in those countries. However, mass shooting incidents have never been as frequent in those countries as in the United States.

Why? Why are we willing to coexist with such killings? Why do we keep this happening? For God’s sake, where is our backbone? When can we resist the lobbying of (gun owning) groups!?

Please note that Americans have lost their backbone. This is not what I said. It is what US President Biden himself said.

But is Biden’s appeal useful?


He did not take any action, and the shooting still happened.

In fact, almost every once in a while, there is a similar shooting case in the United States, and the scale is getting larger and larger. Americans have long seen nothing strange. After a little shock, they are more helpless and numb.

Therefore, even if this time the target is the Dutch special forces, Americans will not be shocked by such a small shooting. This is the normal situation in the United States. If you have to blame me, I can only blame you Dutch special forces for being so obsessed and confident. I don’t know the height of heaven and earth. You know, this is the United States.

Seeing an American netizen’s emotion, he said something like this:

The Dutch government also pays money to send special forces to the United States military camp for training. In fact, there is no need to go to the military camp. Instead, they are sent directly to the center of Annapolis, the United States, for on-site teaching. It is absolutely more authentic and the training effect is better, because our city center is a battlefield.

This proposal may seem absurd, but when you think about it, it is also quite reasonable.

From the consequences of the Dutch special forces being sent to the hospital for rescue, it seems that you are European special forces and you have received special training from the US Army. However, the training effect is really unqualified!

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