Europe’s “big three”!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

On the railway from Warsaw, Poland to Kiev, Ukraine, a train is moving forward at a leisurely speed. At an altitude of seven kilometers above the train, two mirages, two gusts and two F16, a kind of six fighter planes, are constantly cruising back and forth, carrying out the safety task above the train. Today’s Ukraine is not peaceful. The heads of state of Germany, France and Italy went on a visit and each brought two fighter planes into the sky over Ukraine for air escort. This is a special train. The train with only eight carriages is actually full of power, but it still maintains a slow speed. In the current Ukraine, the danger is not only from the sky, but also to prevent people from tampering on the railway. Therefore, it is safer to slow down. From the first carriage, the fifth section of the special train is a small conference room. In the middle of the carriage stood a long oak table surrounded by six cushioned oak chairs. One table and six chairs have filled the carriage. Fortunately, there are only three people in this carriage, so it doesn’t seem crowded. Makron, Scholz and Draghi have their own special carriages for rest. Makron’s carriage is the fourth, while Scholz and Draghi regard the sixth and seventh as their own special carriages respectively. However, they are very excited now, [actually a little afraid]. There was no sleepiness, not even a little tiredness. But Draghi could see that macron was obviously trying to look very excited. These two days, macron visited Romania and Moldova respectively. He must be a little tired. But he refused to appear depressed in front of Germany and Italy, so this guy must be on drugs. Maybe it was the Indian medicine modi gave him, and Draghi murmured to himself. If you can’t sleep, you will naturally have to chat. Especially after the special bus enters Ukraine, the nerves of the three people become more and more active. Especially Scholz. Insist that everyone go to the meeting room to discuss the details of the next trip to Kiev. Although many details have been discussed in detail by the administrators of the three governments before departure, Scholz feels that since everyone is unwilling to rest, it is necessary to go to the conference room for a cup of tea and discuss the details again.

As macron lived in the fourth carriage, he was alone there. The carriage in front of him was filled with the entourage of the heads of the Three Kingdoms and some of their belongings. So he sat at one end of the long oak table. Scholz sat on his left, and Draghi sat on his right. At that moment, macron felt vaguely that he had become the leader of the European Union and the sea god of Europe. But this feeling was just a moment, because Scholz spoke before he could enjoy the pleasure. “Gentlemen, shall we go straight to the point this time, or shall we be polite before we go?” Asked Scholz. German Chancellor Scholz doesn’t like Ukraine in his heart. Ukraine has brought too much trouble to Germany. Although Ukraine says it wants to join the EU, it shows little respect for Germany, the engine of the EU, and regards the United States as its own father. Until today, Scholz finally realized why Chancellor Merkel took great pains to maintain the continuation of the Minsk agreement [the peace negotiation agreement signed by Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine in Minsk, the capital of Belarus]. Nowadays, the German people have gone to the forest to steal firewood for heating. If this continues, Germany’s industrial base will be broken. Most Germans, and even most Europeans, only see the “evil” of Russia and completely forget that they have stepped to the edge of the cliff. Merkel painstakingly maintained the balance between Russia and Ukraine for seven years, and she was easily destroyed by the United States within six months. Only today can Scholz finally understand the greatness of Merkel. If it is said that his self shame compared with Merkel is just a little secret buried in Scholz’s heart, then ZELINSKY and his group of Ukrainian officials’ aggressive attitude towards Germany makes Scholz unable to hide his anger. Since the outbreak of the war, Zelensky and a group of his officials have been accused by the Ukrainian government of Germany’s endless demands for hosting refugees, aid funds, weapons supply and energy cutting with Russia. In the early days of the war, Scholz wanted to go to Kiev to show his support, but the Kiev authorities turned down his request to express their dissatisfaction with Germany. But does Germany owe Ukraine anything? Germany did not ask Ukraine to join NATO, nor did Ukraine ship its gold reserves to New York instead of Berlin. The shares of Ukrainian energy companies are all owned by Biden and other U.S. government officials, in which Germany simply cannot get involved. But when the war broke out, Germany was the first to be blamed by Ukraine. Scholz certainly knows why. Because Germany is the leader of the EU, as long as we hold Germany, we will hold the EU’s attitude towards Ukraine. Because Germany is a defeated country in World War II and has been controlled by the United States, Ukraine has no psychological burden to scold. Even today, he Scholz has been on the train to Kiev, and the Ukrainian media, whose country is already in trouble, are still laughing at Germany’s failure to do its best to Ukraine. Depressed and wronged, Scholz, in the face of his two allies, sent out a soul torture: “to the point or to be polite before the soldiers?” The so-called straight to the point is to tell ZELINSKY directly when he meets him that you can’t get Russia, and you might as well trade land for peace. The so-called courtesy before the soldiers is to promise to provide assistance to Ukraine and help Ukraine enter the EU, and then tell Zelensky that if you want to join the EU, you must first end the war and resolve the military conflict with Russia. As for how to resolve the military conflict, it is up to Ukraine to find its own way. In fact, it also allows Ukraine to exchange land for peace. The heads of state of Germany, France, Italy and the three countries jointly defend Ukraine, which can be said to be the most luxurious lineup in the EU at present. This is enough to prove that this is the highest stance of the EU. “Well… We’d better be polite before the soldiers. Anyway, people are being severely beaten by Russia. We are too straightforward and easy to hurt people, so we’d better be tactful.” Macron said. Draghi looked on coldly without saying a word. Italy, as one of the three giants in Europe, does not have a strong sense of existence. This time, he would not have wanted to come if Scholz had not strongly invited him. After all, Italy is also a major oil and gas customer of Russia. There is no need to fight Russia for Ukraine. If Germany and France are still striving to become the king of Europe, Italy just needs to live a good life. “Well, what you said is reasonable. Let’s bow first and then fight. Anyway, this time we will break the hand of Ukraine holding our clothes. ZELINSKY can’t drag us into the water and drown us.” Scholz said. He once said an analogy with makron and Draghi: “Ukraine is like a drowning man. No matter who he meets, he will hold on to his clothes. If the person who is held on to his clothes is not strong enough, he may be dragged into the water by Ukraine and drowned.” anyway, he can’t hold on to my clothes. ” Draghi muttered. “What? What did you say?” Scholz and macron looked at Draghi at the same time. “Take it easy, guys. Let me tell you something. According to reliable information, China’s third aircraft carrier will be launched tomorrow, and this aircraft carrier will be named ‘Fujian’. Do you know what this means?” Draghi asked slowly. “I know it will be launched tomorrow, but how do you know this confidential information?” Macron and Scholz asked in unison. To tell the truth, who doesn’t have several intelligence sources and intelligence personnel in China. The launch of the aircraft carrier 03 cannot be concealed. But how to name it is known by Italy in advance, which is somewhat mysterious. You know, among the three countries, Italy is the most economical in intelligence work. But unexpectedly, it was Italy, who did not play much with intelligence, who got the name of the Chinese aircraft carrier 03. “Don’t be surprised, you two. I didn’t get it through any secret intelligence, but because after the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, a Chinese friend told me that with the decline of American power, China and Russia will inevitably get back some things that should have belonged to them. So the man said that the aircraft carrier 03 this time must be called the Fujian ship. Because what China wants to get back is in Fujian.” “Oh, who is this man?” Macron and Scholz asked again. “A friend, you know, our attitude towards China is relatively more objective and gentle than that of you two, so I naturally have more Chinese friends. When Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Germany, there were many more Chinese friends in Germany than in Italy.” Draghi said, glancing at Scholz from the corner of his eye. He did this on purpose, just to arouse Scholz’s little remaining blood. When I went to Ukraine this time, I was obviously ripped off by ZELINSKY. Germany and France are willing to say that he has no problem, but they are wronged by being knocked down. Therefore, he still wants to let Scholz see the current international situation and not be led by ZELINSKY. Now, this ZELINSKY is crazy. Even if people are not crazy, it is also a mad dog in the United States. “Do you mean that China may solve the Taiwan Strait in recent years?” Asked makron. The French government has a special research department for this matter. Not long ago, this research department also submitted a report to macron, saying that in recent years, there is no way to solve the problem of the Taiwan Strait because of China’s development and transformation period based on national industries and the increasingly close unity between the United States and Europe. Chinese leaders are different from Putin. They pay more attention to the overall situation and the long-term development of the country. It is impossible for Putin to do anything as impulsive as Ukraine. Scholz once heard Merkel talk about the situation in China during her shift. She said that there was an old Chinese saying that she felt very much. It was called “quiet as a virgin, moving as a rabbit.” She told Scholz that the so-called quiet as virginity means that China looks very quiet and patient. But once it moves, it is like a nimble running rabbit. Before you can see what he wants to do, his action is over. However, when Merkel said that, Scholz did not care. At that time, he was still immersed in the excitement of finally defeating Merkel and felt that he was the most powerful man in Europe. So I don’t care what Merkel said. He thinks he has his own way to deal with China. However, before Scholz could use his China policy, the Russo Ukrainian war broke out. Since then, Scholz has been busy dealing with the Russo Ukrainian affairs and balancing the industrial difficulties brought by the Russo Ukrainian war to Germany, and he has forgotten how to use his China policy. At this time, his heart suddenly moved, and he remembered what Merkel said to himself last year. “What Draghi said may be reasonable. I remember Chancellor Merkel said that the Chinese people give the impression that they are silent, but once they start, no one can stop them and see clearly. In those days, when the Americans marched straight into the Korean Peninsula, they suffered such silent and swift attacks from China. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that if we have not handled Russia and Ukraine well, China What should we do when we start to act again? Or follow the United States? ” “What can we do? You said it was as quick as a rabbit. I’m afraid it’s over before we have any response. After all, it’s someone else’s own business, and we won’t drag it on like Russia and Ukraine. When they’re finished, we’ll just say a few words of condemnation, and we can really cut off relations with China. We and China have clearly recognized that people are one in our diplomatic communiques. How about the United States So, let’s just support it with language. ” Macron seems to have figured out the answer. Yes, now that he has the dream of becoming the king of Europe, he naturally has to make a snack on global affairs. “President macron, you have a very clear analysis of China EU relations, but what should we do in today’s Ukraine? You see, we are going to Kiev soon, and Zelensky will certainly ask for money and things. He will also ask for the identity of EU Member States. I am so bored. If you don’t have to accompany me, I don’t want to go.” Draghi brought the subject back to Ukraine. “EU Member States? We can support him. However, we can’t break the rules. We support them, but we still need to be recognized by all Member States. Look, this is the rule. And Zelensky can’t fight the rules. The EU and NATO are the same.” Macron shrugged and said it didn’t matter. “I’m afraid we can’t just give empty cheques. We still have to give something real. Your French howitzers are good. We have to give some. Our tanks are good. We can also give some. Anyway, since we have gone this time, we have to take out some real gold and silver. Well, it doesn’t really matter. Draghi. Let’s go on to China.

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