Evergrande’s last bet!

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Around 1990, the gambling God series of Wing Shing films was released. Under the escort of dragon five, Chow Yun fat, Stephen Chow and Andy Lau swept the Hong Kong film world, creating a series of box office legends.

Just as big men like to show their yachts, the shooting place of the gambling God series is the “Oriental Princess” of “dragon five”.

Brother Xin Yi’an contributed his car and made a movie in person, which is not just a ticket.

This luxury cruise ship was called “Las Vegas on the sea”. It was the most famous casino on the sea in Southeast Asia at that time. The successive release of “God of gamblers”, “saint of gamblers” and “gambler” was the best advertisement for Long Wu to attract gamblers for his casino.

Individual struggles are often observed in the course of history.

After the Sino British joint declaration came into effect in 1985, there was a clear plan for the future of Hong Kong. Ye Han, a gambling king attached to the governor of Hong Kong, began to wash his hands.

At the same time, xinyi’an, which has 100000 people under its command, is also based on the change. Perhaps it is because the “Godfather” Corleone, with the help of the rise of Hollywood and Las Vegas, has also started an entertainment + gambling business with the Xiang brothers.


Thus, there was the beginning of the article. Xiang Huaqiang took over the gold sucking monster “Oriental Princess” from ye Han and founded Yongsheng film.

With the blessing of the God of gamblers trilogy sweeping across Greater China, Huang Jun, the new head horse “Jiandong tiger and Zhonghu”, was sent home to take charge of the Oriental princess, so that countless dignitaries who had never seen the world could come in an endless stream to experience the red mansion on the sea and use it to launder money and transfer assets.

But when the “Oriental Princess” was at its peak and the future of the Xiang brothers was bright, things changed.

Around 1999, a report on Ma Xiangdong and others’ gambling was sent to Beijing, which immediately opened the Muma case that shocked the whole country, “Liaoning lidakang” and “Shenyang dingyizhen” were sacked one after another.

Since then, the glory of the “Oriental Princess” who studied foreign languages, such as Muma, has disappeared, and a generation of high seas legend has ended in Tanggu, Tianjin.


Power abhors vacuum, and the end of the old gambling king must be accompanied by the rise of the new gambling king.

One year before Hong Kong’s return to China, ye Han’s family, the gambling king who was eager to wash their hands, sold the largest five-star cruise ship “Neptune” in Hong Kong at that time to Lianchao, a stacking boy under their command.

Since then, the king of the high seas has entered the “Neptune” era.

Three years ago, Lian Chao bought a shell from Edison Chen’s father, who loved photography, and injected “Neptune” into it. He named it the Neptune Group, officially becoming the new generation of Neptune.


In addition to the historical process, a small Chaoshan stacking boy can suddenly ride on the heads of many Hong Kong families. Naturally, there are also personal struggles.

In the process of stacking, Lian Chao met qitongwei and other big men on the other side of the river through his hometown huangguangyu.

With the protection of the big men on the other side of the river, Lian Chao’s career as a high seas sea king was smooth sailing, and Gao Xiaoqin’s script was staged on the other side of the river.

The Xinye group operated by Lianchao, known as the most luxurious club in the local area, has become the “landscape Manor” of officials. Under the green light of a department, Lianchao’s Xinye group has wantonly encroached on all kinds of “dafengchang” assets, becoming the most popular local private enterprise.

If all goes well, the richest man can’t get behind the belt Hermes.

However, with the outbreak of the huangguangyu case in 2008, Gao Yuliang, qitongwei, lidakang, dingyizhen and chenqingquan were sacked one after another. From then on, Lian Chao and his xinyehui gradually faded out of the public’s sight.


A generation of talented people came out, and a new generation replaced the old. With the end of Lian Chao, Hermes brother became the darling of the new generation. Several years later, with the emergence of new people, Hermes brother also ended.

On the morning of the 28th, China Evergrande announced that a company had filed a winding up petition against Evergrande to the Hong Kong High Court, involving about HK $865.5 million in debt. The petitioner was represented by Lian Haomin.

Lian Haomin’s public identity is a member of the sixth Election Committee of Hong Kong and the 13th all China Youth Federation, but he also has a more mysterious identity, that is, a member of the Chaoshan Lian superfamily.

At this time, it was only one month before Evergrande announced the restructuring plan, and even the family with a wealth of money still jumped out in public.

At this key point in the past few days, behind the extremely abnormal action, it is obvious that it is not just to put pressure on Evergrande in front of the stage. If you guessed right, this gratitude and resentment for more than 20 years is a show hand that wants to see the cards in a game.


The question of whether to survive with or without arms is left to our brother Hermes.

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