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The leadership of developed countries has been in turmoil these days.

First, on July 7, British Prime Minister Boris, unable to withstand 48 hours, more than 50 British officials, including the Secretary of health, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Northern Ireland and the Minister of Wales, resigned one after another and issued a resignation statement. For the time being, he only watched as the caretaker prime minister until a new speaker in the party was elected.

According to British law, the term of office of the current British government can be up to January 2025. The new leader elected within the ruling party is the prime minister, without an election.

Just a week after the British affair, Italian Prime Minister Draghi also announced his resignation as prime minister on the evening of July 14, but the president refused to approve and told him to continue to finish the work.

With the death of Shinzo Abe, who was shot twice by the middle-aged craftsman Akira Yamaguchi on July 8, three leaders of developed countries have been involved in an accident within a week.

Shinzo Abe’s death was related to the Unification Church of South Korea, which was quite unexpected (let’s not talk about the conspiracy for the time being), but Boris and Draghi stepped down for the same reason.

Boris stepped down and claimed that he had used the wrong old hooligan Che Pinghe to hold a party during the epidemic prevention period. Draghi resigned and said that it was “internal strife in the ruling coalition due to financial problems”. But these are scenes, and the real reason is inflation.

If the economy is doing well, Boris’ scandal and Draghi’s infighting are a piece of wool. Internal bureaucrats are reluctant to let them step down. If the economy is not doing well, it’s wrong for you to step on your left foot when you go out. You must get out of the office and write a review.

In June 2021, the UK CPI rose by 2.5%, which is known as the new high in recent three years. Britons have been a little anxious. Unexpectedly, it has risen to 7% in March 2022, and then exceeded 9% in April to may, hitting a 40 year high. The data in June has not been released, but it is quite not optimistic, and the internal contradictions are fierce, so they want to blow Boris out of office.

Draghi’s situation is basically the same.

Inflation in Italy reached 6.2% in April, 6.8% in May and 8% in June, the highest in 36 years.

Draghi once served as the executive director of Goldman Sachs and the president of the European Central Bank. Ten years ago, during the European debt crisis, he tried to protect the euro at all costs. He was an old man with means and strategies. He wanted to resign because the “five star movement” in the ruling coalition opposed him and resisted his 26billion euro rescue bill. In fact, the “five star movement” only opposed his policy, not the government, and the party continued to split, The repeated quarrels between those who support Ukraine and those who do not support Ukraine have led to the fact that 50 members of the internal parliament simply quit the association and went out to engage in “new peace and joint victory”, resulting in the loss of the position of the “five-star movement” as the largest party in the Parliament.

Draghi wanted to run away with a bucket, but he couldn’t bear the big inflation. He was tired and didn’t want to carry the pot.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has caused great inflation and internal division in Europe. Some people say that we should stop fighting and call Ukraine almost enough. You see, inflation is like this, while others say that we must continue to fight and must look good to the Russians. They are undermining the geopolitics of Europe. Fight, fight, and fight until Russia concedes defeat.

But now the situation is particularly strange. Russia was indeed confused because of intelligence errors in the early stage of the war, but after adjustment, it still has obvious advantages to fight Ukraine with its current national strength. Since winning the financial war, Russia has made more and more money. Putin is reluctant to stop playing very slowly every day, just slowly consuming with Ukraine.

Biden was forced to put down his position and go to Saudi Arabia, which he called a “pariah country”, to talk about increasing production with them, trying to cut down the oil price to $40-70 a barrel, so as to interrupt Russia’s financial resources.

My view is that Europe’s anti armistice people have no right to decide how to make a fuss. The decision is in the hands of the Americans. The Americans keep on, and these European Parliamentarians can only stare.

Europe is not its own Europe. Europe is deeply bound by Americans from military to moral.

When the United States says it wants to fight Russia, Europe can only fight Russia. When the United States says it wants to play LGBT, Europe can only play LGBT.

The United States has dozens of military bases in Germany, the largest power in Europe, and about 35000 troops are stationed. Germany is not allowed to dispose of nuclear waste, develop oil fields, or grow tobacco. Germany is militarily controlled everywhere and has to be spoiled. We often see a group of German soldiers with a big belly, which is not the result of Germany being weak, but the result of being spoiled.

If Germans are really fierce, they must be very fierce. Now they are just pretending to be cute.

However, the United States’ first garrison on earth is Japan, which has 55000 troops, and Japan is not allowed to develop armaments. For example, the wind tunnel for aircraft research is not built, and Japan is also pressed to death. In fact, the United States only plans to treat Japan and Germany as servants.

It has been more than 70 years since Germany and Japan lost the Second World War. The first goal of these two countries is to take advantage of the current chaos, return to normal as soon as possible, and develop their military forces.

Because these two countries found that they were suppressed by the political ceiling and the economic ceiling. When their economy developed to a certain stage, they could not go up. Because they were politically dependent on others, if their economy was too strong, someone would beat them, and they were limited by politics and had no ability to fight back.

We are used to talking about the United States, Europe and Japan as a whole, but they have their own plans.

Britain is obsessed with France and Germany. He often stimulates Russia, which leads to confrontation between Russia and Germany and France, which makes the European continent uneasy. Because the British manufacturing industry is no longer working, now it mainly eats the rice of finance, and London’s biggest rival is not Hong Kong and Shanghai. Well, we often think that China is fighting the world. In fact, it is an illusion. London’s biggest rival is Frankfurt, The British are afraid that their biggest source of wealth will be robbed by Germany, so they cause trouble all over the world.

Although France is often ridiculed as the first country to surrender, it is a rare country in the European continent after World War II that has no U.S. troops. Their family originally had 11 U.S. bases since 1950. However, in 1954, France was beaten by the former colony Vietnam and begged the United States to air raid the Vietnamese army in Dien Bien Phu. The United States hoped that the French colony would collapse and refused to send troops, forcing the French artillery commander to commit suicide with a grenade, The United States easily took over South Vietnam, resulting in hatred between the two countries.

In 1956, Egypt took back the Suez Canal. France had 52% of the shares of the canal and Britain had 41% of the shares. Britain and France joined hands with Israel to beat Egypt. The United States and the Soviet Union winked. The two old enemies stabbed Britain and France in the back at the same time, which made France stop playing with the United States. In 1960, the atomic bomb test was successful and France had the capital to speak. In 1966, France asked to withdraw from NATO and all foreign troops from France, but in the end, it didn’t want to be too stiff, In order to avoid being isolated, we still accepted the US proposal to stay in the NATO political mechanism and withdraw from the military mechanism (returned in 2009), but the US military has withdrawn from France since then.

Therefore, France hopes to stand firmly and independently in Europe. France wants to keep the West African countries’ continuous blood transfusion and wants to become the leader of the European alliance. In international affairs, France also has its own ideas and is unwilling to follow the United States, taking the protection of its military, political, economic and West African interests as the priority.

Germany is now focused on breaking away from the control of the United States and becoming the largest military and economic power in Europe. In June this year, the German parliament passed a resolution at full speed, with defense spending reaching 2% of GDP, an increase of 100 billion euros, that is, more than 700 billion yuan. Such a large amount of money was not dared by Germany until the United States nodded its head. It was because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine that Germany would happen. The German Parliament was very excited and seized the opportunity to pass it quickly, Germany has now become the world’s third largest military spender, making it an important step towards normalcy.

Therefore, Germany’s feelings about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine are very complex. Economically, Germany’s CPI was 7.9% in May and 7.6% in June, and their lives were also affected. But militarily, they took a big step forward by relying on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. On the whole, Germany benefited. CPI often exists, but the increase in military spending is not often. Germans must be very willing to see the Russian army break through the Dnieper River and hit Kiev all the way, so that Germany can get rid of its shackles, Become an ordinary country and rebuild a strong Germany.

The feelings of Japan and Germany are the same. Abe has two major events in his term of office, one is abenomics, the other is constitutional amendment. He went to the United States for N years, chasing Trump’s ass, flattering, and playing on the golf course. Doesn’t he just ask for the name of an “ordinary country”? In order to contain China, the United States finally nodded its head, and Russia and Ukraine clashed together. The right wing of Japan hurriedly proposed to amend the Constitution in the Senate, especially Article 9:

“Never give up the war, threat of force or exercise of force launched by national power as a means of settling international disputes, do not maintain land, sea and air forces and other war forces, and do not recognize the belligerency of the country.”

With this change, Japan can expand its army wantonly, and the ropes tied to Japan will be untied.

Say Abe just died at the hands of little people and craftsmen? No, Abe sacrificed his blood to Japan to amend the constitution. A country has undergone a major logical change. It is impossible for no one to bleed. Abe sang, you will be wronged this time.

Japan, Germany, and possibly Britain, are actually the most eager three countries to work directly. As the top three permanent members, China, the United States and Russia suppress their living space everywhere. If they do so directly, Japan and Britain will at least find ways to fan the flames and wake up in their dreams.

Many netizens in China often have an illusion that the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Japan should always be powerful countries, which is the mark of being bullied by powerful countries for too long. In the long river of history, the position of powerful countries takes turns. No country has been strong and prosperous, why can’t Iran become a developed country? Why can’t India? Why can’t Russia? Why can’t Turkey?

Why should the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Japan always live a good life? Is their geomantic omen good or are their ancestral graves smoking all the time?

In the first half of 2022, China’s GDP was 56 trillion yuan, or 8.67 trillion yuan, a rare increase of only 2.5%, and the continuous domestic real estate explosion, the refusal of uncompleted residential building owners to repay their loans, the tight finances of local governments, and weak consumption have all been exposed.

But at the same time, China’s CPI was only 1.7% in the first half of 2022, and its trade surplus reached 248.12 billion yuan. In June, the surplus reached a staggering 97.9 billion US dollars, an increase of 95.6% year-on-year, a record high.

This shows that under the current world environment, China as a whole can survive. There has been a partial economic collapse, but the overall market has not collapsed.

Countries such as Sri Lanka collapsed first in the chaotic international situation, followed by countries such as Laos, Pakistan, Lebanon and Egypt with tight finances.

The most incomprehensible thing here is Turkey. The inflation rate in June was 78.6%, and the data was almost skyrocketing. There was no internal unrest. The whole country was demonic, and it could not be analyzed from a normal perspective. I had to write an article to explain it in detail.

In short, the current world pattern in the past two years is as follows:

The three major powers of China, the United States and Russia have their own unique skills. China has the world’s first manufacturing industry, Russia has the most abundant resources, and the United States has the world’s invincible blood sucking finance. All of them have survived.

The second-class powers, Britain, France, Germany and Japan, all want to turn around and change their lives while the world is about to chaos. Especially Germany and Japan are the most excited, but the economic crisis has also caused shocks in their countries, and the fate behind it is hard to say.

The worst countries have begun to collapse, and Sri Lanka is just the beginning.

Ordinary countries in the world are strongly supporting, and it takes conditions to find a balance between China and Europe and the United States, which can last for a while.

So what is the biggest change in a century? This is the biggest change in a century.

What is the Russian Ukrainian conflict stirring up the world situation? This is why the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has stirred up the world situation.

Every family has its own difficult experience, and every country has its own difficulties.

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