Except “ Work together to touch the mountain ” What other myths and legends does Zhuanxu have besides myths and legends?

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Zhuanxu, the Ji surname and the Gaoyang surname, is the grandson of the Yellow Emperor and the son of Chang Yi. He was one of the five emperors in ancient times, just behind the emperor. He was also one of the ancestors of Chinese culture. He has a famous ancient myth and legend, that is, Gonggong is angry to touch Buzhou mountain. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

According to Liezi Tang Wen, “Gonggong and Zhuanxu fought for the title of emperor. When they were angry, they touched the mountains around them, broke the pillars of the sky, and defended the Jedi. Therefore, the sky fell to the northwest, and the sun, the moon, and the stars were everywhere. The earth was dissatisfied with the southeast, so all rivers and water were everywhere.”

Gonggong was also the leader of an ancient tribal alliance. He had conflicts with the Huangdi tribe of Xuanyuan family. When the Huangdi died, Gonggong launched a war to fight for the leader of the tribal alliance in the Central Plains. As a result, he was defeated on the battlefield by Zhuanxu, the grandson of the Huangdi. In his anger, he crashed into Buzhou mountain (the name of the mountain in myths and legends).


In addition to the famous myth of “Gonggong touches Buzhou mountain angrily”, Zhuanxu also has a more amazing myth and legend, that is, Zhuanxu ordered to destroy the heaven ladder and cut off the communication channel between gods and men in the sky and mortals in the earth. This legend is the Jedi Tiantong.

According to the limited myths and legends, before Zhuanxu, there was a heaven ladder between heaven and earth, through which mortals could reach heaven directly, and good communication was maintained between heaven and earth.

Gods and people in the sky often fall to the earth, and people with great power on the earth – Ancient witches, are also easy to communicate with God, have magical powers, and can even rely on the power of God to call the wind and rain.

After Zhuanxu became the new leader of the Central Plains, he was surprised to find that there were a large number of immortals living in the area he ruled. The people believed in the words of these immortals very much, which was extremely detrimental to his rule. Therefore, he ordered the destruction of the heaven ladder, and the communication between heaven and earth was cut off.


In the article “watching and shooting the father on Jedi Tiantong” in Guoyu · Chu language, “… The nine Li’s disordered morality, the people and gods mixed, and things could not be solved… Zhuanxu received it, and he ordered Nanzheng to take charge of the heaven as a God, and huozheng to take charge of the land as a people, so as to restore the old ways, without any invasion and blasphemy. It is called Jedi Tiantong.”

It is also recorded in the book of mountains and seas · western classic of the great wilderness: “in the great wilderness, there is a mountain called Riyue mountain, which is also called Tianshu. The heavenly gate of Wu, where the sun and the moon enter. There is a God, the human face has no arms, and the two feet belong to the head mountain, which is called shush. Zhuanxu gave birth to an old boy, and the old boy gave birth to Li, and the emperor ordered Li Qiong to sacrifice to the heaven and send Li Qiong down to the earth.”

After destroying the heaven ladder, Zhuanxu was still worried, because although the people on earth could not go to heaven, the celestial beings could still come to earth. In order to completely solve this problem, Zhuanxu sent his two most trusted ministers, Chong He Li, to supervise heaven and earth respectively, and the communication between heaven and earth was completely cut off.


In fact, Zhuanxu’s great movement of “Jedi to heaven” was essentially a religious reform in ancient times, because people in ancient times were “Wizards at home”, that is, everyone could sacrifice gods, and every family could freely sacrifice their ancestors, heaven and earth.

In this way, as the ruler, Zhuanxu could not use the means of Wu Zhu to rule the people. Therefore, Zhuanxu ordered to ban private sacrifices. Ordinary people have no right to communicate with heaven and earth. Only the ruler can use some magic tools to communicate with heaven and earth.

Through such religious reform, Zhuan Xu established the noble power enjoyed by himself and later rulers, that is, only he could represent the earth and communicate with heaven.

Of course, no matter how ancient myths and stories are told, no matter how ancient religions are reformed, in short, Zhuanxu’s “Jedi Tiantong” has re normalized the order between heaven and earth, bringing an end to the ancient era of the coexistence of man and God, and the Chinese nation has gradually entered the humanistic era. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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