Exposure to c Luo and injection of Botox on the genitals can increase the thickness by 1-3 cm

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On July 19, Beijing time, according to the report of Spanish media La Raz รณ n quoted by Marca, 37 year old Ronaldo recently used a new way to maintain his youth, that is, injecting botox into his genitals in order to increase its thickness.

37 year old Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo still has an enviable physique, which has attracted much attention. Most of the praise for his physique can be attributed to his diet, exercise program and good genes, but he also used surgery to maintain his muscle health and young state. According to the report, it is no secret that Ronaldo likes cosmetic surgery. Botox is c Luo’s “biggest ally”. Although he has been treated many times on his face, this is not the only part of his body that receives Botox injection.

According to LA Razon, c Luo also injected Botox into his private part, more accurately on his “Ding Ding”, which aims to increase its thickness by 1-3 cm. Although this is not a guaranteed effective treatment, it can last for two years, and no suture is required for postoperative recovery. (Editor: Xiao Luo)

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