Face the aircraft carrier of the people’s Liberation Army and return home! Countries are beginning to see the United States!

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Original: Zhanhao source: official account: Zhanhao wechat ID: zhanhao668

The US aircraft carrier “Reagan”, which claims to cross the Taiwan Strait to put pressure on the PLA, has now returned home after wandering for more than half a month! The whole process was very interesting and humorous.

The following figure shows the activity track of the USS “Reagan” aircraft carrier battle group in the 21 days from July 30 to August 19. On July 30, the “Reagan” set out from a military base in the Philippines, claiming to escort Pelosi, and then arrived at the sea area east of Taiwan Island. However, the United States did not expect that we would conduct a military blockade type live soldier and live ammunition exercise against Taiwan, so we saw that the “Reagan” aircraft carrier immediately withdrew after hearing the news of the exercise.


Since then, after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, public opinion has begun to be unfavorable to the United States, because the United States appears to be too eggy on the people’s Liberation Army. Under the pressure of public opinion, the United States announced that it would cross the Taiwan Strait and ordered the aircraft carrier battle group “Reagan” to turn south on August 5. In the face of the US claims, State Councilor Wang Yi and foreign minister issued a stern warning to the United States on August 5: do not act rashly and do not create a greater crisis.

As a result, the United States was “obedient” and immediately turned the “Reagan” eastward on August 6, and then turned north on August 8. Then, after stopping near the Japanese mainland for two or three days, there was probably the voice of public opinion again, so the US aircraft carrier turned south again and claimed to pass through the Taiwan Strait. In response to the provocation of the United States, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strong warning to the United States “not to create a greater crisis”. As a result, the “Reagan” understood it again this time, so it turned north again, drove the aircraft carrier all the way to Japan, and arrived at the US military port in Japan on August 19, completely announcing its return to Japan.

After World War II, when did the U.S. aircraft carriers not cross the ocean? When have you been so bent to listen to the “command” of other countries? However, all this comes from the fact that China has an aircraft carrier killer! Aircraft carriers are sometimes afraid!

Just imagine that if Dongfeng 21d, Dongfeng 26 and Dongfeng 17, as well as air-based aircraft carrier missiles and sea based aircraft carrier missiles such as 055 warships are all focused on targeting, not to mention an American aircraft carrier, even 11 of them will not be enough to fight! American aircraft carriers are also afraid of “aircraft carrier killers”!



Therefore, very often, whether a country speaks well or not does not depend on whether it is sincere, but on whether it has strength. The size of fists between countries is the basis of the right to speak. The fist is not big enough and hard enough. Even if you shout out loud, you may only eat shells.

This round of confrontation between China and the United States in the Taiwan Strait, at first it seemed that the United States had won face. Later, it was discovered that the United States had actually lost. Now, looking at the face of the United States, it has lost. The United States is a hegemonic country. At present, at least in front of China, this hegemonism is too “cautious”.

Why is the United States so cautious? Because once the situation gets out of control, the United States will have to bear huge consequences. At least the White House is not ready psychologically, including what countermeasures China will take in the future. All this is actually a manifestation of America’s guilty conscience!

Some people may wonder whether it is possible for China’s missiles to attack aircraft carriers? In fact, whether it is OK depends on the US behavior. The response of the United States tells us that China’s missile attack on aircraft carriers is very good!

In fact, as early as ten years ago, the model of China’s aircraft carrier in the desert was exposed. This is the picture below. This picture was also a satellite picture that was exposed more than ten years ago. Now, what is circulating on the Internet is an orbiting mobile target. According to the recently circulated satellite picture, the mobile target equipment has been hit with holes. The United States is well aware of China’s capability. It is precisely because of this understanding that the US aircraft carrier has this wave of operations.


In the face of the current situation, in fact, all countries are gradually beginning to see the United States! Zhanhao believes that many countries have seen the United States from two aspects:

In the first aspect, everyone has clearly seen the sinister intentions of the United States

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir gave an interview to the associated press on August 19. In the interview, he bluntly criticized the United States, saying that the United States tried to provoke war in the Taiwan Strait. Mahathir also criticized Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and considered Biden an incompetent leader. Mahathir said that the Chinese Mainland allows Taiwan to maintain the status quo and has not planned to use force to recover Taiwan for the time being. However, the United States is provoking war and provoking the mainland to reunify Taiwan by force. In this way, the United States has the excuse of helping Taiwan to confront the Chinese mainland and sell a large amount of weapons to Chinese Mainland.


In fact, many countries in the world have clearly seen the intention of the United States, especially the countries around China are very clear about the intention of the United States. The United States just wants to stir up cross-strait conflicts and tries to copy the Russian Ukrainian war model. By sending weapons to the Taiwan authorities, China is plunged into the quagmire of war. However, the United States has forgotten that China is not Russia, and Taiwan Province is not Ukraine. Moreover, once the conflict really intensifies, the PLA will completely blockade the Taiwan Island. How can the US military be allowed to deliver weapons?

For China, Taiwan’s reunification is only a matter of time. However, China needs to gain the understanding and support of most countries in the world for the sake of the interests of a big country. Therefore, we must expose the sinister intentions of the United States, so that the cost of our future reunification will be the lowest. Otherwise, the United States will certainly make a big fuss about it, and then engage in blockade and containment of China.

Now, through the provocation of the United States and the performance of the “Taiwan independence” forces, more and more countries have seen this point clearly, which is more powerful for China. For example, this time, more than 180 countries have reiterated that they only recognize one China, which puts enormous political pressure on the other side.

When everyone sees clearly the sinister intentions of the United States in trying to stir up trouble in the Taiwan Strait, they will be full of antipathy to the United States and the “Taiwan independence” forces. When we all know that China has not bullied other countries after becoming strong, but only for the sake of safeguarding its own national interests, this has made the United States’ attempts and the ambitions of the “Taiwan independence” forces known to the world. In the future, when we are forced to reunify Taiwan by force, the international community will no longer misunderstand China. As for the United States and individual countries in the west, I do not need to care.

Second, we have also seen the strength of the United States

Of course, the United States is a world military power and hegemonic power. However, the hegemony of the United States is no longer effective in the face of China and Russia. It can only be effective in the face of allies and small countries. Why doesn’t it work here in China? The core of the core is strength. It is the comparison between China and the United States that makes the United States lose the qualification to play hegemony in front of China.

In 2018, after the United States provoked the Sino US trade war, China and the United States fought a trade war for more than a year. So far, the tariffs added by both sides have not been cancelled. What is the outcome of the trade war? The answer is that after fierce competition, China’s economic trend is still relatively stable, and the trade war has not brought much impact, especially in the last two years, China’s exports to the United States have increased sharply. Moreover, China has not experienced such high inflation as the United States. Therefore, the United States actually lost the Sino US trade war. The United States took the initiative to launch it, and now it is in an awkward state. The result of the trade war proves that China’s economic strength is absolutely no less than that of the United States.

Over the past two years, the United States has been flaunting its force in China. Although it has not taken advantage of it, it is also showing off its strength in the eyes of other countries. However, this time, the United States was caught unprepared by the people’s Liberation Army in the Sino US battle over the Taiwan Strait. The performance of the US aircraft carrier mentioned above is the best example. Militarily, everyone is fighting for strength. The PLA’s military blockade of Taiwan and the US military dare not approach it. This has shown that at least in the first island chain, it is the PLA’s world, not the US military. The US military would not react so passively if it had the capability to suppress the PLA.


In fact, South Korea should have a deeper understanding of this point. After the PLA’s military blockade of Taiwan Island, the ROK foreign minister immediately visited China to ease relations with China and clarify that a series of measures were not aimed at China. The fundamental reason why South Korea is so nervous is that it deeply understands that if there is another war on the peninsula, the PLA will be able to blockade the Korean Peninsula. Once the Korean Peninsula is blockaded, if the two Koreas continue to fight, it is self-evident who will lose and who will win.

Not only did South Korea see the military strength comparison between China and the United States, but Thailand also saw clearly that before the blockade training of the people’s Liberation Army ended, he decided to restart the purchase of two Chinese conventional powered submarines. Before that, Thailand suspended the project because it could not use German engines. Now, Thailand agrees to use Chinese engines. However, in fact, the submarine itself is equipped with China’s own engine, and Thailand took the initiative to choose the German engine. This choice at that time was based on political considerations. Now that China has proven its military strength with strength, the original political considerations have been readjusted.

Of course, the one who can see the situation most clearly is North Korea! China has not militarily blockaded Taiwan Island, and North Korea has twice called for war, claiming that it is ready to take the initiative to attack. North Korea knows that these two statements can make China understand that if there is a fight, North Korea will charge ahead! It is also the strength of China and the attitude of the DPRK that have scared the South Korean government out of a cold sweat!

The United States will continue to provoke, but China will never make concessions to the United States, and China will strongly counterattack once. Let’s see whether the United States is the first iron or China’s counterattack stick is hard!

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