Family slaves with three surnames or straightforward men: Lu Bu, the unparalleled general in the world

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Family slaves with three surnames or straightforward men: Lu Bu, the unparalleled general in the world

Lv Bu

If the romance compares the cruelty and treachery of Cao Cao, the “traitor Jue”, with Liu Bei’s benevolence and faithfulness, then Guan Yu and Lv Bu are the comparison between “Yi Jue” and “three family slaves”. Therefore, Lu Bu, who had a corresponding role in literature and a certain position in history, still occupied a large number of parts in the early stage of the romance, when the only protagonist Zhugeliang had not yet appeared. Even Yuan Shao, who was once the most powerful in the late Han Dynasty, was far less powerful.

Of course, the fundamental reason why Lu Bu has such a large number of scenes is that Lu Bu, a historical figure, has extraordinary military courage and legendary life experiences, which are easy for novelists to write. Luo Guanzhong also invented many classic passages, such as the story of the three heroes of Hulao pass fighting against Lv Bu and the six generals of Puyang City attacking Lv Bu, which not only gave Liu Guanzhang and others a role, but also gave the reader the concept of “Lv Bu is the most courageous in the world”, which shows his “preference” for him. It can be said that in the romance, Lv Bu is a very successful character.

What kind of person was Lu Bu in history? Looking at his whole life, it is difficult to say that it can be summed up in a few simple words.

Lv Bu first appeared as a military general. He was really brave. We have also introduced him before. It is recorded in the biography of the annals of the three kingdoms that after Lu Bu was captured, he said to Cao Cao, “the emperor of the Ming Dynasty has suffered nothing more than cloth. Now he has taken it, and the world is not worried. If the emperor of the Ming Dynasty makes cloth ride, the world is not sure.” Obviously, Lu Bu was very confident in his own ability. He thought that Cao Cao only worried about himself, and that if he led the cavalry, Cao Cao would lead the infantry to conquer the world. After hearing these words, Cao Cao was not unmoved, but “suspicious” and somewhat moved, which showed that Cao Cao also appreciated the combat effectiveness of the army led by Lu Bu. Cao Cao’s use of troops is needless to say. He is a first-class expert, and he has fought with Lv Bu for many years. He should have a good understanding of Lv Bu’s strength. Therefore, as a military general, Lv Bu is really superior in unifying troops.

Moreover, Lu Bu was not a simple brave general, but rather a talented and resourceful one. According to Wang can’s heroes, when Lv Bu left yuanshao, yuanshao sent people to hunt him down. “Shao pretended to be a commander of Sili. It was said that Shao should send cloth, but he wanted to kill cloth inside. Tomorrow, Shao sent 30 warriors to send cloth. The cloth envoy stopped at the side of the tent, and pretended to make people play zither in the tent. Shao soldiers lay down, and cloth didn’t go out of the account, but the soldiers didn’t realize it. When the soldiers got up in the middle of the night, they made a mess of cloth beds and quilts, which was called dead.”. It can be seen that Lv Bu not only has the name of Wu Yong, but also is good at using tricks. In fact, Lv Bu and Wang Yun conspired to kill DongZhuo, and Chen Gong and Zhang Miao conspired to take Yanzhou and attack Xuzhou at night. Later, Yuan Shu attacked Liu Bei. He could judge the situation and sent troops to help Liu Bei. These actions were not the actions of a simple minded general.

There is also a paragraph about Lv Bu in the hero’s tale. It was when Lv Bu went to his good friend Zhang Yang. At that time, Guo Si and Li Fu wanted Lv Bu. Zhang Yang’s subordinates were intrigued. Lv Bu did the following actions: “when Bu heard of it, he said that Yang said, ‘cloth is in the state of Qing Dynasty. Qing Dynasty kills cloth, but it is weak in Qing Dynasty. It is better to sell cloth, and you can be very favored by Si and Yu Jue.’ Yang Yu allowed Si and Yu to protect cloth internally.” This passage is not like the words of a military general, but the words of a debater. Although this article is not necessarily true, it is certain that Lv Bu is not a man without wisdom.

Besides, Lv Bu is also very popular. Zhang Liao is a famous general under Cao Cao in the future. He followed Lv Bu until his death. Gao Shun, one of Lv Bu’s subordinates, is also a very talented general. He is also a good friend with Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang once wanted to send troops to help Lv Bu. Although it is not as good as the friendship between Liu Guan and Zhang, it is almost the same. Pang Shu was also Lv Bu’s private collector after the destruction of Chang’an city. These people can be called loyal and righteous to Lv Bu, and Lv Bu’s ability to make these friends or subordinates also shows that he really has an attractive side.

However, Lu Bu failed in the end, because Lu Bu had more shortcomings than advantages, and it was almost fatal. The first is: “although Bu is fierce, he is schemless and suspicious. He can’t control his party, but he believes in the generals. The generals have different ideas and doubt themselves. Therefore, every battle is defeated.”

As a military commander, Lv Bu led troops well, but it also led him to rely too much on force. For example, after Dong Zhuo’s death, he killed all the Liangzhou people in Chang’an, relying on the fighting power of his subordinates. However, his constant use of force led to the rebellion of Liangzhou people, and Chang’an was also defeated. Although he was brave, he did not know the use of force, and only took force as the first result; However, when xiapi finally met Cao Cao, Chen Gong offered advice, which Lu Bu himself recognized, but finally gave up because of his wife’s words. This is far from the fact that Cao, Liu and sun, who are three thirds of the world in the future, have no doubt about their employment. As a military commander, Lu Bu is indeed intelligent enough, but it is not enough to be the head of a country, not only to command the army, but also to command the officials and generals. Chen Deng said that Cao Cao used Lv Bu as an eagle and a dog, but Lv Bu was also silent. It can be seen that Lv Bu also recognized his weakness.

Secondly, there is the serious character defect of “light cunning and repeated, mercenary” that Chenshou said. He is greedy for small profits and forgets the great righteousness. For example, the death of Dingyuan and DongZhuo gave Lu Bu considerable benefits, but also gave him a great reputation. The ancients attached great importance to integrity and loyalty, especially killing the Lord. You don’t want to leave under the command of the original Lord. The so-called minister can choose a king. The ancients were quite tolerant of this. However, you not only rebelled, but also killed the original Lord for reward. This is a great mistake. Lv Bu didn’t just do it, He also did it twice in a row (if Lu Bu secretly attacked Liu Bei, who took him in, it could also be said to be a betrayal, but he didn’t kill Liu Bei, and Liu Bei was not his Lord, that’s not all). This made it difficult for him to survive when he came to the various princes in Kanto. For example, he killed DongZhuo and avenged Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao. However, Yuan Shu despised his behavior and hated his repetition. He refused. After Yuan Shao once took Lv Bu in, he worried that Lv Bu would be killed for his own disaster. It was such a bad deed that Cao Cao killed Lv Bu when he heard Liu Bei say the names of DongZhuo and Dingyuan. Otherwise, even if Liu Bei said more bad things, Cao Cao might not take LV Bu in.

Third, lecherous. Although Wang Yun’s serial plot has no history to test, the affair of “bu having an affair with Zhuo’s maid” is absolutely true. If this can be seen as Lv Bu protecting Dong Zhuo day and night, and his maid beauties love heroes, then in the hero’s book, “Bu said that Taizu said: ‘Bu is kind to all generals, and all generals betray Boer when they are in a hurry.’ Taizu said: ‘why is it so kind to back your wife and love all generals’ wives?’ Bu Muran ‘, which is not justified, It is because he has repeatedly coveted the people around him, whether the Lord or his subordinates, or his wife. How can he not provoke anger.

Fourth, defiant. Another great drawback of Lu Bu was that once he was successful, he was arrogant and had a bad relationship with his colleagues. As we said before, a major factor in the killing of DongZhuo is that Lv Bu is from Bingzhou and has a bad relationship with DongZhuo’s Liangzhou faction. After killing DongZhuo, Lv Bu takes power, but his relationship with Liangzhou people is getting worse and worse, and even wants to kill all Liangzhou people. When he arrived at yuanshao’s place, it was also because Lu Bu thought he was meritorious to the yuan family, looked down on the generals under Yuan Shao, and finally broke with Yuan Shao. And Lu Bu didn’t realize this. He went to Liu Bei and cried, “I’m from the same border with Qing. When Bu saw that Kanto had started a war, he wanted to kill DongZhuo. Bu killed Zhuo and all the generals in Kanto wanted to kill Boer.” Lu Bu only knew that people wanted to kill themselves, but he didn’t know why he wanted to kill himself. The main reason was that he was an extremely self-centered person and didn’t think he was wrong at all (no wonder Liu Bei “saw that cloth’s language was impermanent, but didn’t say it outside”. For example, he shot the halberd to rescue Liu Bei once. He thought he had done meritorious service to Liu Bei, but he forgot all about it. If he hadn’t sneaked into Xuzhou, how could Liu Bei have ended up saving him, let alone being attacked and fled by him soon after. Under such circumstances, Liu Bei is also expected to speak well for himself. It can be seen that Lv Bu is too self-centered. He only knows his kindness to others and does not remember his hatred for them.

It can be said that the existence of such a person as Lv Bu is inevitable in troubled times, and his destruction is also inevitable in troubled times. Without such a person, the troubled times are not called troubled times, but if he does not die, the troubled times cannot end. He was just born for the troubled times, playing a supporting role that may be very prominent in the troubled times, and then hurried to make a curtain call. His heroic appearance is natural and unrestrained, his ability is brave and outstanding, but he does not know how to act, so he is not destined to be the protagonist in troubled times, so he can only make an early curtain call. This is:

The red rabbit is supposed to be a hero. Li Su’s good words are skillful in subduing the dragon.

Although we are seeking for a good general, we do not know that there will be endless trouble in the future!

Note. In the biography of Lv Bu in the annals of the Three Kingdoms, the record about Lv Bu’s surrender to Dong is very simple: “when (he) was defeated, Dong Zhuo entered the capital, and would be in chaos. He wanted to kill yuan and his soldiers. Zhuo believed in yuan with Bu and lured Bu to kill yuan. Bu beheaded yuan, and Zhuo took Bu as his riding lieutenant. He loved it and swore to be a father and son.” There was no introduction to Li Su. Of the course, it convinced Lv Bu that he must be a man of the eloquence. We don’t know whether it was really Li Su.

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