Fan Bingbing: is Li Chen breaking up or divorcing? Is Li Chen really a cold-blooded man

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Li Chen and Fan Bingbing were supposed to be a very promising couple. They had even held a proposal ceremony. Unexpectedly, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing separated after the yin-yang contract event was exposed. Is Fan Bingbing and Li Chen breaking up or divorcing? Is lichen really the scum man who abandoned Fan Bingbing in cold blood and ruthlessness? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen: break up or divorce

Many people thought that Fan Bingbing and Li Chen were simply breaking up, but in fact, they were not. At that time, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen had already quietly married. The two have already received their licenses, but they have not held a wedding ceremony, nor have they announced the news to the public. It turned out that Fan Bingbing was fined 900million yuan for the yin-yang contract event. Although it was not said that Fan Bingbing would be banned, it was difficult for Fan Bingbing to go through this robbery in the entertainment industry.

Many people say that Li Chen left Fan Bingbing and abandoned him because he saw that Fan Bingbing had lost his power in the entertainment industry. Li Chen has been scolded by everyone for this matter, especially the fans of Li Bingbing and fan Chengcheng, who are definitely Li Chen’s biggest black fans in the entertainment circle at present. However, Li Chen was not so cold-blooded and ruthless as everyone imagined. At that time, Fan Bingbing naturally needed to find a boss to protect him when something happened. Otherwise, he would definitely be banned by the entertainment industry.

Is Licheng really a cold-blooded man

Fan Bingbing can’t allow her career to be destroyed. If Fan Bingbing wants to return to the boss, she and Li Chen can’t continue. So Fan Bingbing and Li Chen chose to separate, and the insider also disclosed that Li Chen also gave Fan Bingbing 450million after they separated, helping Fan Bingbing pay the 900million tax together. This is also why after the two people separated, they were photographed to eat together, because they still have feelings between them, but they had to separate because of the reality.

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