Fan Bingbing’s new love affair is exposed. Background introduction to Fan Bingbing’s boyfriend yueyepeng

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Since breaking up with Li Chen, Fan Bingbing has also been exposed to gossip with many big men, but they are all online without any evidence. Fan Bingbing’s new love affair has been exposed. This time, the media have taken hard evidence, and Fan Bingbing’s boyfriend yueyepeng has also been picked out. Today, I’d like to introduce yueyepeng’s background.

Fan Bingbing’s new love affair exposed

Some media photographed Fan Bingbing taking a man to his family party. The two held hands in front of Fan Bingbing’s family. Fan Bingbing also pinched the man’s stomach with his hands. The two even kissed. In front of relatives and friends, Fan Bingbing and the man still have all kinds of intimate behaviors without any scruples. It can be seen that Fan Bingbing’s family are used to seeing each other. The two people should have been dating for a long time, and Fan Bingbing’s family should also recognize the man.

Netizens soon stripped out the man’s real identity. The man was an employee of fanbingbing company. His name was yueyepeng. Fan Bingbing once shared a video of camping with his company employees, in which yueyepeng sat next to Fan Bingbing. In the video, yueyepeng saw that Fan Bingbing was starry eyed throughout the whole process. It is said that the man served as an executive in Fan Bingbing company, not an ordinary employee.

Background introduction of Fan Bingbing’s boyfriend yueyepeng

When Fan Bingbing’s relationship with yueyepeng was exposed, many melon eaters did not expect Fan Bingbing to find such a boyfriend. Fans shouted angrily that Fan Bingbing broke up. Because yueyepeng’s appearance is not outstanding, his fat belly is especially big, giving people a middle-aged greasy feeling. Moreover, Yue yepeng looks older than Fan Bingbing. Fans think Yue yepeng is not worthy of Fan Bingbing. However, Xiaobian thinks that Fan Bingbing is also a person who has experienced great storms. He must be very careful in choosing the other half. Yueyepeng must have his strong points if he can be Fan Bingbing’s boyfriend. Let’s not judge people by their appearance.

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