Fan Ju’s plan of distant communication and close attack

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Linxiangru and Lianpo worked together to defend the state of Zhao, but the state of Qin really didn’t dare to invade. But the state of Qin got a lot of land from the states of Chu and Wei. At that time, the real power of the state of Qin was in the hands of the Empress Dowager of the state of Qin and her brother Hou Weiran. In 270 BC, marquis Qian wanted to send troops to fight the state of Qi.

At this time, King Zhaoxiang of Qin received a letter named Zhang Lu, saying that he had something important to see.

Zhangluyuan was a native of the state of Wei. His original name was fan Ju (Ju Yin J ?? As a fan Ju, Yin Su ??? It was originally Xu Jia, a doctor of the state of Wei ?? My doorman. Once, Xu Jia took fan Ju to the state of Qi. King Xiang of Qi heard that fan Ju was very talented. He secretly sent someone to see him and gave him a generous gift. Fan Ju resolutely refused.



Fan Ju

Just for this matter, Xu Jia suspected that he had an affair with the state of Qi. After returning to the state of Wei, he denounced to the prime minister, Wei Qi. Wei Qi tortured fan Ju so severely that he almost lost his breath, his ribs were broken and two front teeth were knocked out. Finally, Wei Qi asked someone to wrap him in a broken mat and throw him in the toilet.

When it was dark, fan Ju woke up from a coma. He saw a soldier guarding him. Fan Ju begged him for help. The guard secretly let him go, but he told Wei Qi that fan Ju was dead.

In order to avoid Wei and Qi’s pursuit, fan Ju changed her name to Zhang Lu.

At that time, an emissary from the state of Qin went to the state of Wei, and fan Ju secretly went to see the emissary. The messenger took him to the state of Qin.

When fan Ju arrived in the state of Qin, he wrote a memorial to King Zhaoxiang. King Zhaoxiang agreed to meet him at the palace.

On that day, fan Ju left the official. Halfway through the palace, he met King Qin Zhaoxiang in a car. Fan Ju pretended not to know that he was the king of Qin and did not avoid.

King Qin’s attendants shouted, “here comes the king.”

Fan Ju said coldly, “what, is there a king in Qin?”

During the quarrel, King Zhaoxiang of Qin arrived. He heard fan Ju still shouting: “I only heard that there are empresses dowagers and Marquises in the state of Qin. Where is there a king?”

This sentence is right in the heart of King Qin. He hurried to invite fan Ju to leave the palace, ordered him to leave left and right, and received fan Ju alone.

King Zhaoxiang of Qin said, “I sincerely ask your advice. No matter who is involved, from the Empress Dowager to all the officials of the imperial court, just tell me.”

Fan Ju started talking. He said, “the Qin State has a vast territory and brave soldiers. It was easy to rule the princes, but there has been no success in the past 15 years. It can not be said that the prime minister (referring to the Marquis) has not been loyal to the Qin state, and the king has made mistakes.”

King Zhaoxiang of Qin said, “where did you say I made a mistake?”

Fan Ju said: “The state of Qi is far away from the state of Qin, separated by the state of Korea and the state of Wei. Your majesty wants to send troops to fight against the state of Qi. Even if you defeat the state of Qi smoothly, your majesty can’t connect the state of Qi and the state of Qin. I think for your majesty, the best way is to communicate with each other from afar and attack with each other from close quarters. You should stabilize the state of Qi far away from us for a while, and attack some neighboring countries first. In this way, you can expand the territory of the state of Qin. You can fight every inch, and you can fight every inch Ruler. If we annex Korea and Wei first, the state of Qi will not be able to keep it. “

King Zhaoxiang of Qin nodded yes and said, “if the state of Qin really wants to defeat the six kingdoms and unify the Central Plains, it all depends on Mr. Qin’s strategy of making close contacts from afar.”

At present, King Zhaoxiang of Qin Dynasty paid homage to fan Ju and, according to his plan, took South Korea and the state of Wei as the main targets of attack.

A few years later, King Zhaoxiang of Qin removed the Marquis of the prime minister, and refused to let the Empress Dowager participate in the imperial government. He formally worshipped fan Ju as prime minister.

The king of Wei was frightened by the threat of the state of Qin. When Wei Qi, the prime minister, heard that the Prime Minister of the state of Qin was from the state of Wei, he sent Xu Jia to the state of Qin to seek peace.



King Zhaoxiang of Qin Dynasty (Ying Ze)

When fan Ju heard that Xu Jia had arrived in the state of Qin, he changed into old clothes and went to the guest house to see him.

When Xu Jia saw that fan Ju was still alive, he was shocked and said, “what are you doing now?”

Fan Ju said, “I will be a messenger here.”

Seeing that he was wearing thin clothes and shivering with cold, Xujia took out a cocoon silk coat, gave it to fan Ju, and kept him for dinner.

Xujia said, “it is said that the king of Qin places great importance on the prime minister Zhang Lu. I really want to meet him. Can anyone introduce me?”

Fan Ju said, “my master knows the prime minister. The doctor wants to see the prime minister. I will wait on you to see him.”

Fan Ju accompanied Xu Jia to the door of the prime minister’s residence and said to Xu Jia, “wait a minute, doctor. I’ll go and report.”

Soon after fan Ju entered the hall, an order came out: the prime minister was promoted to the court: ask Xu Jia to enter. Xujia asked the doorman, “why hasn’t uncle fan, who came with me just now, come out?”

The doorkeeper said, “where did Uncle fan come from? Isn’t it our prime minister who just went in?”

Only then did Xujia know that the prime minister Zhang Lu was fan Ju, and he was so scared that he was in a cold sweat. After entering, he knelt on the ground and climbed up to fan Ju. He kowtowed repeatedly and said, “I must have blinded Jia and offended the prime minister. Please punish me.”

Fan Ju scolded Xu Jia severely, and then said, “you gave me this silk robe today. It’s still a little human. For this reason, I’ll spare your life.” Then he asked Xu Jia to send a message to the king of Wei, asking him to kill Wei Qi before allowing the state of Wei to secede for peace.

Xu Jia returned to the state of Wei and returned fan Ju’s words to the king of Wei. The king of Wei was willing to cede territory to seek peace. Wei Qi had no choice but to commit suicide.

When the state of Wei sought peace, the state of Qin first attacked the Republic of Korea in accordance with fan Ju’s strategy of communicating from afar and attacking from close quarters.

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