Fan Li and Xi Shi in ancient love stories: why do Wu people complain about Xi Shi

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Throughout the ages, love has been a popular topic among the people, and literary works praising love have emerged in endlessly. But most of them are love tragedies, and few of them end in comedies. So today’s China story net Xiaobian will bring you a love story about Fan Li and Xi Shi. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

Fan Li and Xi Shi, one in the East and the other in the west, did not cross at all, but came together because of the troubled times. The tortuous and moving love story between them has always been talked about by later generations.


Fan Li was a famous statesman and strategist in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. He was also an outstanding businessman. He was known as the originator of businessmen and the saint of business.

Xi Shi, formerly known as Shi Yiguang, was born in Zhejiang during the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. At that time, there were two villages at the foot of Boluo mountain in Zhejiang Province, one was the East Village and the other was the West Village. Most of the villagers are surnamed “Shi”. Shi Yiguang is called “Xi Shi” because he lives in Xi village.

It is said that Xi Shi often danced with her female companions along the Puyang river. After being seen by the fish in the water, she was amazed and sank to the bottom of the river. Therefore, it is said that Xi Shi has the beauty of “sunken fish”.


In the 24th year of King Jing of Zhou (496 BC), a war broke out between Wu and Yue. King Helu of Wu was killed in battle. Since then, the two countries have been hostile and have been fighting for years. In the 26th year of King Jing of Zhou Dynasty (494 BC), Fu Chai, the son of Helu, fought with the state of Yue in Fuchao (now Jiangsu) in order to avenge his father. Gou Jian, king of Yue, was defeated. As a minister, Fan Li accompanied Gou Jian and his wife to become slaves in the state of Wu for three years.

Three years later, Fu Chai pardoned Gou Jian and Fan Li and returned home. Gou Jian wanted to avenge himself and avenge his disgrace. He offered “beauty tricks” to kill fuchai’s will to govern the country. Unofficial history says that Fan Li traveled across the country to look for beauties.

At last, Fan Li met Xishi, who was washing her yarn, at the Bank of a stream at the foot of Zhuji Zhuluo mountain. She was attracted by her national beauty and beauty. The two fell in love at first sight.

However, as the country is in the autumn of crisis, there is no spare time to talk about love. In Huansha Ji, Fan Li said to Xi Shi, “the country is ruined because of this move. If you can fly away, the country can survive, I can protect myself, and I will see you for a long time. If you don’t, the country will perish and I will also die. At that time, although the festival is married, little lady, you and I will be the ghosts of the ditch. How can we hope for a hundred years of happiness?”

Fan Li entrusted Xi Shi with the task of saving the country. Xi Shi was also moved by Fan Li’s patriotic enthusiasm. Although the two people agreed, they had to put aside their children’s private affairs for the sake of the safety of the country. Xi Shi promised Fan Li that he would play an important role in the “beauty trap” by cooperating with others and destroying Wu and saving Yue.

When Fan Li wanted to bring Xi Shi back to the palace, he asked her to wear silk and sit in a luxurious carriage. Her appearance was even more outstanding. Many passers-by crowded around to see her charming.


Fan Li gathered Xi Shi, Zheng Dan and other beautiful women together and asked special personnel to train them in singing, dancing, manners and other beautiful postures. Around 490 bc, Fan Li reluctantly presented Xi Shi to fuchai, the king of Wu. Fu Chai was very happy to learn that the state of Yue wanted to offer him beautiful women. He said, “the state of Yue has contributed beautiful women to me. This is the proof that Gou Jian is loyal to me!”

When Xi Shi entered the palace of the state of Wu, the king of Wu thought that fairies came down to earth. Although Wuzixu reminded him: “I heard that Daji died in the Shang Dynasty and Baosi died in the Zhou Dynasty. As long as it is a beauty, it is a thing of national subjugation. Don’t accept it, your majesty!”

But the king of Wu did not listen. Fuchai was completely fascinated by Xi Shi. In addition, Xi Shi was graceful and good at singing and dancing, which made fuchai unable to extricate himself. He was obsessed with Xi Shi’s beauty all day.

Fuchai built a “Chunxiao Palace” in Suzhou City and began his night of Chunxiao. Shuyi Ji, written by Liang Ren of the Southern Dynasty, describes how fuchai and Xi Shi were together: “in the third year of the reign of the king of Wu, the king built a Gushu terrace with a five mile long wall and thousands of palace prostitutes. He also set up a Chunxiao palace to make thousands of stone wine vats for long night drinking. He also built a large pool in which green dragon boats were built. The sun and Xi Shi were playing in water.”

Fuchai also specially built a place for Xi Shi to dance. It is said that whenever Xi Shi put on clogs and danced with a slim waist, fuchai, king of Wu, became intoxicated and completely lost himself.

In 473 BC, the state of Yue exterminated the state of Wu. Fuchai was besieged on the Shengxu mountain and had no choice but to kill himself with his sword. Before fuchai’s death, he probably never thought that the disaster that led to his subjugation was the woman who loved him day and night – Xi Shi!

What is the outcome of Fan Li and Xi Shi, the mandarin ducks in troubled times after the completion of the beauty trap? In fact, there are various theories. Some people say that after the fall of the state of Wu, Xi Shi disappeared mysteriously. Where did Xi Shi go after she disappeared? With whom? Some people say that they once saw Xi Shi and Fan Li go boating on the five lakes. It is said that later, Xi Shi gave birth to several sons for Fan Li. Now, those surnamed fan may be descendants of Xi Shi. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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