Fang Binhan tore up Chen Siming, who wrote that he was betrayed

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The fourth quarter of the heartbeat signal made many people like Fang Binhan and Chen Siming, the CP, and they also named them equation CP. The two broke up, and everyone was still impressed by formula CP. however, Fang Binhan tore up Chen Siming soon. Later, Chen Siming also wrote that he had tasted betrayal. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Fang Binhan rips Chen Siming apart

When the news of Fang Binhan and Chen Siming breaking up came, many netizens said that they were too surprised. They thought that Fang Binhan and Chen Siming could go to the end, but they didn’t expect to break up in a few months. I thought the two would break up peacefully, but I didn’t expect it to tear up now. As for the reason for the breakup, Fang Binhan said that during this relationship, he listened to Chen Siming’s promises many times, but these promises were not realized. He did not see Chen Siming’s substantive planning for the relationship between the two.

Fang Binhan’s words are all revealing his complaints about Chen Siming, thinking that the other party is an irresponsible man. In this regard, Chen Siming wrote: “ What’s it like to be betrayed? I have my story. I’ll send it after finishing it ”. Then Chen Siming sent a long message to his fans to explain why he broke up with Fang Binhan. From the perspective of Chen Siming, he is actually very uncomfortable about breaking up, because breaking up is Fang Binhan’s unilateral decision, and he is the person who was informed to break up.

Chen Siming wrote that he was betrayed

Chen Siming also posted a screenshot of his wechat chat with Fang Binhan and Fang’s father, saying that he was subjected to cold violence from the woman and her family in this relationship. Now fans of both sides naturally think that the person they like is reasonable. Now the most uncomfortable thing should be formula CP powder. Can’t you break up with dignity?

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