Fans are embarrassed to boast that Cheng Yi watched the script live, but the car overturned and was ridiculed

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Although Yang Zi’s fans reject Yang Zi and Cheng Yi’s live broadcast, the official wechat with Chenxiang as crumbs still let the male and female stars come together online. Not long after the live broadcast began, Cheng Yi was so handsome that he went on a hot search. Fans were embarrassed to boast that Cheng Yi was watching the script live. As a result, the car was overturned and ridiculed by many netizens. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Fans are embarrassed to boast that Cheng Yi watches the script live

During the live broadcast yesterday, fans praised Cheng Yi. Fans said that before the live broadcast began, Cheng Yi would sit quietly and watch the script of lotus tower. At present, Cheng Yi is indeed shooting the TV series lotus tower. Fans also praise Cheng Yi’s self-control, praise Cheng Yi’s great efforts in filming, and shout that Cheng Yi must pay attention to a good rest, not too hard, and fans will love it.

Fans have all kinds of rainbow farts about Cheng Yi’s watching the script in the live broadcast. If it weren’t for all kinds of praise from fans, it’s estimated that netizens didn’t notice it. But soon? a href=’ ‘ target=’_ Blank’title=’ girl ‘> the girl is eleven years old, and she is very clever. She is very clever. She is very clever. She is very clever. She is very clever. She is very clever/ p>

Cheng Yi’s fans overturned and were ridiculed

At this time, Cheng Yi fans boasted that Cheng Yi became embarrassed again and directly overturned. Fans pay for their idols. Now many netizens are mocking Cheng Yi. So Xiaobian often said that fans should never praise their idols without brains. Sometimes they should keep a low profile, otherwise they will be easily caught. Cheng Yi’s fans also agreed that when he was shooting the lotus tower and other actors were taking a rest after makeup makeup, only Cheng Yi was seriously reading the script. Cheng Yi’s fans still don’t use this method of pushing others to praise Cheng Yi, which will only make Cheng Yi enemies.

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