Fear the people!

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Author: ye Lihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

I don’t know what mood I should take to write down something on July 1.

Today, our office held an activity to review the oath of joining the party. We recited the oath of joining the party again with our right fist in front of the party flag. After the ceremony, we sat together and asked everyone to talk about what the party really means.

The speech began in a circle. Some comrades said that “we will keep the oath of joining the Party firmly in mind and continue to believe in the red”, some comrades said that “we should inspire ourselves with the rich spiritual pedigree and glorious history of the Communist Party of China”, some comrades said that we should “put our commitment into our hearts and put our original heart into action”, and others said that “we have made a profound examination of our motivation to join the party, and the glory and pride of being a Communist Party member spontaneously arise.”

I didn’t want to stop writing because golden sentences come out frequently. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten one less sentence and a little less learning material.

From time to time I will look up and have a look.

This comrade works hard at ordinary times, but his words are very simple. This comrade is usually very busy. He doesn’t see the basic skills of writing materials, and his words are still good. This comrade likes to do some trivial and messy work. He speaks in an orderly manner, and sure enough, he is a person who can manage the time. This comrade is an old comrade, and he still carefully prepares the manuscript, which is to be serious forever

But listening, my thoughts suddenly withdrew from the meeting. For a moment, I thought of some people. He also recited the oath we recited today. He didn’t recite it… No, there is a five false cadres, he may not have recited it… Why did those who recited the oath finally betray the oath… Is it true that some people’s motivation to join the party is to make profits?

My mind was in a mess. I bowed my head and buried my eyes in my notebook. I was struggling to get back to the meeting.

I think of some speeches under the venue.

“When I was in college, I didn’t study hard. My father told me that it doesn’t matter whether you study or not. There are only two things, the first is to admit the party to me, and the second is to study hard for graduate students.”

“Then I will join the party. If I see everyone joining the party, I will write an application.”

“The application is a patchwork of copying. It can’t be called copying, it’s called reference. I don’t know much about the history of the party. I specially made up the lessons before writing my volunteer.”

“My family wants me to take an official career. As you know, people here love to eat public meals. I knew from high school that I would take the examination of selected transfer students, and I have been developing along this arrangement.”

I also thought of some things in the revolutionary era.

one thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven

In the year of white terror, Chiang Kai Shek killed many people in the party’s clean-up. Comrade Xu Teli and old Xu resolutely joined the party.

If the above speakers go back to 1927, I wonder if they will choose to join the party? I want to put a question mark in my heart.

Comrades speak very well, indeed very well, but do comrades really understand what they mean?

What is the red faith? What is the spiritual pedigree of our party written in? How many difficulties are there behind the glorious journey? What is everyone’s motivation to join the party?

Thinking about it, I suddenly felt the air was very quiet. As soon as I looked up, the team members turned around and looked at me. It was me.

I thought for a while, put down the manuscript and began to speak casually.

Today, we hold this activity, mainly to let you think, usually work is very busy, not many comrades have time to precipitate themselves, I know, deliberately choose such a time, we sit together to chat, in order to really precipitate ourselves.

How our comrades think about their work may be different from the old, middle-aged and young. Young people work here during the day, put on floret shirts at night, or wear a floral skirt, go to the bar to drink and dance. There are also some middle-aged comrades who work here during the day, often work extra shifts, and go home at night to be their wives and children. I also know that old comrades are free from work and cultivate a hobby. I also envy them.

People have their own lives, and people can’t work all the time. I understand, but there is a voice like this: civil servants are jobs. What’s more, girls should take the public examination, be carefree and don’t worry about anything, and have more chips in the marriage market.

When people enter the system, they are indeed monotonous. Everyone doesn’t have much money in the system. Some time ago, I talked with director X and said that coastal areas earn too much. It is estimated that they should be reduced. Now everyone is almost the same.

People need social existence. Maslow needs to talk about self realization. After entering this system, self realization is, in a word, a promotion. It is also a consensus to join the party, so some comrades choose this road early, start preparing to join the party early, and enter the University, just for better career development in the future.

I can understand.

But we must have a deep understanding of one thing, that is, how did you come from this bright career?

Our profession itself does not create wealth. Where does the money come from? In many places, it’s better to invest one hand or collect taxes. In short, our profession is supported by the common people. Two days ago, when I studied theory, people are rivers and mountains, and rivers and mountains are people. That’s what I meant.

Therefore, whether we are admitted, seconded or assigned, we should understand that this is not something that can be solved by personal efforts. People in society earn money, they can say it is my personal efforts. We should understand that we can have this identity, not personal efforts. Who is sure that he can get full marks by making his own comments or taking the test? There is no problem in that score. Won’t it? There is no guarantee. There is a lot to rely on luck. Don’t take it for granted that you work hard.

In the final analysis, the editorial office studied it according to finance and workload, and you can have one more editorial. We can come.

Can you edit this one more, because we are excellent?

No, it depends on the need of social development. In the final analysis, if we don’t add this one, we won’t be able to finish the work and the masses won’t be satisfied, so we need to add this one.

If we really want to deepen our understanding of the identity of Party members, we must first deepen our understanding of our own work. Comrades, are we the same as social party members? Different, some ex servicemen spontaneously set up search and rescue teams, some spontaneously publicize patriotic knowledge, some take the advanced in all walks of life, and social party members play a pioneering role.

What about us?

We need to really do our work well, abandon personal likes and dislikes, abandon personal thoughts, abandon personal emotions, really consider problems from the general judgment, really work from the overall situation, and have a sense of the overall situation.

When you enter the team, you are complacent, do work, have personal interests, and make achievements thanks to your own ability. If there is a problem in your work, it is wrong to say that the masses can’t do it.

Comrades, we should think carefully about why our party can move from victory to victory, defeat the Kuomintang reactionaries, and lead the people of the whole country from standing up to becoming rich, and then to becoming strong now.

The mass line is well said. Everything comes from and goes to the masses, everything depends on the people, everything is for the people. Why?

China news service originally had Comrade Li mengtang, who wrote a poem called “chanting history”, a total of four sentences and 28 words.

When the high Pavilion hangs its clothes and adjusts its tripod, there are criticisms in the world.

The capsized water is the tears of the common people, and you don’t know it until you cross the river.

Comrades, think about this poem.

Think about where we come from today, and you will know what we want to do tomorrow. Think about where our achievements come from, and you will know our way.

There is still a long way to go. We must fear the people.

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