Feeling is that Zhugeliang looks after Liu Bei three times? Ji Lianhai said that “there are records in history”

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Zhugeliang looked at Liu Bei three times? Focus on the new hit drama “Three Kingdoms”

Since its launch on May 2, the new edition of the Three Kingdoms has been controversial. However, Anhui Satellite TV revealed yesterday that the latest sofrey ratings survey, Anhui Satellite TV’s new version of “the Three Kingdoms” has recently won the double crown in terms of ratings, ranking first in the data of 29 provincial networks and 25 core meter city groups across the country. Among them, it has to be said that Ji Lianhai’s “Ji Dazui”, who recently explained the controversial history of the Three Kingdoms, has contributed.

Recently, Ji Lianhai’s debate on the historical facts of the Three Kingdoms was full of gunpowder in the special program “Three Kingdoms” broadcast by Anhui Satellite TV close to the new “Three Kingdoms”. As for the “secret of three visits to Maolu”, Ji Lianhai said that there was indeed another way to record in history: Zhugeliang had been living in seclusion in Nanyang until he was 26 years old. He volunteered to go to Liu Bei. He went there many times, but Liu Bei didn’t pay any attention to him at all. So Zhugeliang scolded Liu Bei. Unexpectedly, Liu Bei felt that this person had quite a personality, and later he really entrusted him with a heavy responsibility.

Ji Lianhai’s criticism of history has caused a lot of controversy among the audience. This reporter contacted Ji Lianhai. He said that many of his statements in the “Three Kingdoms” are not empty. Although netizens and audiences feel “very sharp and sharp” about many of his subversive interpretations, Ji Lianhai said that what he said is recorded in the “annals of the Three Kingdoms” and is not a false statement of history.

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