Female model Naomi clarifies the scandal with Edison Chen, saying that they are just ordinary friends

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Not long after Chen Guanxi and Qin Shupei got married, netizens exposed the scandal about their relationship with model Naomi, and even found many intimate photos of Chen Guanxi and Naomi on the Internet. Female model Naomi clarified the scandal with Edison Chen, saying that the two were just ordinary friends. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Naomi clarifies scandal with Edison Chen

In fact, the scandal between Naomi and Edison Chen has been going on for five years, and Edison Chen’s popularity is very low now. People will not pay attention to the scandal between Edison Chen and Naomi. It turned out that Naomi suddenly sent an article to clarify that he had never been in contact with Chen Guanxi. The two people were just friends. They went out together for several times and took several group photos.

Naomi said that these group photos were not posted by herself, but were sent to her friend Xu Jie at that time. Unexpectedly, the other party put the photos on the Internet to blacken her. Naomi also said that Xu Jie deliberately changed the time. When she was making friends with Edison Chen, Edison Chen had just broken up with his ex girlfriend and had not known Qin Shupei, and she had never interfered in Edison Chen’s feelings with Qin Shupei. Naomi also felt very sad about being betrayed by her friends. If Naomi’s article is just an ordinary clarification, you may not pay so much attention. It’s just that Naomi, while clarifying the scandal between herself and Edison Chen, even exposed the privacy of her boyfriend.

Naomi said he and Edison Chen are just ordinary friends

Naomi made no secret of saying that she had cheated on her boyfriend twice during her dating, and even described many very detailed things. The article mentions a lot of large-scale words, and even the details and feelings that men and women love most. No wonder many netizens have roast that Naomi wants to rub off Edison Chen’s enthusiasm, and then praise himself to become a popular online celebrity. Moreover, the text sent by Naomi is so large that it should be banned by the platform.

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