Female Pang was originally the daughter of the Yellow Emperor. Why did she later become the ancestor of zombies?

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Female Pang was originally the daughter of the Yellow Emperor. Why did she later become the ancestor of zombies? In fact, there is a sad story behind this. Although the woman was originally noble, she was ill fated. The following is a detailed introduction from the editor of China story network. Let’s have a look!

According to legend, the daughter of the Yellow Emperor was named Yu, and later generations called her Nu Yu. She was born with national beauty and natural beauty. She was not only beautiful but also kind-hearted, but later she was seriously ill and would die. At that time, the divine beast Yu forced one of her three souls into her body to occupy her beautiful body in order to revenge Nu Wa for making her look so beautiful.

However, since only one soul of the female has entered the female body, it cannot completely occupy the female body. Finally, the one soul of the female body is completely integrated with the three souls of the female body, and the female body can continue to survive. However, due to the integration of the female body into the soul of the female body, her shape also begins to change, her forehead begins to become very tight and wrinkled, her hair begins to turn white like her hair, and the water in her body dries out, The original plump and delicate enchanting figure has also become only a bone shelf like dry figure. At the same time, her body can also emit strong heat and quickly evaporate the surrounding water within a hundred miles.


Due to such changes in female, as soon as she appears, drought will break out in the surrounding areas, so people also call her drought. The Yellow Emperor was also very helpless, so he could only send the female to the sparsely populated northwest region at that time, which was also the reason why the northwest region lacked water.

Later, when Emperor Yan and Chiyou were defeated, he asked the Yellow Emperor to jointly attack Chiyou, and Chiyou and Kuafu united, so the battle between the Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor against Chiyou and Kuafu began, that is, the battle of Zhuolu.

In the war of fighting for deer, the Yellow Emperor invited the God Ying long to help. Ying Long was actually a winged flying dragon. It was said that he could raise a torrential flood. Therefore, when fighting against Chiyou, Ying Long raised a torrential flood, and the rushed Chiyou army was defeated. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor took the opportunity to order people to attack, and Chiyou was defeated.

Chiyou was also very worried. At this time, Kuafu recommended to Chiyou to invite Feng Bo and Yu Shi, who practiced on Mount Tai, to help. Chiyou then ordered Kuafu to Mount Tai to invite Feng Bo and the rain master to go down the mountain to help fight.

After inviting Feng Bo and Yushi, Chiyou fought with the Yellow Emperor again. This time, he saw two monsters suddenly appear in the clouds on the battlefield. One is the bird head man, but it has a snake tail, and the other is the worm of the silkworm head man. In fact, these two monsters are Feng Bo and Yushi. The monster of the bird head man and the snake tail is Feng Bo, whose name is Feilian, and the worm of the silkworm head man is Yushi, whose name is Ping, In fact, they are both monsters who have practiced for thousands of years on Mount Tai.

I saw Feng Bo Feilian holding a banana fan in the air and facing the army of the Yellow Emperor. The wind suddenly blew violently. Yushi Ping opened her mouth and blew at the army of the Yellow Emperor. Suddenly, there were dark clouds, lightning and thunder, and then the rain fell in torrents.

Yinglong on the Yellow Emperor’s side also set off a torrential flood, so a picture of the coming of the end appeared. Yinglong, Feng Bo and Yu Shi rose a torrential flood and storm on the battlefield at the same time, but Yinglong was finally defeated by the two men. Under the demon law of Feng Bo and Yu Shi, the army of Yan and Huang emperors was defeated.

At the critical moment, the Yellow Emperor thought of his daughter nuxi, who had the ability to make the hundred mile area scorching, so the Yellow Emperor sent for nuxi to help.

Due to her ability to bring great drought, she had been named the God of drought by heaven at that time. In fact, she was just able to subdue Feng Bo and the rain master. Therefore, as soon as she arrived at Zhuolu, she exerted her magic power.

On the battlefield, Feng Bo and the rain master were shaking their fans and opening their mouths again. The woman pulled a pinch of white hair from her body. She blew at Feng Bo and the rain master, and saw that these white hairs instantly changed into 10000 rays of light shooting at Feng Bo and the rain master. All of a sudden, Feng Bo’s hands were illuminated and shook, and the fan in his hands also fell, while the rain master was illuminated by the light, and the corners of his mouth trembled. It was difficult to open his mouth, and the wind stopped raining for a moment.


The soldiers of Chiyou army, who were illuminated by the light of the woman, also felt sweating, dry mouth and difficult to walk, so the Yellow Emperor took the opportunity to order the attack on Chiyou army. In this war, Chiyou was defeated by the Yellow Emperor, and he himself was captured and killed by the yellow emperor.

After that, Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang fought fiercely, and Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang fought in banquan. Finally, Emperor Huang defeated Emperor Yan and became the common master of the world. This is also the first great reunification of the Chinese nation. Chiyou’s Jiuli nationality also merged into the Chinese nationality after the defeat. Therefore, the Chinese people are also known as the descendants of Yan and Huang.

In 1992, the history circle also put forward the view of three ancestors, breaking the traditional concept of becoming king and defeating the enemy, and respecting the Yellow Emperor, Yan Emperor and Chiyou as the three ancestors of China. The Yellow Emperor, Yan Emperor and Chiyou also represent the integration and unity of the Chinese nation.

It is said that after the war of Zhuolu, Ying Long was defeated by Feng Bo and the rain master and could not go to heaven again. Therefore, Ying Long avoided the south. Because Ying long had the ability to rise towering floods, there has been much rain in southern China since ancient times.

In fact, before the battle of Zhuolu, nvyu had already ascended to heaven and became the God of drought in the sky. However, because she lost too much mana against Feng Bo and Yu Shi alone in the battle of Zhuolu, she could not return to heaven after the war of Zhuolu, just like Ying long, so the Yellow Emperor had to arrange for her to return to the northwest and live on Kunshan mountain.

Wherever she goes, the girl will cause drought, but she is not an easy-going person and likes to travel. Because she often walks down the mountain, it is very easy to cause drought in the north, especially in the northwest. Therefore, people hate and fear that she is considered a disaster star. In this way, the original beautiful woman has become a scourge that everyone can’t avoid.

At first, the folk image of the female dog was just a disaster God that could cause drought. In the Qing Dynasty, some evil Taoist mages stole corpses to refine zombies, and then named them female dog to deceive the people to pray for rain. They only said that they subdued the female dog, which was actually their own refined zombies.

Those evil Taoists in the Qing Dynasty really refined zombies according to the image of female zombies handed down from ancient times. These zombies were refined by Taoists and were very similar to female zombies. The water in the body dried up, the whole body withered, and then covered with white hair, which was very similar to the legendary female zombies.

So people who like to watch Hong Kong zombie movies will wonder why the zombies in the movies are dressed up in the clothes of the Qing Dynasty. This is because the saying of zombies is refined by those evil Taoists of the Qing Dynasty to deceive the people and cheat money. And the specific terms of zombies are also spread from the Qing Dynasty.

Zombies have been specifically described and divided in “Zibuyu” written by Yuan Mei, a great scholar in the Qing Dynasty, and “notes of Yuewei thatched cottage” written by Ji Xiaolan. In “Zibuyu”, Yuan Mei divides zombies into eight categories, namely purple stiff, white stiff, green stiff, Mao stiff, flying stiff, wandering corpse, Fu corpse, and non bone; In the notes of Yuewei thatched cottage, Ji Xiaolan believes that zombies have three aliases, namely, moving corpse, walking shadow and walking corpse.


But no matter Ji Xiaolan or Yuan Mei, they all agree that female zombies are the ancestors of zombies, that is to say, the image characteristics of zombies are derived from female zombies. In fact, this is due to those Taoist mages, who make them want to use zombies to pray for rain, and female zombies are the God of drought, so zombies naturally have to be linked with her.

In “Zi Bu Yu”, a story was recorded: in the 26th year of Qianlong (1761), a drought happened in the capital. At that time, a pawn named Zhang Gui wanted to send official documents to Liangxiang for a Du Tong in the capital. When he went to the outskirts, he stopped in a Pavilion and happened to meet a beautiful girl aged about 17 or 18, so she invited Zhang Gui to her home to have a rest and drink water.

Zhang Gui coveted the beauty of the woman, so she went home with her. As a result, when she got home, the woman took the initiative to seduce Zhang Gui into the house to do floor exercises. Zhang Gui thought she had an affair, so she went into the house to do gymnastics with her. From the evening until the cock crowed, the woman got up to leave, and Zhang Gui couldn’t stay.

As Zhang Gui was very tired after fighting all night, he didn’t care where the woman went anymore, so he slept in bed. As a result, when Zhang Gui opened his eyes at dawn, he was sleeping on the grave of the mass grave, which scared him so much that he ran away quickly.

Zhang Gui later sent documents to Liangxiang and missed the time. Du Tong was so angry that he interrogated Zhang Gui personally about why he missed the time. Zhang Gui had to truthfully report to Du Tong that he was sucked by a female ghost.

Du Tong didn’t believe it at first. Later, seeing that Zhang Gui was dispirited, he also named the specific location and person, so Du Tong sent people to the village near the suburbs to investigate the matter. After investigation, a woman surnamed Zhang in a village in the suburbs had an affair with a man without getting married. After the incident, the woman was ashamed and hanged herself.

Since this woman surnamed Zhang committed suicide, there were often things that beautiful women used magic to confuse passers-by in that area at night, so Du Tong ordered people to dig up the tomb of the woman surnamed Zhang. After opening the coffin, he saw a formed zombie. In between, the woman looked like a living woman, but her whole body was covered with white hair, so they ordered people to take boy urine and black dog blood and pour it on her, and burned her body at noon.

Strange to say, all ordered people to burn this female zombie, and the next day there was a rainstorm in the capital, and the drought was resolved. Therefore, people at that time believed that the woman surnamed Zhang turned into a zombie after her death and became a zombie. At that time, Taoists and mages also believed that people who hanged themselves turned into zombies had stronger magic power, and they had to deceive people through magic to absorb Yang. Moreover, if such zombies were burned, it would inevitably bring heavy rain.

This is the image of the female zombie as the ancestor of zombies spread in the Qing Dynasty, and the magic that boy urine and black dog blood can crack the female zombie was also spread in the Qing Dynasty, so these legends of the Qing Dynasty are copied in Hong Kong zombie films.

Therefore, as the daughter of the Yellow Emperor, she used to be a stunning beauty. As a result, she became the God of drought by mistake. In the Qing Dynasty, she became the ancestor of zombies, so how can she not be afraid and avoid.

However, the story of the girl is also very sad. She is a beautiful woman, who has been turned into a person who is not like a person or a ghost, and has become the ancestor of zombies and the king of ghosts in later generations. In short, speaking of the legend and story of the girl is really very sad. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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