Female producer min Xizhen is suspected of pedophilia, and large-scale posters are hung in the room

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Min Xizhen is a very famous female producer in South Korea, and min Xizhen is also a representative of a company. She has always been a representative of successful women in front of the Korean public. Female producer min Xizhen was suspected of being a pedophile because Netizens found that Min Xizhen’s room was full of large-scale posters, and all of them were pedophilic. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Min Xizhen suspected of pedophilia

Min Xizhen once served as a senior manager in SM, and later transferred to hybe company and became the representative of ador, a subsidiary of hybe. Min Xizhen often shares some photos of her studio and room on social platforms. Min Xizhen recently posted a close-up photo of a wall in her room. However, Netizens found that there were two very strange pictures hanging on the wall, both of which were girls. One of the girls was lying on the bed, pulling her big T-shirt, revealing her thighs. In another painting, the young girl unbuttoned her collar and exposed her breasts.

The faces of the two girls are minors, so many netizens began to suspect that Min Xizhen had paedophilia. So we started to pick up the photos of Min Xizhen on the social platform earlier, and found that there was a puppet decoration on the desk photo that Min Xizhen had once taken, which was also related to paedophilia.

Large scale posters hung in Min Xizhen’s room

What makes Netizens feel more terrifying is that Min Xizhen’s company is expected to launch a women’s group in August. The members of the women’s group are all high school students and all are underage girls. This group was planned by Min Xizhen. However, the new songs MV released by the women’s group new jeans in advance was very revealing, which completely did not conform to the dressing style of minors. Therefore, many netizens began to roast, and the purpose of establishing new jeans was to satisfy their personal desires of pedophilia.

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