“Female version of Yu Zecheng” has been lurking around Chiang Kai Shek for 10 years! Before her death at the age of 95, her words shocked everyone

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In the Communist Party of China

During the magnificent hundred year journey,

There are many revolutionaries like shenanna,

They have sincerity in their hearts and light in their eyes,

With their youth, blood

Wisdom and courage have written down the glorious

An immortal achievement.

Before we start today’s story,

Beiyangjun would like to invite you first

Look at a historical photo:



This is a meeting within the Kuomintang.

The man standing in the middle of the picture is Chiang Kai Shek,

Not far behind his side,

A young woman who is bowing her head to record the contents of the meeting

The real identity is our party’s underground organization

An intelligence agent who broke into the Kuomintang!

What is more unexpected is that,

She was in the Kuomintang

For 14 years,

Taking shorthand beside Chiang Kai Shek

For 10 years,

It is called “female version Yu Zecheng”.

She has been “grandiose” numerous times

Sitting at a high-level meeting within the Kuomintang,

While listening to Chiang Kai Shek, heyingqin, Bai Chongxi and Chen Cheng

And the reports of the Kuomintang juntong and Zhongtong spy agencies,

While recording important information,

It has been delivered to our party in a steady stream.

In the dangerous and dangerous

In his intelligence career,

With her courage and wisdom

We have successfully completed the task one after another.

She is Anna Shen!



A few days ago, the latest program of the reader

Here comes Anna Shen’s daughter

Ms. Hua kefang, who is 81 years old this year.

A silver haired, clear-minded woman

I fondly recalled my mother’s legendary life,

Especially before mother died

When you say a word,

Choking for several times, tears filled my eyes



She knew her mother’s life

Experienced too many thrills,

Carrying too many secrets,

To the last moment of life,

Mother seems to be back

In those days, there was no smoke of gunpowder on the battlefield,

Be that one again

Insert the “steel blade” into the enemy’s heart



“I want revolution, I am not afraid of death!”

On 14 March 1915,

A baby girl

Born in a scholarly family in Taixing, Jiangsu Province.

My father wanted her to be as gentle as jade,

She was named “Shenwan”.

While studying at Taixing middle school in Jiangsu,

Shenwan has read many progressive works,

Gradually sprouted the feelings of patriotism and saving the people.



In 1932, Shenwan followed her sister shenyina

Say goodbye to the old family and come to Shanghai,


Nanyang High School of Commerce.

Communist Party member and alumni

Under the influence of Shu Yuexin and Hua Mingzhi,

Shen Wan first came into contact with communist thought,

As a passionate youth of that era,

She became more determined

A belief in joining the cause of national liberation.



Shenanna’s shorthand textbook

In the summer of 1934,

Shenwan transferred to shorthand school to learn shorthand.

She has just studied for less than half a year,

Just catch up with the Kuomintang Zhejiang Provincial Government

Go to school to recruit stenographers.

Wangxuewen, intelligence officer of the central special section

They believed that this was an opportunity to break into the Kuomintang

A good opportunity to gather information for our party.



Shu Yuexin and Hua Mingzhi tell Shenwan,

This job is very dangerous. You may lose your head.

But she said firmly:

“I want revolution, I am not afraid of death!”

The victory of the October Revolution

It has inspired many progressive young people in China,

Including Shenwan,

So within the organization,

She put her name

Change to “Anna” commonly used by Soviet girls.

Since then, there has been one more Kuomintang member

Excellent stenographer “Shenwan”,

And our party has an additional one who has been nailed into the enemy’s heart

Excellent underground worker – shenanna.



Soon, Anna Shen was only 19 years old

At 200 words per minute

And a beautiful and beautiful brush

Successfully established a firm foothold in the Kuomintang Zhejiang provincial government,

It was appreciated by zhujiahua, chairman of Zhejiang Province.

Before long, she finally had a chance to send it out

The first important information in my career.

It was 1935,

Anna Shen collected it from her work

Chiang Kai Shek’s instruction document for exterminating the Red Army guerrillas

Put it in your suitcase,

Cover your clothes and toiletries,

Carrying a suitcase on the train

He was sent to his sister who had become a communist,

Scared my sister!

My sister told her,

Even if there is a routine unpacking inspection,

The consequences are unimaginable!

Shenanna herself was in a cold sweat.



But seeing these extremely important documents,

Everyone said to her excitedly:

“Anna, you have a shot!”

In this way, Anna Shen gave her first

Information useful to the party.

As party intelligence personnel,

Hua mingzhichang and shenanna

Dress up as lovers to pass on information.

One comes and two goes, and they have feelings for each other.

The Mid Autumn Festival in 1935,

The “fake couple” became a real couple.



Hangzhou fell after the July 7th incident,

Shenanna leaving Zhejiang Provincial Government

Went to Wuhan to join the CPC organization,

There she met her idol——

Ms. dengyingchao,

And Zhou Enlai, dongbiwu, etc.

Under their persuasion,

She wanted to go to Yan’an,

Listen to the organization again,

Farewell to comrades with similar aspirations,

To continue “following” has been promoted to

Of the Secretary General of the Central Party Department of the Kuomintang

“Old leader” zhujiahua.



From the Kuomintang Zhejiang Provincial Government

Transferred to the confidential office of the party headquarters of the Central Committee,

Continue to be a stenographer,

Since then, he has been able to contact the top Kuomintang officials,

Even Chiang Kai Shek!

Her hidden work has also become

More important and dangerous



She sat beside Chiang Kai Shek countless times

At that time, within the Kuomintang

There are few good stenographers,

Smart Anna Shen

With excellent professional quality and skills,

Win step by step

The trust of the Kuomintang leadership,

She’s starting to show up more often

At a higher level meeting.



In january1939, Anna Shen was designated as

Stenographer of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Fifth Central Committee of the Kuomintang,

On the rostrum, she met Chiang Kai Shek for the first time,

And he was sitting not far from Chiang Kai Shek.

After countless times

The Standing Committee of the Kuomintang Central Committee, the plenary session of the Central Committee

At the Supreme National Defense Council and the supreme military conference,

She was close to Chiang Kai Shek

Take notes of the meeting with shorthand symbols,

After going home to translate,

General Hua Ming’s intelligence

Write on very thin paper with a very fine brush,

Hide in bamboo poles, salted ducks, etc

All unexpected places to contact.

Without exaggeration,

Chiang Kai Shek morning

I scolded my mother at a meeting in Chongqing,

Chairman Mao evening

You can know it in Yan’an cave.



Shenanna is taking part-time job

“Women’s Steering Committee of the new life movement”

Opportunities for shorthand work,

Close to songmeiling.

When attending the event with songmeiling,

She also wore an elegant cheongsam.

After shorthand, she wrote with a beautiful brush

Carefully transcribe the meeting minutes and bind them into a volume,

The cover is also titled in artistic font,

Songmeiling’s meticulous care

Take a new look at the little girl.

Since then, songmeiling has attended many events

All assigned shenanna to record.

She was often in front of Chiang Kai Shek

Praise Xiao Shen for his intelligence and ability,

Chiang Kai Shek also felt more at ease with shenanna.



In the autumn of 1939, he had worked for the party for five years

Shenanna, who has transmitted a lot of information,

Finally secret

Become a

Member of the Communist Party of China

However, just as she was full of ambition,

To make greater contributions to the party’s revolutionary cause,

An unexpected danger came suddenly



We both die together

In the summer of 1942,

When shenanna was preparing to go to work,

Two spies broke into the house,

They were holding a letter,

Asked sharply:

“Why did you write to the Communist Party?”

Anna Shen’s heart suddenly clicked,

She knows, it must be her own online

Comrade xuzhonghang had an accident

Because xuzhonghang has not been contacted for many days,

A few days ago, Shen Anna, who was extremely anxious,

He wrote him a letter under the code of borrowing money,

I didn’t expect to fall into the hands of the spy so soon.



Anna Shen knows very well

The letter did not disclose any substantive content,

It stabilizes the mood,

Calmly, he asked:

“When the country is in crisis, we should write to each other and borrow some money

What is it? “

Then he raised his “backstage” to scare them:

“If you have anything to do, go to Secretary General Zhu and say,

I’m going to work! “

The two spies were temporarily bluffed away,

But Anna Shen and her husband

Immediately realized that the danger was coming,

Two people could cause trouble

After all documents, books and letters are destroyed,

Each of them gave the other an account of their “future affairs”,

Ready to sacrifice for the revolution!













At that time, their daughter Hua kefang

Not yet three years old.

In the reader, an old man in his 80s

Recall that scene

With tears in his eyes, he said:

“They held hands tightly,

After a while,

Mom said if I went in,

You have to take care of your two children.

Dad said,

The two of us will die together. “



What the couple particularly admire is

In prison, xuzhonghang was punished

Unimaginable torture.

Although the names of Anna Shen and Hua Mingzhi

Between his lips and teeth,

But he never said a word.

He protected it like a dagger

Shenanna, who “stuck” in the heart of the Kuomintang,

And protected the entire southern bureau.



After several twists and turns, the party organization,

Rescued xuzhonghang.

In order to protect Anna Shen and her husband,

Press the “silent” key,

Temporarily cut off contact with them.

It was a tough time.

Anna Shen has tuberculosis,

For fear of being known to have an infectious disease

And lose access to important information,

She tried hard not to cough.



Worried that the organization could not find it,

They dare not change their houses,

The family lives in a humble room of 10 square meters.

In their view, the hardships of life

It’s not bitter at all.

The most painful thing in their hearts

I got information that is very important to the party

But they couldn’t send it out,

You can only burn them one by one.



After three years of such days,

Just when they thought “kite line”

When it has been completely broken,

In 1945, on an ordinary day,

“Da da da da da da da”

The special knock on the door sounded again,

The couple were ecstatic



What she said on her deathbed

In 1945, after the victory of the Anti Japanese War,

Zhou Enlai sent shenanna and her husband’s “old leaders”

The hidden front of the Communist Party of China

Wukejian, one of the meritorious leaders

Work underground in Chongqing.

He used the previous “connector code” to ring again

Shenanna and Huaming’s family.



When shenanna opened the door,

I can’t believe my eyes,

She called “Comrade Wu” twice in a row,

He was so excited that he began to cry.

The most difficult days have finally passed,

Their intelligence finally

No more burning!



In April, 1946,

Shenanna convened the National Government

At the Political Consultative Conference

See you again

Long lost Zhou Enlai and dengyingchao.

Although they didn’t say a word,

But when their eyes meet,

Shenanna was so excited that she almost burst into tears.



After the outbreak of the war of liberation,

Through shenanna and Hua Mingzhi

From the hand of,

Involving politics, economy and people’s livelihood in the Kuomintang controlled areas,

And military force deployment, operational plan

Personnel changes and other vital information,

It has been delivered to our party in a steady stream.

In 1949, the Kuomintang withdrew to Taiwan

There is Shen Anna’s name impressively.

Different from the ending of Yu Zecheng in the TV drama “lurking”,

Anna Shen and her husband successfully escaped from Nanjing,

They quietly returned to Shanghai,

After the liberation of Shanghai.

Hua kefang, a 9-year-old daughter at that time

Remember clearly,

When mother changed her cheongsam,

Put on the uniform of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army,

In front of a small mirror at home

When you look left and right,

From her mother’s eyes

Saw a bright light!

This beam of light is Shen Anna and “Shen Wan”

With those who danced on the blade for 14 years

A solemn farewell to your latent career

From this moment on, mother and father

Finally I can be myself.



Shenanna and her husband in their later years

Just like those around us

Like every pair of ordinary old people,

Living a simple and plain life,

It’s hard for people to

With the “spy legend”.

Even if the confidentiality period of centco has expired,

They still don’t say anything about themselves

Special contributions to the party and the country.

Someone praised Anna Shen as

“Those who hold Chiang Kai Shek’s pulse”,

She responded humbly:

“Everyone lifted me up,

I think only the Party Central Committee can hold down

Chiang Kai Shek’s pulse,

I can never do it myself. “



In 2010, Anna Shen, 95

I almost forgot all the people and everything around me,

As she lay dying,

She suddenly said:

“Exposed” “go through the back door”



What the old man said

While shocking everyone present,

I can’t help tears in my eyes!

Over the course of 95 years,

The secret and great 14 years,

That glorious and passionate 14 years,

Already deeply dissolved in her blood,

Knife cutting and axe chiseling are engraved in her mind



On 16 June 2010,

Anna Shen, 95, died.

According to the wishes of the old man,

The family saved her 100000 yuan

To her alma mater, Taixing middle school,

Encourage students who are excellent in both character and learning in their hometown to succeed in their studies,

Make more contributions to the country and society!



At the end of the program,

81 year old Hua kefang

Before Qu Qiubai died

Farewell written in prison

As father and mother

And millions of revolutionary predecessors

The most affectionate salute:

Farewell, dear comrades!

It’s futile to miss something.

Forty years by Gorky of Russia,

Tolstoy’s Anna karinina,

The true story of Ah Q by Lu Xun of China,

Mao Dun’s wavering,

A dream of Red Mansions by Cao Xueqin,

Can be read again.

Chinese tofu is also very delicious,

No. 1 in the world.


Anna mentioned by Qu Qiubai before his heroic death,

What a beautiful name it is,

In the Communist Party of China

During the magnificent hundred year journey,

There are many revolutionaries like shenanna,

They have sincerity in their hearts and light in their eyes,

With their youth, blood

Wisdom and courage have written down the glorious

An immortal achievement.

What they show

The kind peculiar to Chinese Communists

Adhere to the truth and ideals,

The spirit of fearing no sacrifice and fighting bravely,

Let us, the later generations, have no choice

Like Ms. Hua kefang, she made the most heartfelt exclamation:

The Communist Party of China is really great,

The Chinese Communist Party is invincible!



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