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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been reprinted with authorization

Seize the swallow’s mouth, cut the iron needle, scrape the Golden Buddha’s face, search carefully, and find something out of nothing. Quail crop in search of peas, egree leg split meat. The mosquito’s belly is full of fat, and the old man did it.

Yuan ยท anonymous’s drunken peace

This is one of my favorite poems when I was a child. Because this word simply portrays some people who are greedy enough to use everything too vividly. Of course, there is another kind of person in the world who is more vicious and hateful than this kind of person, that is, the hooligan and local ruffian who “kicks the widow’s door and digs the widow’s grave” in the folk proverb. If the two are combined, this style of painting is simply indescribable. If anyone encounters the combination of the two, it will be really unlucky for eight generations. Admit bad luck or fight? In fact, it depends on your strength. If you can’t fight, and no one gives justice to the host, you can only let it bully.

Today, Syria has encountered such a country where mosquitoes chop meat on their legs and are proud to dig widows’ graves. But Syria has no choice but to let it bully, because it cannot be beaten, because the international community cannot uphold justice for it.

The trilateral talks between Iran, Russia and Turkey in Tehran finally formed a joint statement, the most important of which is to severely condemn the shameless act of the United States in looting wheat and oil in Syria and demand that the United States withdraw from Syria.

It is not necessary for reporters to describe the current situation in Syria. It is conceivable that after more than ten years of war, a large number of cities have been destroyed, a large number of fields have been abandoned, and countless ordinary people have become refugees. It can be said that the people are in dire straits. But in this case, the Americans still occupy and loot Syria’s already poor oil fields and extremely scarce food, and smuggle these oil outside Syria to take these food as their own. It’s not only kicking the widow’s door, it’s simply rushing into the widow’s village and acting recklessly. Therefore, the entry point of the joint statement of Russia, Turkey and Iran is relatively reliable.

Although the Americans will not listen to this condemnation, and the Europeans will pretend not to hear it, in the third world countries, as long as people with a little conscience and common sense understand what the United States means to the Syrian people, and whether the United States’ actions are in line with the universal values they have always advocated.

Naturally, Americans do not lack this oil, even if it is an energy crisis; Americans do not lack this wheat, even if there is a food crisis now. The purpose of the Americans is very clear, that is, they don’t want the Bashar government to get a chance to recuperate. It is always a dream to recover Syria. Therefore, we not only see the Americans looting Syria’s meager resources, but also provide Syrian farmers with food seeds with viruses with ulterior motives, so as to completely destroy Syria’s agricultural system. Without him, since Syria cannot be defeated, let it always be weak. I don’t think the United States did this by itself, but Israel paid the Americans to do it. Jews have been possessed by the so-called “restoration” of the country.

Of course, without the support of the United States, Israel is at best a street bully and cannot be on the international political stage. Therefore, although everyone knows what this is all about, the joint statement of Russia, Turkey and Iraq still points the finger at the United States. Naturally, on the bright side, this is indeed the case. For this statement, the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs naturally wants to support it, and it must follow suit. China has also severely and shamelessly condemned the robbers and hooligans of the United States.

However, at present, the focus of international politics is obviously not Syria. Although the United States’ act of looting food and oil in Syria is very shameless and representative, it is unlikely to become the number one hot search. In today’s world, the first place of hot search can only be given to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Because the impact of this war on the world and the subsequent changes must be structural changes and trend changes. This is likely to catalyse a new global situation.

Therefore, despite the solemn statements made by Russia, Turkey and Iran on the Syrian issue, the main purpose of their gathering is the future of the Middle East and Eastern Europe and the future that this future brings to the world. It’s tongue twister, but it’s true.

There is a small detail. Putin’s trip to Tehran this time is to arrange a separate meeting with Erdogan. But Erdogan was 50 seconds late for this meeting. This is nothing. However, it is also very imaginative, because two years ago, Putin made Erdogan wait for two minutes in the Kremlin in Moscow. Although this time and the last time are not long, the correlation is very subtle.

Putin has always been willing to wait for others. In his diplomatic career, such “lateness” often appeared, which was of special significance. Because Russia’s previous international status has been very embarrassing. As a P5 country and the only nuclear superpower in the world, Russia has been depressed economically. This is the fault that a big country should not have in peacetime. [the war years naturally speak in terms of force, but even today, when the war between Russia and Ukraine is in full swing, we can still say that the current main body of the world is the era of peace, because the scale of the war is controlled, and both sides of the war are more restrained.]. As a master of force in peacetime, he naturally has to maintain his dignity in front of the leaders of countries who ‘yell’ at the touch of his fingers [such as those in Europe]. The main means of this kind of maintenance is to wear the same gorgeous clothes as those who can’t fight but have money. Therefore, being late has become a diplomatic way to maintain dignity. The message of this kind of diplomacy is: when we meet, you ask more of me than I ask of you. Besides, I don’t really care how you feel.

That’s about it. In 2020, Turkey wants to maintain its presence in Syria, and the importance of Russia’s oil and gas pipeline passing through Turkey is higher than that of Beixi II, all of which are still demanding from Putin. And we also know that Erdogan has always been a rebellious national leader, who is very good at seizing the opportunity to make a profit. That year, Turkish soldiers entered Libya to help the Libyan national unity government army and the Libyan side supported by Putin fight in the arena. Although everyone does their own things for their own interests, Putin cannot complain about this, but it is still necessary to express his dissatisfaction. Being late is actually giving the other party some color to see. Otherwise, the entourage of political leaders of various countries will be too incompetent.

Therefore, Erdogan also made Putin wait for 50 seconds this time. In terms of time, Erdogan still knows how to be measured, and there is no equivalent to Putin’s two minute waiting time. But even so, Putin has shown great impatience. It’s not that he didn’t wait for others, but that Erdogan’s move was obviously intentional. This shows that in the foreign affairs exchanges between Russia and Turkey, Russia began to have more requests from Turkey.

As for where it is, Putin actually made it very clear, because he thanked turkey for providing platform support and channel support to Russia in grain trade and energy trade. This is the advantage that Turkey can be proud of. If a drop of water from the Black Sea wants to enter the Mediterranean, it has to ask Erdogan whether he agrees. Therefore, Russia really needs Turkey’s cooperation in shipping goods from the Black Sea to other places. Usually, it’s all right, because although Turkey occupies this throat, it can’t stop others from making trouble. But now, as a member of NATO, if Turkey really wants to embarrass Russia, excuses are naturally everywhere.

There is also Syria as Russia’s foothold in the Middle East. If Turkey is very serious about finding trouble with Syria at this time, it is also a worry for Putin. Fortunately, this time, we finally found a common ground, that is, first drive the United States out of Syria, and then we can talk about other things. But if Erdogan does not cooperate, Putin has no good way.

However, I don’t think Erdogan is such a shallow person. He must give Putin an equal tit for tat and will use his current advantages to destroy Putin’s authority. I’m afraid Erdogan’s purpose is not to target Putin, but to tell Europe and the United States that his current weight is different from that in the past. Turkey has an absolute dominant position in communicating with Russia.

If Erdogan can get the right to communicate between Europe and Russia, Turkey will gain huge benefits, and even add points to its accession to the EU. Everyone knows that at present, there are not many people who can speak in front of Putin. Merkel in Europe has retired, and Putin does not believe others. It can be said that makron, who has more contact with Putin, also leaked his call records with Putin in order to shirk responsibility last time. Draghi, a centrist Italian, is now resigning. Therefore, at present, Europe and Russia are in a state of extreme mistrust. There is not even a trustworthy channel for reaching exchanges and compromises on the Ukrainian issue, and Erdogan undoubtedly wants to serve as this channel. This is Erdogan’s shrewdness.

But what kind of person is Putin? Will Erdogan really use him as a prop? I don’t think so. According to the online video, Putin showed impatience and anxiety during the 50 seconds. With Putin’s strategic determination, it is also a wonder that he can be so breathless under the lens of many reporters in just 50 seconds.

I think Putin’s anxiety or anger to the world is also intentional. In fact, he is telling the West that Erdogan thinks he can say a few words in front of me, but in fact, that’s the case. I disdain and am angry about the dominant position he shows you. Therefore, Erdogan’s self conceit is actually amorous. If Putin really tolerates it and pretends to be okay in front of the camera, the effect may not be the same.

These 50 seconds are actually a short episode in this trilateral summit. The real achievement must be the three countries’ research and cooperation on the situation in the Middle East. The so-called little details of who waits for whom can only be a gag in the end. Biden didn’t get much from going to the Middle East this time, but even with this little, Putin still wanted to kick Biden’s bag. Seeing this situation, Saudi Arabia has to consider one or two for its future. If the United States can’t cover up in the Middle East in the end, Turkey and Iran are not easy to mess with. Coupled with Russia standing behind it, Saudi Arabia should consider what attitude it wants to take towards Russia now. The attitude of Saudi Arabia basically represents the attitude of Sunni countries. Therefore, although Putin did not mention what Saudi Arabia should do in Iran, Saudi Arabia must have done it clearly. Saudi Arabia is absolutely saddened by the hooligans and local ruffians that the United States has done in Syria.

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