“ First grandmother ” Who is Hua Xu? What kind of country was Huaxu?

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Hi, I’ve met you again. Today, the Xiaobian of China story net wants to introduce Huaxu, which is more ancient and noble than Fuxi Nuwa. Even the words “Huaxia” and “Zhonghua”, in which the word “Hua” comes from Huaxu. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction, and then read on~

We usually think that Nu Wa is the mother of human beings. The legend that she kneaded earth to make people has been around for thousands of years. Even if it is just a fairy story, it also embodies people’s beautiful imagination of the original mother. But I don’t know if anyone has thought about where Nu Wa came from? She and Fuxi are brothers and sisters. How did they appear?

Is it possible that someone, like Nu Wa, created two clay figurines?


Remember we said before that the mother of the ancestors of the Zhou Dynasty got pregnant and gave birth to Houji because she stepped on an inexplicable footprints. Later, there was the Zhou Dynasty? This time, footprints are still an indispensable role.

In the matriarchal clan period of ancient times, she was a very outstanding female leader of the tribe. Her name was Hua Xu, also known as Hua Xu and Feng. The tribe or country she governed was called Huaxu state. She also stepped on the footprints of the God of thunder, so she gave birth to Fuxi and Nuwa brothers and sisters. Later, she handed over her family to the Yan Emperor and the Yellow Emperor. At the same time, she was also their lineal distant ancestor. It can be said that Hua Xu is the mother and origin of Chinese civilization. Therefore, it is very appropriate to regard Hua Xu as the “first grandmother”.

Of course, Hua Xu didn’t appear out of thin air. Even the monkey king didn’t have a stone that absorbed the aura. Hua Xu was born in the state of Hua Xu. Like her own children, she is the head of a snake. As for her mother, we won’t investigate her more. As for the age of Hua Xu, it is generally believed that she was a representative of the clan in the early Neolithic age, but there are many versions of her birthplace, one is in the state of Hua Xu, the other is in Leize, the other is in Jiuhe, and the other is in the state of Hua Xu.

Many ancient documents, including historical books, have recorded the legend of Hua Xu, such as the collection of relics by Wang Jia in the Jin Dynasty and the outline of Yi Zhi Lu by Wu Chengquan in the Qing Dynasty. After stepping on the big footprint, she was like Nezha’s mother. She didn’t give birth to a child in ten months. Nezha was OK. It was only three years, but Huaxu had twelve years. Twelve years later, she gave birth to Fuxi. Of course, since it is a legend, there are naturally many versions, and some versions say that she is sixteen months pregnant. Later, Hua Xu became pregnant and gave birth to Nuwa. The Fuxi and Nuwa clans moved eastward. Because of his old age, Hua Xu lived peacefully in the Zhu of Hua Xu and was buried here after his death.

As for Hua Xu’s hometown, it is generally believed that it is in Hua Xu Town, Lantian County, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. This mysterious ancient country is an ideal country in legend. The state of Huaxu first appeared in Liezi, “it has a good way of governing the country, the people have no appetite, it is only natural, and it is a paradise for the prosperous times”. The Yellow Emperor hopes to build a strong country and restore the former glory of Huaxu state, which is also the origin of the legend of the Yellow Emperor’s dreamwalking in Huaxu.


In the legend, the Huangdi sleepwalked in the Huaxu state. There was no monarch in the whole country, and there was never any distinction between high and low. People were not keen on anything, did not love or hate, and were not close to each other. Naturally, there was no matter whether life or death. It was very much like the heaven in general myths and legends. There were no seven emotions and six desires, but it was always more attractive than that heaven. After the Yellow Emperor woke up, he was shocked and instantly understood what he wanted to do to govern the country.

The Yellow Emperor worked hard for 28 years, and the world was really like a replica of Huaxu state. However, the yellow emperor died of fatigue. After his death, this situation continued for 200 years. In fact, now let’s look at the state of the country pursued by the Yellow Emperor, which is very similar to the “rule by inaction”. It is the “Tao” which seems easy to understand but mysterious.

There is no such thing as life or death, love or hate. Let nature take its course, and the world is the public. There is no dignity, nobility or desire. Such a country is not only the Xanadu of TaoYuanming of Huaxu state, the world of supreme virtue in Zhuangzi, and the small country and few people in the Tao Te Ching. There are too many such good wishes, but they all have a common feature, that is, fiction. Although many people yearn for this, they still can not change the real world, and it is impossible to be like the legendary Huaxu state.

Huaxu state is very beautiful, but it is also impossible for reality to do. However, Hua Xu, as the first grandmother, has always been spread in beautiful legends and lived in beautiful Hua Xu. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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