Five family humorous stories, too deep

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Five family humorous stories, too deep



A daughter married and divorced against her father’s wishes, and the father and daughter turned against each other, living in poverty and carrying a son.

His mother was kind and persuaded her daughter to take advantage of her father’s free time to take her son home for a hot meal, so she often took her son home for dinner deliberately to avoid her father.

Until one day it rained, my father and daughter met by chance in the community and couldn’t avoid it. My father looked at his daughter and said: don’t hide when you go home for dinner. I had to come out in the heavy rain!

Father, who always pays for you silently, will forgive you unconditionally no matter what you do wrong.


Under the wall

A boy was addicted to the Internet when he was in high school. He often went out of school to surf the Internet in the middle of the night.

One day he climbed over the wall as usual. Halfway through the wall, he pulled out his feet and ran home. He looked strange and said nothing. From then on, he studied hard and stopped surfing the Internet. It was said that he had gone to hell.

Later, he was admitted to a famous school. When his former classmates asked about this, he kept silent for a long time and said: that day, his father came to pay the living expenses. His father was reluctant to stay in a hotel and sat under the wall all night.

If you have family affection, you will have the power to strive for progress. Everything we do is for our children. We hope that all our children will know their parents’ hard work.


Dyeing hair

Today, Dad dyed his own hair at home. I asked him: Dad, why do you dye your hair when you are almost 60? Do you still want to have good luck?

Dad said: “ Every time I go back to my hometown, I dye my hair black, so your grandmother will think I am still young and she is not old& rdquo;

Care for children and grandchildren, but don’t forget the old parents at home!


Catch up

A grandparent of the clan, in his seventies, even sat on the mud with some five or six-year-old kids outside the gate, playing marbles, and yelling and playing tricks.

When grandma heard about it, she came out with a stick to beat him. He got up and ran away.

As a result, he was caught up and was beaten. Afterwards, he smiled and said: “ If my mother hadn’t been afraid of falling down, she wouldn’t have caught up with me& hellip;& rdquo;

No matter how old, mother is always the warmest existence, and we always spend our whole life caring for the people we care about.


Kung Fu

Dad: son, do you think Dad is strong? Er: Yes.

Dad: do you think Shaolin Kung Fu is great? Son: awesome.

Dad: if I shave my head, will I practice Shaolin Kung Fu? Son clapped his hands: great!

The next day, the son saw his bald father and said happily: “ Dad, come on, you must be a master& rdquo;

That day was the day before dad’s chemotherapy.

Behind the joke may be a white lie. We should not only look at the performance, but also see the essence of things.

These five short stories are not only interesting, but also full of philosophy, especially the last one, which makes my heart tighten and my eyes turn red. In fact, all parents in the world are the same, selfless dedication to their children!

After working for 3 years, some of my insights from Tsinghua graduates: house is not the most important, love is the official career written by a deputy provincial leader to young cadres. Insights: low altitude

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